How to Log Out of an InVideo Account

InVideo is a popular AI-powered online video maker that allows users to create professional videos easily. Once you create an account with InVideo, you may sometimes need to log out for security, switching accounts, or other reasons. However, the log out option is not immediately obvious in InVideo.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you exactly how to properly log out of your InVideo account across any device.

Overview of Logging Out of InVideo

InVideo does not have a direct “Log Out” option accessible from the home page or account settings. Instead, you need to access the log out option through your Google or Facebook account that is connected to InVideo.

The process involves opening your connected social account and disconnecting InVideo from the authorized apps list. We’ll provide step-by-step instructions next for both desktop and mobile devices.

Logging Out on Desktop

Follow these steps to log out of InVideo on a desktop web browser:

  1. Go to the InVideo website and click on your profile icon in the top right.
  2. In the dropdown menu, click the account you used to sign up, either Google or Facebook. This opens your connected social account.
  3. For Google, click the hamburger menu icon and select “Manage your Google Account.” For Facebook, click the down arrow icon in the top right and select “Settings & Privacy.”
  4. Go to the “Apps and Websites” (Google) or “Apps and Websites” (Facebook) section of settings.
  5. Locate InVideo and click “Remove.” This revokes access permissions.
  6. Return to InVideo, and you should now be logged out of your account. Click “Get Started” to reauthenticate under a different account if desired.
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And that’s it! By disconnecting InVideo from your social provider, you effectively log out across any linked devices.

Logging Out on Mobile

The process of logging out of InVideo on mobile is nearly identical:

  1. Open the InVideo app and tap your profile picture.
  2. Choose the social account connected to your InVideo account.
  3. For Google, tap “Manage your Google Account.” For Facebook, tap the 3-line Menu > Settings & Privacy.
  4. Go to “Apps and Websites” (Google) or “Apps and websites” (Facebook).
  5. Find InVideo and select “Remove app” or “Remove.”
  6. Returning to InVideo should now show you as logged out.

As you can see, the mobile app steps mirror the desktop process closely. Revoking the InVideo authorization for your Google or Facebook account logs you out on mobile as well.

Using Multiple Accounts with InVideo

A handy benefit of connecting InVideo to social accounts is the ability to switch between multiple accounts easily.

When you first launch InVideo after logging out, you’ll be prompted to log in again. This time, choose Google or Facebook and use a different account to sign in.

You can repeat this process to access any accounts on InVideo under your social login. Keep in mind you will need a separate social media account connected for each InVideo account.

Switching accounts is seamless, making it easy to manage multiple InVideo logins for both personal and business use.

Reasons to Log Out of Your InVideo Account

Here are some of the top reasons you may want to log out of InVideo:

  • Using a shared computer: Logging out protects your account if using a shared or public computer.
  • Switching accounts: Logging out lets you easily access another InVideo account profile.
  • Security: Logging out adds protection if your device is lost, stolen or compromised.
  • Fixing account issues: Sometimes logging out and back in can resolve account glitches or problems.
  • Privacy: Logging out gives you a clean break from your account for increased privacy.
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In most cases, periodically logging out of your InVideo account is a smart precaution and gives you more control over account security and accessibility.

Closing Thoughts

Although not obvious at first glance, logging out of your InVideo account is relatively straightforward once you know the steps. By unlinking InVideo from your connected social media authorization, you can securely log out across mobile, desktop, and any linked devices.

Logging out allows you to switch accounts easily, protect security, fix account issues, and manage privacy. We recommend logging out periodically as a best practice if you share devices or maintain multiple accounts.

We hope these step-by-step instructions make it easy to log out of your InVideo account whenever needed. Just look for the profile menu, choose your connected social provider, and revoke account permissions to log out properly.

FAQs About Logging Out of InVideo

Does InVideo have a standard log out button?

No, there is no dedicated log out button on InVideo. You need to go through your social login provider to disconnect InVideo and log out.

What if I forget which social account is connected?

When you click your profile picture, the menu shows which social account (Google or Facebook) is linked to your InVideo login.

Can I log out on just one device?

No, logging out through your social provider disconnects InVideo across all your logged in devices.

Does logging out delete my InVideo account?

No, your account and data remain intact after logging out. Simply reconnect your social media account later to access your InVideo account again.

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How do I delete my InVideo account permanently?

You’ll need to contact InVideo support to request permanent account deletion. Logging out does not delete your actual account


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