How to Find Someone on Facebook Using Their Snapchat Username

Do you ever come across someone with a funny or unique Snapchat name and wonder what their real identity is? Have you met someone on Snapchat that you want to connect with on Facebook too? Finding people on Facebook using Snapchat usernames is possible, it just takes a few smart search techniques.

In this post, we’ll explain step-by-step how to find someone’s Facebook profile when all you have is their Snapchat name.

Search Facebook for Their Exact Snapchat Username

The first method is obvious but surprisingly effective – search for their Snapchat username directly on Facebook. Here’s how:

  1. Go to and click in the search bar at the top.
  2. Type in the person’s full Snapchat username and hit enter.
  3. Browse the results to see if their profile comes up.

People often use the same username across platforms, so there’s a chance their Facebook profile may include their Snapchat handle. This quick search takes just seconds and can instantly reveal the name and identity tied to that Snapchat account.

Search Mutual Facebook Friends

If you have friends in common on Snapchat, you can leverage this to help uncover the person’s Facebook identity.

  1. In Snapchat, go to your shared/mutual friends list with that person.
  2. Note down a few of those mutual friends’ names.
  3. Search those friends one by one on Facebook and browse their friends lists.
  4. See if the Snapchat friend appears in one of your mutual friends’ Facebook friends lists.

Chances are someone in your shared connections network is also Facebook friends with them, making their profile detectable this way.

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Use Snapchat’s Added Me to See Their Profile

Snapchat’s Added Me feature shows limited profile info of new friends added. Here’s how to use it:

  1. In Snapchat, go to your Added Me list under Friends.
  2. See if the person you’re searching for appears here.
  3. Tap their name and check if their Snapchat profile reveals any other social media links or identifying details.
  4. Take note of any useful names, photos, locations etc that could aid a Facebook search.

While you can’t message Snapchat friends until they add you back, Added Me provides some initial profile details you can use to narrow a Facebook search.

Search Facebook for Other Identifying Details

If you know any other personal details about the Snapchat user through conversations, you can leverage these for a targeted Facebook search:

  • Real name (or even just first name)
  • School/workplace
  • Location/hometown
  • Photos showing identifying features

Plug any combination of these unique identifiers into Facebook search to uncover their profile. The more precise the details, the better chance you have of matching them to the right profile.

Use a People Finding Website

There are various people finder websites like Spokeo, PeekYou and PeopleLooker that aggregate social media profiles.

  1. Enter the Snapchat username into one of these sites.
  2. See if it’s able to match it with a Facebook profile using data and pattern matching.

These sites use sophisticated algorithms to link social accounts and real identities. While not foolproof, they can provide a useful starting point.

Connect as Friends on Snapchat First

Before conducting an extensive Facebook search, consider simply sending a friend request in Snapchat first. Building a connection there may organically lead to you two becoming Facebook friends down the line.

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This approach takes more patience, but is less invasive than investigative online searches. Get to know them first on Snapchat, then suggest connecting on Facebook once you’ve built rapport.

Facebook Search Tips and Tricks

Here are some additional tips for successfully finding someone’s Facebook profile with limited identifying info:

  • Try variations on their username (Periods, underscores, etc)
  • Browse recent posts by mutual friends
  • Use Facebook filters like Workplace and High School to narrow options
  • Check photo filenames for names if you have any of theirs
  • Adjust age range if you know their rough age
  • Search pages they may have an account with too

With the right combination of search techniques, a bit of creativity, and some patience, you can likely discover that Snapchat friend on Facebook. Just stay respectful and don’t get overly invasive. Happy searching!


Finding someone on Facebook when all you have to go on is a Snapchat username can seem daunting. But with the right searching methods and tools, it is definitely possible. Following the steps outlined in this article will put you on the right track to uncovering their Facebook identity and sending a friend request.

The key is using a mix of search strategies, from directly looking up their handle, to leveraging mutual connections, to utilizing people finder sites. With some time and effort, you’ll likely get a hit on their profile. Just remember to keep things respectful and not be overly invasive.

Thanks for reading! Let us know if you have any other questions on linking Snapchat and Facebook accounts.

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Have you ever tried searching for a Snapchat friend on Facebook? What methods worked best for you? Share your experiences in the comments below!


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