How To Log Out of Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video allows you to stay logged in for convenience across devices and streaming sessions.

However, properly logging out is important for privacy and security, especially when using public or shared devices to access Prime Video.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain how to fully disconnect from your Amazon Prime Video account across the website, smart TV apps, streaming sticks, mobile devices, and more.

By the end, you’ll understand the proper logout process to secure your Prime Video profile on any device.

Understanding Persistent Amazon Login

When you first sign up for Prime Video, you log in with your Amazon account credentials. This could be your email and password or linked Amazon login if you already have an account.

This logs you into the Prime Video service across any device. It allows you to access your:

  • Viewing history and recommendations
  • Saved shows and watchlists
  • Premium channel subscriptions
  • Payment methods on file

You remain logged into Prime Video indefinitely for convenience across devices. But this means signing out completely when needed for privacy.

Logging Out on the Prime Video Website

To log out of the Prime Video website:

  1. Hover over your account icon in the top right
  2. Click “Sign Out” on the dropdown menu
  3. Close all Prime Video browser tabs

This disconnects your account from that web browser. Simply re-log in with your Amazon credentials next time.

Logging Out of the Prime Video App

To log out of the Prime Video app on your phone, tablet, streaming device, or smart TV:

  1. Go to the Settings menu
  2. Select Sign Out
  3. Confirm logging out of your Amazon account
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You’ll then be logged out of the Prime Video app on that particular device.

Disconnecting All Devices from Your Account

You can also sign out of Prime Video on all connected devices in one step:

  1. Go to and login
  2. Visit “Your Account” > “Login & Security”
  3. Under Prime Video, click “Manage devices”
  4. Click “Deregister all devices” to sign out everywhere

Benefits of Logging Out of Prime Video

Properly logging out gives you:

  • Control over which devices can access your account
  • Privacy from browsing history tracking
  • Prevention of unauthorized subscriptions or purchases
  • Security if your account credentials were compromised

Risks of Remaining Logged In

Risks of staying logged into Prime Video include:

  • Access to your account if devices are lost, stolen, or shared
  • Changes made to your account settings or preferences
  • Strangers viewing your viewing history and recommendations
  • Potentially inappropriate content being watched through your account

So be sure to fully log out of Prime Video when finished or letting others borrow your devices.


Properly logging out of your Prime Video account only takes a moment but is vital for privacy and security.

Fully disconnect on the website, apps, and individual devices. Also deregister all devices in one step when necessary. Taking these steps keeps your streaming profile and data safe, whether using public or your own shared devices.


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