How to Delete Transaction History on Palmpay

PalmPay users may wish to delete their transaction history for privacy or organization. While PalmPay doesn’t directly let you erase transaction logs, there are a few workarounds. This post covers two methods to clear your PalmPay transaction history.

About PalmPay

PalmPay is a leading fintech app providing mobile money services in Nigeria. The platform offers payment processing, bill payment, funds transfer, savings, and more for over 5 million users. PalmPay is available on Android, iOS, and web.

Accessing Transaction History

To view your PalmPay transaction history:

  • iOS: Tap on your profile » ‘Transactions’
  • Android: Tap menu » ‘Transactions’
  • Web: Click on ‘Transactions’ in your PalmPay account dashboard.

Your complete transaction history with dates, amounts, and descriptions will be listed. However, PalmPay does not provide an option to mass delete your transaction logs. Let’s look at two workaround methods.

Method 1: Delete Individually

While PalmPay does not let you bulk delete transaction history, you can manually remove individual logs:

  1. Open Transaction History

Access your full transaction log in your PalmPay app or account.

  1. Tap and Hold on a Transaction

Press and hold your finger on any transaction you wish to delete. A menu will pop up.

  1. Choose ‘Delete’

Tap on the ‘Delete’ option in the menu. Confirm deletion on the prompt.

  1. Repeat for All Transactions

Follow steps 2-3 to individually delete each transaction log you want removed from your PalmPay history.

This manual method can be tedious for long histories. But it allows precision deletion of select entries.

Method 2: Contact Customer Support

For bulk deletion of your entire transaction history, contact PalmPay support:

  1. Email Support Team
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Draft an email to [email protected] requesting the deletion of your complete transaction log.

  1. Provide Account Details

Specify your registered name, phone number, email ID and PalmPay account number in the email.

  1. Request Complete Deletion

Ask the team to erase your PalmPay transaction history on the app and web completely. Explain your reasons for wanting the deletion.

  1. Send the Email

Proofread the email to ensure all details are correct. Send it to [email protected].

  1. Wait for Confirmation

The support team will verify your identity and delete your logs within 48 hours. You will get an email confirmation when done.

This ensures your entire transaction history is erased. But note it may take 1-2 days for completion.

Other ways on how to delete Transaction on Palmpay

Here are some additional common methods and tips for deleting transaction history on PalmPay:

  • Double-check the transactions before deleting them to avoid accidentally removing the ones you want to keep.
  • Consider downloading or taking screenshots of important transaction records you may need later before erasing.
  • When emailing PalmPay support, politely but clearly state that you need your entire transaction history deleted for privacy or personal reasons.
  • If contacting PalmPay by phone, request to speak to a customer service representative who can process transaction deletion requests.
  • For faster deletion, provide accurate details like your full name, registered phone number and email ID in your request to PalmPay.
  • Do not close your PalmPay account altogether if you just want to delete transaction history – closing the account is permanent.
  • On both the app and web, completed deletions may take up to 24 hours to reflect across PalmPay’s systems after confirmation.
  • Use strong, unique passwords and enable two-factor authentication to keep your PalmPay account secure after deleting data.
  • Periodically change your PalmPay passwords and review privacy settings under your account profile.
  • Avoid sharing screenshots or details of your PalmPay transaction history with others, especially on public platforms.
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When is Clearing Transactions Useful?

Here are some scenarios where deleting your PalmPay transaction history can be beneficial:

  • Removing sensitive entries like payments to doctors, counselors etc.
  • Organizing by erasing clutter from old or redundant logs.
  • Freeing up space if your transaction history is too large.
  • Protecting privacy if someone else accesses your PalmPay account.
  • Preparing your account before phone migration or replacement.

So while PalmPay itself does not allow mass deletion, the workarounds provide options to clear your transaction logs when required.

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Maintain Your Privacy

Being able to start with a clean transaction ledger can be useful for privacy, security and organization. Follow the steps outlined above to clear your PalmPay transaction history when required. As always, maintain security best practices when using fintech apps and services.


As we have seen, while PalmPay itself does not provide a native option to mass delete transaction logs, users can still clear their history when required. Manually deleting individual entries allows precision removal of select transactions.

For erasing your entire ledger, reach out to PalmPay customer support via email or phone. Be sure to provide your registered account details for verification.

Maintaining control over your financial data is important. There are many valid reasons to clear old, redundant or sensitive transactions from your PalmPay app and account. Just be cautious before deleting, and downloading any records you may need for taxes or personal purposes.

Follow the steps outlined in this post to keep your PalmPay activity ledger tidy and private. With a few simple workarounds, you can delete transaction history while continuing to use PalmPay’s convenient services.

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FAQs About Deleting Transactions

  1. Does this delete the transactions from PalmPay’s system?

Ans: No, your transaction data will still be present in PalmPay’s databases for records. Only the history visible in your account is deleted.

  1. Can I recover deleted transactions?

Ans: Once deleted and confirmed, the transaction logs cannot be recovered in your PalmPay account history.

  1. Will deleting transactions affect my balance?

Ans: Your PalmPay balance remains unaffected. Only your transaction history visibility is altered.

  1. Are my other PalmPay data also deleted?

Ans: No, only transaction logs are cleared. Your personal info, contacts, balance etc. remain intact.


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