How to Log Out of Call of Duty Account

Players of Call of Duty can access progression, customization, and other features across games by logging into an account. 

However, properly logging out is essential for account security if you play Call of Duty on shared or public devices.

We will explain how to completely log out of your Call of Duty account on various platforms in this comprehensive guide. =

We will discuss logging out of for PC, mobile devices, and consoles. 

By the end, you will be familiar with the procedures for safely disconnecting your Call of Duty account from any device.

Understanding Call of Duty Login

Your Call of Duty account uses your email address and password to link your profile, progression, and purchases throughout the franchise. 

This includes:

– Unlocked weapons, attachments, camos, and other customization

– Your multiplayer level, battle pass tier, and other progression

– Purchased games, season passes, COD Points, and microtransactions

– Friends list and other social features

Logging out ensures no one else can access your valuable Call of Duty account contents and data. Now let’s dive into how to log out.

How to Log Out of Call of Duty Account on Console

To log out of your Call of Duty account on Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch:

Press the Menu or Options button while in-game to open the settings screen.

  1. Navigate to the Account tab in the settings.
  2. Select Log Out or Disconnect Account to sign out of your Call of Duty profile.
  3. Confirm log out when prompted.

This will disconnect your account on that console. Just re-enter your login email and password next time to reconnect.

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How to Log Out of Call of Duty Mobile Account

If you play Call of Duty: Mobile, use these steps to log out:

  1. Open Settings in the app navigation menu.
  2. Tap the linked account shown under Basic.
  3. Tap the Logout button on the bottom.
  4. Confirm again on the popup message.

You will now be logged out of the mobile app. Your account will have to be reauthenticated next launch.

How to Log Out of Call of Duty on

For Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War, Vanguard, or Warzone on PC via 

  1. Click your BattleTag profile icon at the top left.
  2. Click Account Settings.
  3. Click Log Out on the bottom left.

This will sign you out of the launcher and disconnect your Activision account.

Benefits of Logging Out

Some key benefits of properly logging out of your Call of Duty account include:

– Preventing access by others if you share a device

– Protecting personal data associated with your account

– Avoiding purchases or misconduct from other users

– Making it harder for account theft if device is lost/stolen


Risks of Remaining Logged In

Remaining persistently logged into Call of Duty poses risks:

– Profile and progression loss if someone else tampers with it

– Abuse of your account such as cheating which can get you banned

– Fraudulent charges to payment methods if saved on the account

– Compromise of any associated social media accounts  


Logging out of your Call of Duty account when using a shared device is simple and essential for protecting your profile, statistics, and privacy. 

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Simply follow the few steps outlined below to completely disconnect your account when you are finished playing or allowing others to use your device.



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