Can You Still Use Messenger to Message Someone Who Has You Blocked on Facebook?

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular messaging apps, with over 1.3 billion monthly active users. Its integration with Facebook makes it easy to message friends and connections on the platform.

But what happens if you get blocked by someone on Facebook? Can you still use Messenger to message someone who has blocked you on Facebook?

Let’s explore how blocking works across Facebook and Messenger to answer this common question.

How Blocking Works on Facebook

On Facebook, you can block another user to restrict their ability to view and interact with your profile and posts. When you block someone, it severs the connection in the following ways:

  • They can no longer see your Facebook profile or posts.
  • They are unable to start conversations or message you on Facebook.
  • Any friend requests or messages from them will be blocked.
  • You will not get notified about their activities or profile changes.

Blocking essentially cuts off their access to your Facebook presence. It’s a more extreme step than simply unfriending someone.

Does Blocking on Facebook Also Block Messenger?

This is where things get a little complicated. When you block someone on Facebook, it does not automatically block them from messaging you on Messenger too.

The Facebook block only applies to your Facebook profile and feed. Messenger has separate privacy settings and blocking functions.

So even if you’re blocked on Facebook, it is still possible to exchange Messenger chats…with some limitations.

Can You Message on Messenger After Being Blocked on Facebook?

If someone has blocked you on their Facebook profile, you can still send messages to them on Messenger and have a text conversation.

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Your messages will go through and they will be able to read them. However, certain parts of the Messenger experience will be disabled due to the Facebook block.

You won’t be able to call or video chat with someone who has you blocked on Facebook, even when messaging them on Messenger. Overall, the messaging is limited to just standard chats and text.

Limitations of Messaging When Blocked

Here are some other limitations to be aware of if you message someone on Messenger after being blocked on their Facebook:

  • You can’t see when they are active on Messenger or typing.
  • Your messages may be automatically sorted into their “Message Requests” folder.
  • You can’t add or interact with them on any Messenger group chats.
  • You won’t see if they read your messages.
  • Some sharing options to Facebook may be disabled.

While basic messaging is possible, the Facebook block does restrict the full Messenger experience.

How to Know If You’re Blocked on Facebook

Wondering if someone has actually blocked you on Facebook? Here are some signs:

  • You can’t view their Facebook profile or see any of their posts.
  • Your messages and friend requests remain unanswered.
  • Conversations with them have disappeared from your Facebook inbox.
  • Trying to tag them in posts doesn’t bring up their profile in results.

If you suspect you’ve been blocked, trying messaging the person on Messenger is one way to confirm it. If your messages go through, they have likely blocked just your Facebook access.

How to Message Someone Who Blocked You

To send a Messenger message to someone who blocked you on Facebook:

  1. Open your Messenger app on mobile or desktop.
  2. Select the compose message icon to start a new message thread.
  3. Enter the person’s name to pull up their account.
  4. Type out your message as normal and hit send.
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Even without access to their Facebook, you can reach them via Messenger this way.

Reasons You May Be Blocked on Facebook

Some common reasons people block others on Facebook include:

  • Inappropriate or abusive behavior and messages.
  • Posting sensitive personal information without consent.
  • Romantic advances after the other person ended the relationship.
  • Trying to reconnect with someone who wishes to cut off contact.
  • Political or social views the person found offensive.

Understanding why you were blocked can prevent repeated misunderstandings.

Other Facebook Blocking and Privacy Controls

Beyond blocking, Facebook provides other privacy settings to manage specific people:

  • Restrict – Restricted people can see only your public posts, not your friends-only content.
  • Unfollow – You stay connected, but don’t see their posts in your feed.
  • Acquaintances – Designate people as acquaintances to limit some interactions.
  • Customized privacy – Choose who can see individual posts in your feed.

FAQs About Facebook Blocking and Messenger

What happens if you get blocked while chatting on Messenger?

You will be immediately unable to send further messages in that Messenger conversation.

Can you get blocked on just Messenger without Facebook?

Yes, Messenger has its own block feature to stop someone messaging you while remaining friends on Facebook.

Is there a way to get unblocked by someone on Facebook?

Not directly. You would need to have another non-blocked friend relay your request to unblock.

Can someone block you preemptively before you interact with them?

Yes, users can proactively block anyone on Facebook, even strangers, to prevent any contact.


While blocking on Facebook disables profile access, Messenger provides a loophole for determined communicators to still send messages. But repeated contact after being blocked will likely further damage the relationship. Respect the other person’s privacy and boundaries if you find yourself blocked.

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