Bet9ja Keeps Logging Me Out – How To Fix

Having issues with bet9ja randomly logging you out of your account? You’re not alone. Many bet9ja users have experienced frustrations with getting repeatedly logged out while trying to place bets or access their account.

But don’t worry, there are some simple troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve this pesky bet9ja login problem and keep your account logged in. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through the top reasons why bet9ja keeps logging you out and show you exactly how to fix it.

Reasons Why bet9ja Keeps Logging You Out

Before we get into the solutions, let’s first understand what’s causing this headache in the first place. Here are some of the most common reasons you may experience bet9ja repeatedly logging you out:

Outdated Browser and Cache

Using an outdated web browser or one with a full cache can sometimes conflict with the bet9ja website and cause login issues. Clearing your cache and cookies or updating your browser often resolves random logouts.

Connection Problems

An unstable internet connection, using a VPN or proxy, or switching networks can disrupt your login session. Check that your network is stable whenever you access bet9ja.

Account Security

If there are suspicious login attempts on your bet9ja account from unknown devices or locations, bet9ja may automatically log you out for security reasons. Reset your password if this happens frequently.

Website Errors

Like any website, bet9ja’s platform may have intermittent technical glitches on their end that cause login problems. Trying again later often helps in this case.

Account Restriction

In some cases, bet9ja may restrict account access due to suspected fraud, excessive bonuses, or other violations of their terms. You’ll need to contact their customer support if your account has been temporarily blocked.

Now that you know why bet9ja keeps logging you out randomly, let’s get into the step-by-step solutions to resolve this issue for good.

How to Fix bet9ja Randomly Logging You Out

Clear Cookies and Cache

One of the easiest fixes is to clear your browser history, cookies, and cached files. Over time, buildup of data can disrupt websites and cause login issues on bet9ja.

Follow these instructions to clear your cache:

Google Chrome

  • Open Chrome browser
  • Click the 3 vertical dots in the top right corner
  • Go to More Tools > Clear Browsing Data
  • Select Cookies, Cached Images/Files
  • Click Clear Data

Mozilla Firefox

  • Click the 3 lines in the top right corner
  • Go to Options > Privacy & Security
  • Under Cookies and Site Data, click Clear Data
  • Select Cookies and Cached Web Content
  • Click Clear
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  • Click Safari on the top menu bar
  • Select Clear History and Website Data
  • Choose the time range to clear data
  • Click Clear History and Data

Clearing your browser data forces bet9ja to reload fresh files upon your next login, which often resolves random logout issues.

Use a Different Browser

If clearing your cache didn’t work, try accessing bet9ja from a different web browser entirely. Sometimes browser-specific conflicts can cause repetitive logout issues on just one browser.

Install an alternate browser like Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Safari and login to bet9ja from there. If you can stay logged in on the other browser, you know the problem lies with your original browser. You may need to uninstall and reinstall the troubled browser or upgrade to the latest version.

Check Your Internet Connection

An unstable internet connection is one of the most common culprits behind random logout issues on bet9ja.

Problems like using public Wi-Fi, switching networks, broadband disruptions, or using a VPN/proxy can interrupt your bet9ja login session. Make sure you have a strong, steady connection whenever accessing your bet9ja account.

Use an ethernet cable instead of wireless networks whenever possible for the most reliable connection. Turn off your VPN if you use one, as this can conflict with bet9ja. Stick to just one trusted network instead of switching Wi-Fi hotspots.

Disable VPN or Proxy

As mentioned above, using a VPN or proxy server can sometimes interfere with your ability to stay logged into bet9ja. The encryption and IP masking of VPNs occasionally conflict with login systems.

Try turning off your VPN or proxy settings to connect directly to bet9ja with your true IP address. Reboot your modem/router if you made any changes to the VPN settings on that network level.

Without the VPN interference, you should be able to access bet9ja normally without getting logged out randomly. Only resume using the VPN after confirming it doesn’t cause login disruptions.

