How Do You Know if Someone Logged Out of Kik?

Kik is a popular messaging app that allows fast communication with friends and contacts. Since Kik doesn’t automatically log users out, how can you tell if someone has manually logged out and ended their messaging session?

There are a few indicators on Kik that provide clues when a contact has logged out and is no longer actively using the app. Recognizing when users log off helps avoid wasted messages and lets you pick up conversations at better times.

Overview of Kik Messenger

Kik is a chat app that lets users:

  • Send direct messages to friends
  • Chat in groups up to 50 people
  • Share photos, videos, gifs, and other multimedia
  • Video chat with mobile phone cameras
  • Integrate bots for news, games, weather, and other services
  • Use emojis, stickers, and digital sketches when messaging

Kik accounts do not automatically log out, so users must manually end their active session.

Why People Log Out of Kik

Common reasons someone may logout of Kik include:

  • Closing the app when going to sleep or work
  • Need a break from constant notifications
  • Avoid inactive timeouts when away for a while
  • Manage multiple Kik accounts on one device
  • Protect privacy on a borrowed or shared phone
  • Troubleshoot app errors and refresh profile
  • Conserve mobile phone battery life

Knowing someone logged out helps explain delayed replies or conversation lapses.

Their Profile Picture Disappears

One indication a Kik user has logged out is their profile photo vanishing when you view your chat history, replaced with a default gray avatar.

Since active users always show their current profile pic, the absent image means they have ended their messaging session.

Message Read Receipts Stopped

If you and your chat partner have read receipts enabled, you’ll immediately notice when they stop highlighting your messages as read after being delivered.

The lack of read receipts after sending new messages implies your contact has gone offline and logged out.

Pending Message Deliveries

Messages sent to a logged out Kik user get stuck in a “delivered” state and fail to update to “read.”

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If you see pending deliveries for an extended time without being marked read, your contact likely logged off the app.

You No Longer See Their Status

While active in Kik, you can view friends’ statuses like “Online” or “Typing.” When they log out, their status disappears from your contacts list.

If their status is no longer visible, it’s a clear sign the user has ended their current messaging session in Kik.

No Longer Listed as Frequently Messaged

Kik shows your most frequent recent contacts under the Chats tab. Once a user logs out, they’ll disappear from this list since they are no longer presently active.

An absent chat under Frequents that was just there before indicates your friend has recently logged off the app.

Trouble Adding Them to Group Chats

You’ll be unable to add a logged out user to a new group chat. When trying to select them, it will say “Invite Failed” because inactive accounts can’t join new groups.

If your invite fails for a normally active contact, they likely closed the Kik session.

Notification That User Ended Session

Sometimes when a contact logs off you will directly receive an in-app notification saying “[User] has ended the chat session.”

This leaves no doubt that your friend has deliberately logged out and exited their Kik messaging.

Goodbye or Offline Auto-Reply Message

Kik has an auto-reply feature that can notify message senders when you log out.

If a contact set a customized auto-reply like “Offline” or “Goodbye for now!”, receiving it immediately confirms they have logged off the app.

Conversations Disappeared After Blocking

If all previous chats with a contact suddenly vanished, the likely explanation is that user blocked you, logging out in the process.

Being blocked in Kik logs out the blocker after removing the blocked person from their contact list.

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Managing Messages When Users Offline

When you notice friends have logged off Kik:

  • Don’t expect replies until they log back in.
  • Temporarily switch chatting to another app like WhatsApp.
  • Pick up important conversations again once they return.
  • Focus on chats with currently active contacts.

Adjusting to their offline status avoids wondering about delayed replies.

Importance of Logging Out for Privacy

It’s important to log out yourself when leaving Kik unattended to:

  • Prevent others from accessing your conversations.
  • Keep your messages private.
  • Stop notifications distracting people near your device.
  • Limit data use on shared wifi networks.

Logging out protects your privacy until accessing your account again.

Rejoining Chats After Logging Back In

If you logged out of Kik temporarily:

  • Simply log back in with your username and password.
  • Unread messages will await you upon rejoining chats.
  • Contacts will see your profile picture and status return.

You pick up right where you left off in discussions by logging back in.

Turning Off Read Receipts in Kik

You can disable read receipts in Kik settings:

  • Menu > Settings > Chat Settings
  • Toggle off “Send Read Receipts”

Doing this prevents contacts from tracking when you’ve read their messages.

Using Alternate Chat Apps Simultaneously

Since Kik doesn’t run actively in the background, you can simultaneously stay logged into other chat apps like WhatsApp when logged out of Kik without disruptions.

Jumping between different chat tools is seamless for managing diverse messaging.

Kik Safety and Security Tips

To stay safe on Kik:

  • Only chat with known contacts you trust.
  • Enable privacy settings and block suspicious users.
  • Disable GPS location sharing.
  • Turn off adult content in app settings.
  • Log out fully when away from your device.

Following basic precautions keeps your Kik account secure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kik Logouts

Does Kik automatically log you out after inactivity?

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No, Kik does not automatically log users out when idle. You have to proactively log out using the app’s settings or just close the app completely. Kik sessions remain open indefinitely.

If I uninstall Kik does it log out my profile?

Uninstalling the Kik app does not log you out. To fully log out, manually do so in the settings before uninstalling. Reinstalling will log you back in automatically unless previously logged out.

Can I see my message history after logging back into Kik?

Yes, when you log back into Kik after logging out all your previous chat history and conversations remain visible. Logging out does not delete your message history which is preserved.

Do my contacts get notified if I log out of Kik?

No, Kik does not proactively notify your contacts when you log out. But they may notice indications like your profile photo disappearing that your session has ended. Using an auto-reply can send a log out notification.

If I clear app cache does it log me out of Kik?

No, clearing the app cache and data will not log you out of Kik. You remain logged in after reopening the app. You need to fully log out from settings before clearing data to log out.


By understanding the various signals like ceased read receipts and an invisible profile picture indicating a user has logged out of Kik, you can better manage communication and pick up delayed discussions when contacts return. Logging out fully yourself also protects privacy until your next Kik session. Knowing the ins and outs of Kik logouts enables smooth connections.


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