How to Link Your Email to Your UBA Bank Account

Connecting your email to your UBA bank account enables convenient online account management. With your email linked, you can easily monitor your account, access e-statements, receive alerts, and utilize UBA’s digital banking features. This guide will walk you through the process of linking your email to your UBA account.

Benefits of Linking Your Email to Your UBA Account

Here are some of the key benefits of linking your personal email to your UBA bank account:

  • E-Statements – Have your UBA account statements securely sent to your email rather than waiting for paper statements.
  • Mobile Banking – Linking your email allows you to easily download the UBA mobile banking app and manage your account on the go.
  • Account Alerts – Configure email alerts to notify you of important account activity like low balance, suspicious transactions, and more.
  • Paperless Banking – By using e-statements instead of paper statements, you can reduce clutter and help the environment.
  • Enhanced Security – UBA can send one-time passcodes to your email as a second layer of account log-in security.
  • 24/7 Account Access – Check your balance, transfer funds, and monitor account activity any time by logging into online or mobile banking.

Connecting your personal email to your UBA account unlocks convenient digital banking capabilities.

Choosing an Email Address for Your UBA Account

When picking an email to link to your UBA account, consider these tips:

  • Use an email you control – Avoid using shared or public email accounts. Choose an email only you can access.
  • Select an active account – Pick an email you check frequently, not an old unused account.
  • Make it professional – If you have separate personal and work emails, use your professional address.
  • Ensure it’s permanent – Choose an email from a reputable provider that is unlikely to be discontinued.
  • Double check accuracy – Carefully verify your email is entered correctly to prevent issues receiving UBA alerts.
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Following these guidelines helps guarantee you can reliably receive important UBA account information via your linked email.

Linking Your Email at UBA Account Opening

The easiest time to connect your email to your new UBA account is during the initial account opening process:

  • When filling out the UBA account application online, be sure to accurately enter the email you want linked to your account.
  • If opening an account at a UBA branch, provide the representative with the email you would like associated with your account.
  • As part of the account opening process, UBA will send a verification email to the address you provided. Click the confirmation link in the email body to complete the linking process.
  • When you first log into UBA online or mobile banking after opening your account, you will need to enter your linked email address to verify your identity.

Following these steps ensures your preferred email is securely connected to your new UBA account from day one.

Adding an Email to an Existing UBA Account

If you already have a UBA account but have not yet linked an email to it, adding your email later is quick and easy:

  • Login to UBA online or mobile banking and go to your account profile or user settings.
  • Look for an option to “update contact information” or “add email address”.
  • Enter your preferred email and select save.
  • UBA will send a verification email to that address. Click the confirmation link in that email to complete the process.
  • You may need to login to online or mobile banking again for the updated email to take effect.
  • Start receiving e-statements and alerts at your newly linked email address.

If you need assistance adding an email to your UBA profile, contact UBA customer service for help updating your account information.

Accessing UBA Online Banking

With your email now linked to your UBA account, you can use it to conveniently access UBA online and mobile banking:

  • Visit and click the “Online Banking Login” button. Enter your account number or username and password.
  • Download the UBA Mobile App for iOS or Android. Open the app and log in using your account credentials.
  • If you forget your password, use the password reset option to have a reset link sent to your connected email.
  • When logging in from a new device, UBA may require entering a one-time passcode sent to your email for extra security.
  • After logging in, update your account alert preferences to receive balances, statements and security notices via email.
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Keeping your email current ensures you maintain access to UBA digital banking services.

Setting Up UBA Account Alerts

Linking your email allows you to configure convenient UBA account alerts:

  • Balance Alert – Receive an email when your balance goes below a threshold you specify. Avoid overdrafts.
  • Large Withdrawal Alert – Get notified if a withdrawal over a certain amount occurs, like ₦50,000, to spot suspicious activity.
  • Statement Alert – Have UBA email you when your account statement is ready to view online.
  • Deposit Alert – Set up an alert to be notified any time funds are deposited into your account.
  • Failed Transaction Alert – UBA can email you if a scheduled transfer fails or a payment is rejected.

Log into UBA online banking and set up the alerts you want sent right to your linked email inbox. Alerts help you monitor account activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I link multiple emails to my UBA account?

For security reasons, UBA generally allows linking only one email address per account. Choose the email you use most regularly.

What if my linked email is compromised?

Notify UBA immediately to block the compromised email. Provide an alternate email to relink while you work to recover access to your email account.

How do I change the email linked to my UBA account?

Login to UBA online banking, update your contact info by replacing the existing linked email with your new preferred email. Verify via confirmation email.

Can I still receive paper statements?

Yes, even with an email linked for e-statements you can request UBA to continue sending paper statements by post if preferred.

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What if I entered the wrong email initially?

Contact UBA customer service to request they update the email address linked to your account after verifying your identity.


Linking your personal email address to your UBA bank account provides convenient access to account management online and via mobile. You can securely receive UBA e-statements, set up email alerts, and fully utilize UBA’s digital banking capabilities.

When opening a UBA account, be sure to accurately provide the email you want linked during the application process and verify it when prompted. Later you can login to UBA online or mobile banking to add or update your linked email if needed.

Activating UBA email alerts through your connected email is highly recommended. Stay on top of your account activity by configuring alerts for balances, statements, security notices and more based on your preferences. With your inbox now connected to your UBA account, you can easily manage your finances digitally!

Ready to manage your money online? Open your UBA account today and seamlessly link your email to access digital banking features for convenience and control. Sign up now to open your UBA account and connect your preferred email in just minutes!


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