How to Cancel a Flipkart Order Before Delivery

Ordering products online on e-commerce sites like Flipkart has become extremely convenient. With just a few clicks, we can purchase almost anything imaginable and have it delivered to our doorstep.

However, there may be times when we change our mind about a purchase and want to cancel a Flipkart order before it ships out. Knowing how to cancel a Flipkart order can save us time, money, and frustration.

In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss:

  • When You Can Cancel a Flipkart Order
  • How to Cancel a Flipkart Order Online
  • Steps to Cancel Flipkart Order on Mobile App
  • What Happens When You Cancel a Flipkart Order
  • FAQs on Cancelling Flipkart Orders

When You Can Cancel a Flipkart Order

On Flipkart, you can cancel an order anytime before it is shipped or dispatched for delivery.

Once the order is marked as “Dispatched” or “Shipped” on Flipkart, it cannot be cancelled. The order has to be delivered to you once it leaves the seller’s warehouse.

However, if your order is delayed and not dispatched even after the promised delivery date, you can cancel such orders on Flipkart after contacting customer support.

So the key is to act fast and cancel the order before it is packed and shipped out from the seller’s end.

How to Cancel a Flipkart Order Online

If your order is still in the processing stage, cancelling it on Flipkart is quick and easy.

Here are the steps to cancel a Flipkart order online from your account:

Step 1: Login to Your Flipkart Account

Step 2: Go to Orders Page

  • Once logged in, click on “Orders” option at the top. This will open your orders page.

Step 3: Find the Order and Click “Cancel”

  • On the orders page, find the order you want to cancel.
  • Click on “Cancel” button available below the order details.
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Step 4: Select Cancellation Reason

  • This will open a page asking you to select a cancellation reason.
  • Choose the accurate cancellation reason from the drop-down menu.
  • You can choose reasons like –
    • Don’t want the product anymore
    • Bought it by mistake
    • Found a cheaper product
    • Product is out of stock etc.

Step 5: Confirm Cancellation

  • After selecting the cancellation reason, click on “Cancel Order” red button at the bottom.
  • A confirmation message will appear that order cancellation is requested.
  • Flipkart will then process the cancellation request and intimate you via email and SMS.

So in just a few simple steps, you can easily cancel any Flipkart order that is not dispatched yet.

Steps to Cancel Flipkart Order on Mobile App

You can also cancel a Flipkart order that is not shipped yet via the Flipkart mobile app easily.

Here is how to cancel Flipkart order on mobile app:

Step 1: Open Flipkart App & Login

  • Open Flipkart app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Login with your registered phone number or email ID.

Step 2: Tap Profile Icon

  • After login, tap on the “Account” icon on the bottom right.

Step 3: Tap My Orders

  • This will open your account page. Tap on “My Orders”.

Step 4: Find Order & Tap Cancel

  • Find the order you want to cancel in the orders list.
  • Tap on the “Cancel Order” option below it.

Step 5: Pick Cancellation Reason

  • Choose the reason for cancellation and continue.
  • Finally, confirm cancellation on the next page.

So whether you are using the website or mobile app, cancelling an order on Flipkart before delivery is quick and straightforward.

What Happens When You Cancel a Flipkart Order

Once you cancel the order, here is what happens next:

  • Flipkart will send a cancellation confirmation email and text message.
  • The status of your order will change to “Cancelled” on your Flipkart Orders page.
  • Any payments made for the order will be immediately reversed and refunded back.
  • Refund is issued to the original mode of payment – wallet, card, net banking etc.
  • For COD/Pay on Delivery orders, no payments are deducted anyway.
  • It may take 2-3 days for the refund to reflect in your account.
  • The cancelled Flipkart order will not be shipped or delivered.
  • You may receive an email/SMS asking for cancellation feedback.
  • If any cancellation charges apply, they will be deducted from the refund amount.
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So the entire ordered amount is returned safely back once you cancel the Flipkart order before shipment.

FAQs on Cancelling Flipkart Orders

Here are some common queries people have about cancelling orders on Flipkart:

How many times can I cancel a Flipkart order?

There is no limit on how many times you can cancel Flipkart orders. However, Flipkart may block users who have a habit of repeatedly ordering and cancelling products.

Can I cancel Flipkart order after delivery?

No, you cannot cancel an order and return products after delivery as per Flipkart policies. Cancellation is only possible before the order ships out.

Can I cancel paid Flipkart order?

Yes, you can cancel Flipkart orders paid online or select Cash/Card on Delivery too. The entire amount will be refunded once you cancel the order successfully.

How to cancel Flipkart order if order is shipped?

Once an order is marked “Dispatched” or “Shipped”, you cannot cancel it yourself from the app or website. You will have to wait for the order to be delivered and then follow the Return or Replacement process on Flipkart.

Is there any penalty to cancel Flipkart order?

Flipkart does not usually charge any cancellation fee. However, Seller may deduct minimal cancellation charges in rare cases. This will be mentioned during the cancellation process.

Why is my Flipkart cancellation unsuccessful?

The order may have already been packed and kept ready for dispatch from seller’s end. You cannot cancel once order processing crosses a certain point. Contact Customer Care for delayed/unshipped orders.

How long does Flipkart take to refund a cancelled order?

Flipkart aims to process refunds for cancelled orders within 2-3 working days. The money gets credited back to your original mode of payment.

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Can I cancel a Flipkart order after payment?

Yes, as long as the order is not marked “Dispatched”, you can cancel it instantly after payment. Full refund will be processed to your account automatically.


Knowing how to cancel a Flipkart order before shipment gives online shoppers greater flexibility. If you change your mind or find a better deal elsewhere, you don’t have to wait until taking delivery.

Flipkart makes it quick and convenient to cancel orders via website or mobile app until they are packed and dispatched. Following the steps and guidelines covered in this article will ensure your cancellation and refund is smooth.

So next time you are unhappy with an online purchase on Flipkart, don’t hesitate to cancel it. Just act quickly before the order gets shipped out and processed for delivery. This will save you time and effort of returning products after they are delivered.

Happy and smart online shopping!

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