How to Log Out of QuickBooks Online

Logging out of QuickBooks Online ensures your data remains secure when you are away from your computer. It’s an important step any time you finish your QuickBooks session. Here is a complete guide on how to properly log out of QuickBooks Online.

Why Log Out of QuickBooks Online?

There are a few key reasons you should properly log out of QuickBooks Online every time you finish your session:

Making it a habit to log out of QuickBooks Online ensures your company data stays protected and compliant.

When Should You Log Out of QuickBooks?

Anytime you walk away from your computer or want to switch QuickBooks users, logging out is a must. Common scenarios where you need to log out include:

  • When you finish your QuickBooks session for the day
  • When leaving your desk or office for an extended period
  • Before letting another user log into QuickBooks on the same device
  • If accessing QuickBooks from a public computer or shared device
  • When you close the QuickBooks tab but stay logged into other apps
  • Before handing your computer over to IT support or repairs
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Building the habit of logging out of QuickBooks Online as part of your end-of-session routine is recommended. Even short breaks can present a security risk if you remain logged in. Get in the habit of quick and easy QuickBooks logouts.

How to Log Out of QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online makes it simple to log out. Here are the three main ways to log out of your QuickBooks account:

Log Out Using the Gear Icon

The fastest way to log out is using the gear icon menu:

  1. Click the gear icon in the top-right of QuickBooks Online.
  2. Select Log Out from the menu.
  3. A popup will confirm you want to log out. Click Log Out to complete the process.
  4. This will immediately log you out of QuickBooks Online.

Using the gear icon allows fast 1-click logouts in just a few seconds. It’s the easiest way to log out on demand.

Log Out from the My Account Tab

You can also log out from the My Account tab:

  1. Click the user icon in the top-right corner.
  2. Select My Account from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click the Security tab.
  4. Click the Log Out button.
  5. Confirm the logout on the popup window.

The My Account route takes a few more clicks but allows you to review account security options before logging out.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Log Out

For quick keyboard-only logouts, press these keys:

  • Windows: Ctrl + Shift + Q
  • Mac: Command + Shift + Q

This will open the logout confirmation popup. Press the shortcut again to confirm and logout.

Keyboard shortcuts are great for fast logouts if you don’t have a mouse on hand.

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Troubleshooting Logout Issues

In most cases, logging out of QuickBooks Online is quick and painless. But occasionally issues can arise:

  • Can’t find the Logout button: If the gear icon or My Account options are missing, try refreshing the page or switching browsers. Clear your cache if needed.
  • Error message on logout: Error messages during logout could indicate an unstable internet connection. Try logging out again in a few minutes.
  • QuickBooks remains open after logout: Rarely, QuickBooks may not fully close after logging out. Close the remaining browser tabs forcefully if needed.
  • Logout shortcut not working: Ensure you have the latest version of QuickBooks Online and check for any conflicts with other programs using the same shortcut.
  • Logout taking too long: Slow logouts usually stem from a poor internet connection. Switch networks or try again later if logout hangs.
  • Can’t logout due to changes: If QuickBooks won’t let you logout due to unsaved changes, quickly save or discard changes then attempt logout again.
  • Multi-factor authentication issues: Problems during multi-factor authentication can prevent logout. Try your MFA steps again or contact support.

Stuck on logout? Reach out to QuickBooks support by clicking the ? icon in the top menu bar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does QuickBooks automatically log you out?

No, QuickBooks Online does not automatically log you out on its own. You have to manually log out by clicking Log Out or using keyboard shortcuts.

Can you have multiple sessions of QuickBooks open?

No, only one user can be logged into a QuickBooks Online account at the same time. Logging out lets another user log in.

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What happens if you don’t log out of QuickBooks?

Leaving QuickBooks Online open when you are away from your computer is a major security risk if unauthorized users access the open session. Always log out.

Do all versions of QuickBooks Online allow logout?

Yes, every version of QuickBooks Online from Simple Start to Advanced has logout capability. Some versions may have slightly different menus.

Does QuickBooks save when you log out?

QuickBooks automatically saves any changes when you logout, so no data is lost. Exception is if you have unsaved changes, it will prompt you to save before logout.

Final Thoughts

Logging out of QuickBooks Online takes just seconds but provides critical security and compliance protections for your financial data. Get in the routine of logging out at the end of every QuickBooks session or when walking away from your device.

QuickBooks Online offers flexible logout options via the gear icon, My Account menu, or handy keyboard shortcuts. Troubleshoot any issues by refreshing your browser, checking internet connectivity, or contacting support.

While it may seem tedious, logging out should become a standard part of your QuickBooks workflow. The security benefits are tremendous. Log out and keep your company’s sensitive financial data protected.


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