Can You Log Out of Facebook and Still Use Messenger?

Facebook Messenger has become one of the most popular messaging apps, with over 1.3 billion monthly active users. Even people who don’t use Facebook regularly often still use Messenger to stay in touch with friends and family.

But what if you want to log out of your Facebook account temporarily while still having access to Messenger? Is it possible to use Messenger if you’re logged out of Facebook?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about logging out of Facebook while still using Messenger.

Overview of Facebook Login and Messenger

To understand whether you can use Messenger without being logged into Facebook, it helps to understand how the two services interact.

Facebook and Messenger are part of the same parent company – Meta Platforms Inc. However, they function as separate apps and services in many ways.

When you first sign up for a Facebook account, you automatically have access to Messenger as well. Your Facebook login credentials are what grant you access to Messenger.

However, it is possible to use Messenger without a Facebook account at all. We’ll cover this more in the next section.

In most cases though, people access Messenger using the same login information as their Facebook account. This connects the messaging functionality to your existing Facebook profile and friends list.

So by default, if you log out of your Facebook account on desktop or mobile, you will also be logged out of Messenger automatically.

However, there are ways to remain logged into Messenger while logging out of your Facebook account only. We’ll explain how below.

Can You Use Messenger Without a Facebook Account?

Before we get into logging out of Facebook while staying logged into Messenger, it helps to know that you can use Messenger even without a Facebook account at all.

Messenger allows you to sign up with just a phone number. This creates a Messenger-only account not connected to Facebook.

Here’s how to sign up for Messenger without a Facebook account:

  • Download the Messenger mobile app on your iPhone or Android phone.
  • When prompted, select “Not on Facebook” or “Create New Account”.
  • Enter your phone number and confirm the SMS code.
  • Accept Messenger’s Terms of Service.
  • You now have a Messenger account without needing a Facebook account.

The main limitation here is that you can only message other Messenger users who also have your phone number or Messenger contact information. You won’t have access to your broader Facebook friends list.

For most Facebook users, having access to friends on the platform is the main reason they use Messenger.

But the option to use Messenger without Facebook at all is there if needed.

Now let’s get into the various ways you can log out of Facebook but remain logged into Messenger.

Logging Out of Facebook on Desktop

If you’re accessing Facebook and Messenger on a desktop computer, here are the steps to log out of Facebook while staying logged into Messenger:

  1. Click the account menu (arrow) in the top right corner.
  2. Select “Log Out”.
  3. A popup will appear with the option to “Log Out of Facebook” or “Log Out of Messenger”.
  4. Select “Log Out of Facebook”.
  5. You will now be logged out of Facebook but remain logged into Messenger on desktop.
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This menu gives you the flexibility to selectively log out of just Facebook or just Messenger, depending on your preference.

While logged out of Facebook on desktop, you can continue using Messenger in your browser at

Your messages, contacts and chat history remain available. You are essentially using Messenger with a Messenger-only account temporarily.

Once you log back into Facebook, your Messenger account will relink with your Facebook profile.

Logging Out of Facebook on Mobile

On the Facebook mobile app, the process is similar to the desktop experience:

  1. Tap the menu (three line hamburger icon).
  2. Scroll down and select “Log Out”.
  3. Tap “Log Out” again on the popup.
  4. Select “Log Out of Facebook” when prompted.

This will log you out of the Facebook app while keeping you logged into Messenger on mobile.

You can open the separate Messenger app and all your conversations will still be available.

Turning Off Automatic Login on Mobile

One thing to be aware of on mobile is that Facebook and Messenger apps typically have an automatic login feature enabled by default.

This means that anytime you open either app, you are automatically logged in using your saved credentials.

If you want to manually log into each app separately, you’ll need to disable automatic login:

In the Facebook app:

  1. Tap the menu icon.
  2. Select Settings & Privacy > Settings.
  3. Select Security and Login.
  4. Turn off Automatic Login.

In the Messenger app:

  1. Tap your profile icon.
  2. Select Messenger Settings.
  3. Select Log In & Security.
  4. Turn off Chat Features Auto-Login.

With automatic login disabled, you’ll have to manually enter your credentials each time you open either app.

This allows you to selectively log into Messenger without logging into the Facebook app on mobile.

Using Messenger on the Web When Logged Out

As mentioned for desktop, you can access Messenger on the web at even when logged out of Facebook.

This acts like a separate Messenger account.

One thing to note though is that some Messenger features will be limited or unavailable when using it as a logged-out account through the web.

For example, you may not be able to make voice or video calls. And you likely won’t see full chat history that you had while logged in to Facebook.

But for basic messaging needs, Messenger on the web can work independently from Facebook login.

Potential Issues When Logged Out of Facebook

While logging out of Facebook and just using Messenger is possible in various ways, as covered above, there are some potential downsides or issues to be aware of.

