Does TikTok Log You Out When Someone Else Logs In?

TikTok has exploded in popularity over the past few years, becoming one of the most used social media platforms globally. But with multiple people often having access to devices, an important question arises – does TikTok automatically log you out if someone else logs into the same account?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how TikTok handles concurrent logins, automatic logouts, security features, and more. Read on to learn how to keep your TikTok account secure when sharing devices with family and friends.

How TikTok Handles Multiple Logins

By default, TikTok allows multiple simultaneous logins to the same account across different devices.

So if you are logged into TikTok on your phone, someone else logging into your account on another phone or tablet will not automatically log you out of your original device.

Instead, both you and the other person will show as active sessions at the same time. TikTok’s system is designed to handle concurrent logins to one account.

The main exception is if you specifically go in and manually log out of your original device yourself. But as long as you remain actively logged in, someone else accessing your account concurrently will not force you to be logged out.

Does Logging In From a New Device Log You Out?

To reiterate the above point, when someone logs into your TikTok account from a new or different device, you will NOT be automatically logged out of any other devices concurrently logged in.

So if you are browsing TikTok on your phone and your friend logs into your account from their own phone, you will both stay actively logged into the account simultaneously.

TikTok does not force any active logins to log out when a new device accesses the account. The account remains available across multiple logins at the same time.

You will only be logged out if you manually log out yourself on your original device. But someone else accessing your account will not trigger your active login to be forced out.

Managing Active TikTok Sessions

Since TikTok allows simultaneous logins by design, it also provides a way to manage all the active sessions on your account.

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To see and control devices logged into your account:

  1. Tap the “Me” tab in TikTok.
  2. Tap the three horizontal lines menu icon.
  3. Choose “Manage account” and select “Log in devices”.
  4. Here you will see all the devices and locations where your TikTok account is currently logged in.
  5. You can individually log out any sessions by tapping the “Log out” button next to that device.

Using these steps, you can easily view and log out any logins you don’t recognize or want to terminate access for.

But keep in mind – logging out from the manage devices screen does not affect your own current device’s active session.

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

To add an extra layer of security to your TikTok account beyond just password protection, you can enable two-factor authentication (2FA).

With 2FA enabled, logging into your TikTok account will require two forms of identification – your password plus a temporary code generated from an authenticator app or sent via SMS each time you log in.

Here is how to turn on 2FA for your TikTok account:

  1. Open settings and choose “Privacy and safety”.
  2. Select “Two-factor authentication”.
  3. Toggle on the switch to enable it.
  4. Choose either SMS text message or authentication app verification.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your 2FA setup.

With this security safeguard enabled, anyone attempting to log into your account from a new device will need access to your physical phone or authentication code as well in order to get in.

Changing Your TikTok Password

An easy way to immediately log out any unknown sessions is by changing your TikTok password.

Here are the steps to update your password through TikTok:

  1. Tap the “Me” icon on your profile.
  2. Choose “Manage account” then select “Change password”.
  3. Enter your current password first when prompted.
  4. Type your new password twice to confirm.

Once updated, your new password will be required on all devices attempting to access the account going forward.

It’s a good idea to periodically change your TikTok password as a precaution, especially if you suspect unknown logins.

Additional Account Security Tips

Here are some other measures you can take to maximize the security of your TikTok account when sharing devices with others:

  • Always manually log out after using TikTok on a public or shared device.
  • Enable fingerprint or face ID login on your mobile devices if possible.
  • Monitor your active sessions regularly and log out unknown devices.
  • Turn off “Save Login” in TikTok’s settings to prevent automatic logins.
  • Use a unique complex password only for your TikTok account.
  • Avoid accessing TikTok on public unsecured Wi-Fi networks.
  • Enable login notifications so you are alerted anytime your account is accessed.
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What Happens if You Lose Your Phone While Logged In?

Losing your phone or having it stolen while you’re still logged into the TikTok app is a bad scenario. But thankfully, there are measures you can take to secure your account.

As soon as you notice your device is lost:

  • Log into TikTok on another device like a computer.
  • Under account settings, view and log out all active sessions.
  • Change your TikTok password to ensure the lost device is logged out.
  • Monitor your account activity closely for any unauthorized actions.
  • If TikTok was the only app open, enable lost mode on the device which will sign out of all accounts.

By taking quick action, you can de-authorize that lost device and prevent access to your TikTok account if the phone ends up in someone else’s hands.

TikTok Login Issues and Troubleshooting

If you are having trouble logging into your TikTok account, here are some steps to troubleshoot:

  • Reset your password if you may be entering it incorrectly.
  • Double check that caps lock or auto-correct are not unintentionally modifying your password.
  • Try manually typing your username instead of using auto-fill.
  • Verify your internet connection is working properly.
  • Force close and restart the TikTok app on your device.
  • Try logging in on TikTok via the web instead of the app.
  • Clear the app cache and saved login data through your device settings then re-enter.
  • Contact TikTok support if none of those steps resolve your login issues.

FAQs About TikTok Logins and Logouts

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about how TikTok account access works:

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Does logging into TikTok on another phone log you out?

No, logging into your TikTok account on a new phone will not log you out of your original device, unless you manually log out yourself.

How do I log out of TikTok on all devices?

You can view and log out all active TikTok sessions at once from the “Manage account” section of your TikTok settings.

Can 2 people be logged into the same TikTok account?

Yes, TikTok allows concurrent logins so 2 people can be logged into one account simultaneously. Use device management settings to view all logins.

What happens if I log into TikTok on a new phone?

Logging into your account on a new phone will not affect nor log you out of your previous device. Both can access the account until you manually log out.

Does changing your TikTok password log you out everywhere?

Yes, changing your password will log all devices out of your TikTok account, requiring them to enter the new password.


Hopefully this guide has helped explain how TikTok manages account access across multiple devices and simultaneous logins. The key takeaway is that someone else logging into your TikTok will not forcibly log you out. Concurrent sessions are allowed and can be managed through your account settings.

Enabling two-factor authentication, frequently changing your password, and monitoring active sessions are all smart ways to keep your TikTok account secure. With proper precautions, you can safely access TikTok from shared devices worry-free.

Let us know if you have any other TikTok account management tips and tricks by leaving a comment below!

Help spread awareness for TikTok account security by sharing this article on social media. The more people that understand the platform’s login and logout behavior, the more secure their accounts can be!


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