How to Log Out of BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is a popular streaming service for watching BBC television programs and content. If you access iPlayer on shared devices or public computers, logging out securely is important. 

In this guide, we will show you how to log out of your BBC iPlayer account on all of your devices and stop using it. 

We will go over the steps for smart TVs, mobile apps, and web browsers. By the end, you will know how to log out of iPlayer correctly no matter how you watch.

Understanding BBC iPlayer Login 

To stream shows on BBC iPlayer, you need to log in with a BBC account. There are a few ways to sign in:

  • Existing BBC account – If you already have one for BBC services, use the same email and password.
  • BBC iPlayer account – Create a free account just for accessing iPlayer content.  
  • TV licence account – Your TV licence holder number can be used instead if you don’t want an online account.

Once you sign in, BBC iPlayer will remember your account information so that you can stay signed in on all of your devices. You won’t have to repeatedly enter your credentials. 

But that means you have to log out by hand when you are done, which is especially important on public or shared devices. 

Let’s go over how.

Logging Out of the BBC iPlayer Website

If you are using a desktop web browser to access iPlayer at, you can log out by following these steps:

  1. Click on your profile icon in the top right.
  2. Click “Sign out” on the dropdown menu.
  3. Close all browser windows/tabs to complete the logout process.
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This will disconnect your BBC account from the browser on that device. You’ll need to sign in again next time you access the iPlayer website.

Logging Out of the Mobile Apps

To log out of the BBC iPlayer mobile apps on your iPhone, iPad or Android device:

  1. Open the side navigation menu.
  2. Tap on “Settings”.  
  3. Tap “Sign out” and confirm when prompted.

This will log you out and remove your BBC account access on that mobile device. Make sure to also sign out of iPlayer on any other mobile devices you use.

Logging Out of BBC iPlayer on Smart TVs

If you watch iPlayer on a smart TV, the logout process depends on the device:

– Samsung TV – Go to Settings > Manage Account > Remove account

– LG TV – Go to Settings > Accounts & Sign In > BBC iPlayer > Sign out 

– Sony TV – Go to Settings > Device Preferences > Sign in services > Remove service

Refer to your TV instructions if unsure. But look for “Sign out” or “Remove account” in the settings related to BBC iPlayer.

Logging Out of iPlayer on Games Consoles

To log out of BBC iPlayer on a games console like PlayStation or Xbox:

  1. Go to the Settings or Account Management screen.
  2. Locate BBC iPlayer under apps or subscriptions.
  3. Select to remove your account or disconnect.

This will prevent you from accessing the game through that gaming device going forward. Repeat for any additional consoles on which you stream iPlayer content. 

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Benefits of Logging Out of BBC iPlayer

Here are some benefits of properly logging out of your BBC iPlayer account when you’re done streaming:

– Prevents others from accessing your account if you watch iPlayer on a shared device.

Removes your personal viewing history and recommendations from the service.

– Stops unwanted charges if someone makes paid purchases through your account.

– Increases privacy as your account won’t remain persistently signed in.


Maintaining your privacy and security starts with logging out of BBC iPlayer correctly after each viewing session. 

This prevents unauthorized account access, removes your personal data from shared devices, and only takes a moment to complete. 

Stay in control of your account by signing out properly every time.


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