Limited Messaging Functionality

As mentioned, certain Messenger features may not work fully or at all when logged out of your connected Facebook account.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Voice and video calling
  • Full conversation history
  • Syncing messages across devices
  • Using Messenger on desktop

So while basic messaging works, the functionality is limited compared to using Messenger while logged into Facebook.

Friends Don’t Know You’re Logged Out

Your Facebook friends have no indication or notification that you are logged out of Facebook temporarily.

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So if they try to reach you on Facebook, it will appear you are ignoring or offline, rather than intentionally logged out.

You may want to set your status to “offline” or let friends know not to expect Facebook replies during your logout period.

Potential Security Risks

When logged into Messenger using your Facebook credentials, there are various security protections in place.

Logging out of Facebook while staying logged into Messenger bypasses some of these security mechanisms, which could put your account more at risk.

For example, if you leave Messenger open on a public computer in logged out mode, it could potentially give others access to your messages or account.

In general it’s recommended to fully log out of both Facebook and Messenger for security when on shared devices.

Facebook Notification Spam

Even if you’re logged out of Facebook, you’ll continue getting Messenger notifications on your phone, which could also show some snippets of Facebook notifications.

So you may still see some “spam” from Facebook while trying to avoid the app.

For the full Facebook detox, logging out of Messenger entirely may be needed to stop all notifications.

Receiving Messages When Logged Out of Facebook

A common question when logged out of Facebook but still using Messenger is whether or not you can receive new messages.

The answer is yes, you will continue to receive new messages sent to you through Messenger even while logged out of Facebook.

This applies to receiving messages on both desktop and mobile.

As long as you actively have the Messenger app or website open, new messages will come through just like normal.

If Messenger is closed in the background, you may not get notifications of new messages until the next time you open it. But the messages will be waiting for you then.

So staying logged into Messenger provides ongoing access to your messages, contacts, and conversations, even without Facebook access.

FAQs About Using Messenger While Logged Out

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about logging out of Facebook while using Messenger:

Can I log out of Facebook Messenger on my iPhone?

Yes, you can log out of just Messenger while staying logged into the Facebook app on iPhone. In Messenger, go to your profile, tap Settings, then Log In & Security and turn off Chat Features Auto-Login.

Does Messenger still work if you log out of Facebook on computer?

Yes, Messenger will still work on a desktop computer if you log out of Facebook. You can access Messenger at while logged out. Some features may be limited though.

Can I get Messenger messages if logged out of Facebook?

You will still receive new Messenger messages even when logged out of Facebook, as long as you have the Messenger app or website open actively.

What happens if I delete Facebook but keep Messenger?

If you delete your Facebook account entirely, Messenger will remain installed but all your messages and friends will be inaccessible. You’ll have to start fresh with a new Messenger-only account.

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Can you use Facebook Messenger if you don’t have a Facebook account?

Yes, you can sign up for a Messenger-only account using just your phone number, without needing a Facebook account. However, you’ll only be able to message other users who have your number.

Why can’t I log out of just Facebook and not Messenger?

Typically, logging out of Facebook also logs you out of Messenger automatically. But using the specific mobile and desktop options covered in this article allow you to selectively log out of Facebook while staying logged into Messenger.

Key Takeaways

  • Logging out of Facebook typically logs you out of Messenger too by default. However, it is possible to stay logged into Messenger while logging out of Facebook only.
  • On desktop, use the “Log Out” menu to select “Log Out of Facebook” specifically. On mobile, disable automatic login and manually log into Messenger only.
  • Messenger works independently to some extent through the website or as a standalone mobile app. But functionality is limited compared to using Messenger while logged into Facebook.
  • You will continue receiving messages on Messenger even when logged out of Facebook. But be aware of potential notification spam and security risks.
  • Fully logging out of both Facebook and Messenger is recommended for a true detox or on shared devices. But logging out just Facebook while staying active on Messenger provides an intermediate option.

So in summary – yes, you can log out of Facebook and still use Messenger! But the experience won’t be fully functional compared to linking it with your Facebook account.


The ability to log out of Facebook while staying logged into Messenger can be convenient for times you want to take a break from the Facebook platform, while still keeping easy access to messaging your connections.

Hopefully this guide has shown you how to fully log out of Facebook on desktop and mobile, while keeping your Messenger login active through the app or website.

Just be aware of the limitations to certain features when using Messenger in this logged-out mode. And consider security precautions if accessing Messenger from public devices.

But when used properly, this tips gives you more flexibility to customize exactly which parts of the Facebook/Messenger ecosystem you want access to at any given time.

Don’t forget to fully log out of Messenger as well when you want to deactivate all notifications and access. Enjoy your Facebook break!

If you found this guide helpful, please share it on Facebook or other social channels. This allows others to learn how to log out of Facebook but still use Messenger too!

Also feel free to leave a comment below if you have any additional tips or experiences to share about using Messenger independently of Facebook login. It’s a useful trick to be aware of!


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