How to Cancel a Processing Transaction on PalmPay

PalmPay is a leading mobile payment app in Africa that allows quick and easy money transfers, airtime purchases, bill payments and more.

With busy schedules, it’s common to accidentally request the wrong transaction or change your mind shortly after. Thankfully, PalmPay offers a way to cancel transactions that are still being processed before they are completed.

About PalmPay

Launched in 2019, PalmPay is a fintech startup focused on financial inclusion and easy mobile banking in Nigeria. Users can send and receive money instantly with other PalmPay users as well as buy airtime, pay bills, and more all in one app. It aims to provide accessible digital financial services for the unbanked population.

Cancelling a Processing Transaction

If you need to cancel a PalmPay transaction that is still processing, follow these steps:

  1. Open your PalmPay app and go to your transaction history.
  2. Locate the transaction marked as “Processing” that you want to cancel.
  3. Tap on the transaction to open the details.
  4. Select the “Cancel Transaction” button.
  5. Confirm that you want to cancel the transaction when prompted.

The transaction should change from “Processing” to “Cancelled” almost instantly, returning the funds to your PalmPay wallet or original payment method once confirmed.

Why Cancel a PalmPay Transaction?

There are a few common reasons you may need to cancel a PalmPay transaction:

  • Accidentally sent funds to the wrong recipient
  • Miscalculated the transfer amount needed
  • No longer need to make a purchase or payment
  • A duplicate transaction was initiated
  • Changing your mind about a transaction
  • Suspicious transaction you don’t recall requesting

Catching the transaction before processing completes allows you to reverse it.

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Tips for Cancelling Transactions

Here are some tips to ensure transaction cancellation success on PalmPay:

  • Cancel as soon as possible while still “Processing”
  • Provide a reason/comment when cancelling
  • Check your PalmPay balance to confirm the reversal
  • Notify the recipient if funds are returned
  • Review details carefully before initiating future transfers
  • Double-check usernames, amounts, and details before submitting
  • Use transaction protection PIN before authorizing large transfers

Can you cancel a transaction that has been paid for using your PalmPay Overdraft?

No, you cannot cancel a transaction that has been paid for using your PalmPay Overdraft. This is because the funds have already been borrowed from PalmPay and you are obligated to repay them.

If you need to cancel a transaction that you have initiated using your PalmPay Overdraft, you will need to contact PalmPay customer support to see if they can help you.

Here are some tips to avoid making overdraft transactions that you need to cancel:

  • Be careful when using your PalmPay Overdraft. Make sure that you only use it for essential expenses and that you are able to repay the loan on time.
  • Review your transaction history regularly to make sure that you are not being charged for any transactions that you did not make.
  • If you see a transaction that you need to cancel, contact PalmPay customer support immediately.

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Some Functions of Palmpay

  • Send and receive money: PalmPay users can send and receive money from other PalmPay users, as well as from and to bank accounts.
  • Pay bills: PalmPay users can pay their bills for a variety of services, including electricity, water, cable TV, and internet.
  • Buy airtime and data: PalmPay users can buy airtime and data for their mobile phones.
  • Withdraw money from ATMs: PalmPay users can withdraw money from ATMs using their PalmPay debit card.
  • Transfer money to bank accounts: PalmPay users can transfer money from their PalmPay account to their bank account.
  • Request money from other PalmPay users: PalmPay users can request money from other PalmPay users.
  • Split bills with other PalmPay users: PalmPay users can split bills with other PalmPay users.
  • Set up a budget: PalmPay users can set up a budget to help them track their spending.
  • Track your spending: PalmPay users can track their spending to see where their money is going.
  • Get customer support: PalmPay users can get customer support 24/7 through the app or by phone.
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Cancelling a PalmPay transaction is straightforward if caught in time during the processing period. Check your transaction history, select cancellation, and confirm to return any funds deducted.

Prompt action and post-cancellation notification provide assurance. With caution reviewing details pre-transfer and these tips for cancellation, you can easily and quickly reverse any PalmPay transactions made in error.

Transaction Cancellation On PalmPay FAQs

FAQ 1: Can I cancel a processing transaction on PalmPay?

Answer: Yes, you can cancel a processing transaction on PalmPay, but only if it is still in the “Processing” state. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the PalmPay app and tap on the “Transactions” tab.
  2. Find the processing transaction that you want to cancel and tap on it.
  3. Tap on the “Cancel” button.
  4. Confirm that you want to cancel the transaction.

If the transaction is successfully cancelled, you will receive a confirmation message.

FAQ 2: What happens if I cancel a processing transaction?

Answer: If you cancel a processing transaction, the funds will be returned to your PalmPay account balance. However, it may take up to 48 hours for the funds to be available.

FAQ 3: Why can’t I cancel a transaction that has already been processed?

Answer: Once a transaction has been processed, it cannot be cancelled. This is because the funds have already been transferred to the recipient.


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