Can You See the Date You Blocked Someone on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging apps worldwide, with over 2 billion users. At some point, you may have needed to block someone on WhatsApp due to harassment, spam, or other unwanted contact. But once you block a user, can you see the exact date and time you blocked them?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover whether WhatsApp provides the blocking date and time, how to tell if you blocked someone, tips for managing blocked users, and steps to unblock contacts if desired.

What Happens When You Block Someone on WhatsApp

When you block a contact in WhatsApp, it prevents them from:

  • Calling or sending you messages in WhatsApp
  • Seeing your profile photo, status updates, or when you were last online
  • Adding you to groups
  • Viewing your live location

You also stop receiving notifications and calls from a blocked user. All previous chats and messages with the contact remain in your chat history.

Blocking someone provides control over who can reach you on WhatsApp without deleting the chat history.

Does WhatsApp Show Blocking Date and Time?

Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not provide the specific date and time that you blocked a contact.

Once a user is blocked, they simply disappear from your contacts list. The app provides no record or timestamp of when the block occurred.

The blocked contact is not notified that you blocked them either. They will just see messages to you failing to send.

So there is no definitive way to know the exact blocking date within WhatsApp itself.

How to Tell If You’ve Blocked a Contact

While you can’t see the date, there are a few signs that indicate you have blocked someone on WhatsApp:

  • They disappear from your contacts list completely.
  • You get an error if trying to message them.
  • Their profile photo and last seen status are hidden.
  • Calling them goes directly to voicemail.
  • They stop receiving your messages and calls.
  • Attempts to add you to a group appear to fail.
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These clues confirm the user is blocked, even without a date stamp.

Why You May Want to Know the Blocking Date

There are some reasons you may want to know specifically when you blocked someone on WhatsApp:

  • To provide proof of harassment if reporting to authorities.
  • To show when the behavior that prompted blocking occurred.
  • To give a reference point if deciding whether to unblock them later.
  • General curiosity about when you took the blocking action.

Unfortunately without a built-in blocking timestamp, you’ll need to rely on your memory of approximately when the contact was blocked.

Managing Your Blocked Contacts List

WhatsApp lets you manage blocked users and unblock contacts:

  • View all blocked users under Settings > Account > Privacy > Blocked
  • Unblock users individually or all at once from the Blocked list
  • Tap and hold a chat to block or report a troublesome user
  • Block new users who send unwanted messages

Organize your Blocked contacts list by unblocking any contacts you want to receive messages from again.

Unblocking a Contact on WhatsApp

If you change your mind after blocking someone on WhatsApp, unblocking them is easy:

  1. Open WhatsApp Settings
  2. Tap Account > Privacy > Blocked
  3. Tap the “Unblock” button next to the user you want to unblock
  4. Tap Unblock again to confirm

This will remove them from your blocked list and allow communication again.

Tips to Prevent Needing to Block Users

To avoid having to block contacts, be cautious adding unknown numbers to groups and giving your number out freely. Other tips include:

  • Change settings to control who can see profile info and status
  • Leave groups with disruptive members
  • Report serious harassment to WhatsApp
  • Set profile to only be visible to your contacts
  • Only chat with people you know and trust
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Taking precautions allows you to connect safely on WhatsApp without disruptions.

Signs It’s Time to Block Someone

Consider blocking a WhatsApp user if they:

  • Repeatedly message after you said to stop
  • Send abusive, threatening or inappropriate content
  • Attempt to scam you
  • Spread misinformation or rumors about you
  • Harass you or loved ones
  • Distribute unauthorized photos of you
  • Impersonate you

Don’t tolerate harassment or abuse. Simply block the user to regain control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I tell if someone blocked me on WhatsApp?

If a contact blocked you, messages won’t show delivered status, you won’t see their online status, and any calls go directly to voicemail. Their profile also disappears from your contacts.

What happens if I send a message to someone who blocked me?

Your messages, calls, status updates, and location won’t reach someone who has blocked you. Your messages may show as pending but fail to deliver.

Can I get blocked messages back if I’m unblocked?

Unfortunately, any messages sent while blocked are deleted and cannot be recovered, even if the blocking contact later unblocks you.

Does blocking delete the chat history?

No, blocking does not delete or erase the chat history. The chat remains visible in your WhatsApp messages. Only unsending or deleting threads removes previous chats.

Can I find out if I’m blocked on WhatsApp?

You cannot definitively tell if you are blocked, but clues include noticing the other person’s last seen status is hidden, messages left on “sent”, and calls go unanswered. This likely means you have been blocked.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blocking Contacts on WhatsApp

Does blocking a contact also block them from seeing your WhatsApp status?

Yes, blocking someone prevents them from viewing your current status, your profile photo updates, and when you were last seen online. Your information is fully hidden from blocked contacts.

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Can I get in trouble for blocking someone on WhatsApp?

No, there is nothing wrong with blocking another user on WhatsApp as long as it is for a valid reason like harassment, spam, or other unwanted behavior. The blocking feature exists so you can control who contacts you.

If I block someone, can they still see my messages in a mutual group chat?

Yes, when you block a user they can still see messages you post in any shared WhatsApp groups. Blocking only prevents them from contacting you directly or viewing your profile, not group messages.

What happens if I block someone by mistake on WhatsApp?

If you accidentally block a contact, simply go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Blocked and tap Unblock next to their name. This will remove them from your blocked list and restore communication.

Does blocking a number on WhatsApp also block them from calling?

Yes, blocking a number on WhatsApp blocks that user from calling you within the WhatsApp app in addition to blocking their messages and status visibility. They will be unable to call you until unblocked.


While WhatsApp itself does not provide the specific date and time you blocked a contact, the app enables you to control who you chat with by blocking unwanted users. If you later change your mind, that user can be unblocked. Blocking wisely and safely allows you to get the most benefit from WhatsApp messaging.


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