Update Your Browser

Using an outdated, buggy browser version can definitely be the culprit behind repetitive bet9ja logouts. Make sure you are running the latest browser version available.

On Chrome, click the 3 dots at the top and go to Help > About Google Chrome to see your version. On Firefox, click the hamburger menu icon and go to Help > About Firefox.

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If you aren’t on the newest version, update your browser right away. Newer versions contain crucial security patches, faster speeds, and website compatibility fixes that may resolve your bet9ja woes. Update or reinstall your browser and then try bet9ja again.

Reset Your bet9ja Password

If you only get randomly logged out from bet9ja but can stay logged into other sites, it points to an account-specific issue rather than your browser or connection.

In some cases, suspicious activity or too many login attempts can cause bet9ja to frequently log you out as a security precaution. Or you may have unknowingly given your password to a scamming site.

To be safe, reset your bet9ja password to something completely new. Make sure it is long and strong with a mix of letters, numbers and symbols. Update the password wherever you have it saved.

Resetting credentials often resolves account-specific login and captcha issues, especially if unauthorised parties knew your old password. Log in to bet9ja with your new password.

Contact bet9ja Customer Support

If you still face random bet9ja logouts after trying all troubleshooting steps, it’s time to contact their customer support team directly. There may be an underlying issue with your account that requires admin assistance.

Access the bet9ja support center through their website or mobile app. You can submit an email ticket or use the live chat function. Explain your repetitive logout issue and what steps you’ve tried already.

Provide as many details as possible like your username, browser, and any error messages. The support reps can investigate log activity on your account or reset credentials on their end if necessary. They may also detect restrictions, blocks or other problems causing the constant logouts specifically for your account.

With help from bet9ja’s knowledgeable support team, you should be able to get your stubborn login issue resolved once and for all. Just be patient as wait times may be long.

FAQs About bet9ja Login Issues

Why does bet9ja keep logging me out on mobile?

Common reasons you may get logged out on the bet9ja app include using mobile data instead of WiFi, switching between different wireless networks, needing to update your app version, or having an unstable connection in general.

How do I stop getting logged out of bet9ja?

To stop getting logged out on bet9ja, try clearing your browser cache/data, using a different browser, checking for internet disruptions, turning off any VPN, updating your browser or app version, or resetting your account password.

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Why is bet9ja logging me out immediately?

Getting logged out immediately after logging in is often due to connection issues, outdated browser files, or a problem with your specific account. Check your internet stability, update your browser, and try resetting your bet9ja password.

Does using VPN affect bet9ja?

Yes, connecting to bet9ja via VPN can sometimes interfere with your ability to login or stay logged in. Try accessing bet9ja without any VPN active to see if that resolves logout issues.

How do I refresh my bet9ja page?

To refresh or reload the bet9ja page you are viewing, simply press F5 on your keyboard or click the circular refresh icon in your browser toolbar. This reloads fresh content from their website.

What happens if I clear my cookies and cache?

Clearing your cookies and cached browser files forces sites like bet9ja to redownload fresh data on your next visit instead of using old conflicting files. This often resolves website conflicts causing login issues.


Randomly getting logged out of your bet9ja account can certainly be frustrating. But as you’ve seen, there are a range of troubleshooting tips you can follow to resolve this pesky issue and stay logged in.

Start by clearing your browser data and cookies for a clean slate. Check your internet connection is strong and stable on one network. Make sure to update your browser and reset your bet9ja password as security precautions. Consider accessing bet9ja without a VPN active.

Trying different browsers and finally contacting bet9ja support can also help pinpoint and fix the underlying problem. With this detailed guide, you should now be armed with all the information needed to troubleshoot and stop bet9ja from persistently logging you out.

Just be patient and systematically work through each solution until you find what works. And feel free to contact bet9ja’s helpful support reps if you need account-specific assistance. With the right fix, you’ll once again be able to conveniently access your bet9ja account without any frustrating disruptions.


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