Do All Tumblr Posts Disappear When You Delete Your Account?

Tumblr is a popular social media and microblogging platform that allows users to share photos, videos, GIFs, and other multimedia content. With over 475 million blogs on Tumblr, it has become a go-to platform for creative expression and fandom communities.

However, as with any social media platform, many Tumblr users eventually decide to leave and delete their accounts. This leads to the common question – do all of your Tumblr posts disappear when you delete your account?

The short answer is yes, all of your Tumblr posts will be deleted and disappear once you delete your account. However, let’s take a more in-depth look at what exactly happens when you delete a Tumblr account.

What Happens When You Delete Your Tumblr Account

When you decide to delete your Tumblr account, you essentially remove all traces of your presence from Tumblr’s servers. This includes:

  • All your original posts – text, photos, videos, audio, links, quotes, etc.
  • Reposts you’ve made of other people’s posts
  • Your likes and reblogs
  • All your followers and who you follow
  • Comments you’ve made on other people’s posts
  • Customization like themes and descriptions

Basically, everything that makes up your Tumblr blog and profile will be completely wiped from Tumblr’s database. Your URL will also become available for anyone else to register.

Are Your Posts Deleted Immediately?

Tumblr does not immediately and permanently delete all your content when you delete your account. When you first request account deletion, your profile goes into a 30-day deactivated state.

During this time, your blog is inaccessible to the public but all your content remains on Tumblr’s servers. This gives you a 30-day window to log back in and restore your account if you change your mind.

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Only after the 30 days have passed will Tumblr permanently erase all your posts, images, and data from their servers. So it takes about a month for your Tumblr presence to be completely scrubbed from the internet.

Can You Recover Deleted Tumblr Posts?

Unfortunately, once your account is deleted after the 30-day deactivated period, there is no way to recover or restore your deleted Tumblr posts and account.

The content does not go into a trash or recycle bin that you can access later. Tumblr support also cannot recover any blogs or information after account deletion.

So if you have second thoughts, you have to act within that initial 30-day window before permanent deletion.

What About Reposts or Backups of Your Posts?

Even if your original posts are deleted, any reposts or backups of your content made by other Tumblr users will still exist.

For example, if another Tumblr blog reblogged your photo post before your account deletion, that reblogged copy of your photo will remain on their blog.

The same goes for any other Tumblr user who may have reposted, screenshotted, or otherwise backed up your content outside of your original blog.

So while your original source content disappears, any copies on other blogs or sites cannot be removed or guaranteed to be deleted.

Steps to Download and Back Up Your Tumblr Content

If you want to preserve your Tumblr content before deleting your account, take steps to back up and archive your posts:

  • Use Tumblr’s Export Feature: In your Tumblr account settings, you can export an archive of your blog content. This creates a ZIP file you can save as a backup.
  • Use a Tumblr Backup Service: Services like let you backup your blog and download its content.
  • Manually Save Posts: You can manually save copies of your posts by copying the text or using browser extensions to save images/videos.
  • Take Screenshots: For quick backups, take screenshots of your posts and save them on your computer or in cloud storage.
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Other Options Besides Account Deletion

Deleting your account permanently removes your presence from Tumblr. But if you want to preserve your content and URL for the future, consider these alternatives:

  • Make your account inactive: You can deactivate your blog from public view but still log in to maintain ownership of your URL.
  • Delete individual posts: Rather than everything, delete select posts you no longer want public while keeping your account.
  • Make your blog private: Hide your blog content behind a password that only you know while keeping your account.
  • Sell your blog URL: If you have a custom URL, you can try selling it to another Tumblr user and earn money.

FAQs About Deleting Tumblr Accounts

Can I delete my Tumblr app without deleting my account?

Yes, deleting the Tumblr mobile app only removes it from your device and has no effect on your actual Tumblr account.

What happens to my chats and messages if I delete my account?

All previous chats and private messages you have sent or received will be permanently deleted when your account is deleted.

Is there any way to temporarily disable my account?

Yes, you can temporarily deactivate your account which hides your profile and blogs from the public but preserves the data.

Can someone else claim my old Tumblr URL after deletion?

Yes, after permanent deletion your custom URL becomes available for anyone else to register.

Does deleting my account delete my blogs from search engines?

While search engines like Google will eventually remove deleted pages, caches may still show deleted Tumblr post snippets.

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Deleting your Tumblr account permanently erases all original posts and customizations from Tumblr’s servers after a 30-day deactivated period. However, copies of your posts may still exist through reblogs or backups. If you may want to access your content again, back up your account before deletion.

Overall, it’s important to be absolutely certain before deleting your Tumblr account, as the action is irreversible. With a thorough understanding of what happens when you delete your Tumblr account, you can make an informed decision that you won’t regret later!


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