How to Log Out of the CIMB Clicks App

CIMB Clicks allows managing your CIMB Bank accounts conveniently on your mobile device. However, logging out properly secures your account when accessing CIMB Clicks on shared or public devices.

This guide covers how to log out of the CIMB Clicks app correctly on both iPhone and Android. We’ll also look at changing passwords safely, using fingerprint login, and enabling added account security protections.

Overview of the CIMB Clicks Mobile App

The CIMB Clicks app allows:

  • Checking balances and transaction history.
  • Transferring funds between accounts.
  • Paying bills and managing payments.
  • Depositing checks via mobile photo capture.
  • Managing investments and insurance.
  • Contacting customer support.
  • Generating banking statements.

Properly logging out helps keep your financial information secure.

Reasons to Log Out of CIMB Clicks App

It’s recommended to log out when:

  • Finished using the app on a shared or public device.
  • Lending your phone temporarily to someone.
  • Keeping app activity private from other users of your device.
  • Going extended periods without using.
  • Securing information if device lost or stolen.
  • Switching between different user accounts.

Logging out prevents unauthorized access.

Logging Out on iPhone

To log out of CIMB Clicks on iPhone:

  1. Tap the profile icon in the bottom right corner.
  2. Select “Log Out”.
  3. Confirm logging out when prompted.

This will log you out of the app while keeping it installed.

Logging Out on Android

If using an Android device, log out with:

  1. Tap the 3 lines menu icon.
  2. Choose “Log Out” from the menu.
  3. Click “YES” when it asks you to confirm log out.

You will be logged out and returned to the app login screen.

Using Fingerprint/Face ID Instead of Passwords

For convenience instead of typing passwords, you can:

  • Enable Touch ID or Face ID login on iPhone.
  • Use fingerprint login on supported Android devices.
  • Still log out fully when away from your phone.
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Biometrics provide faster access when you are actively using the app.

Changing App Passcode Before Logging Out

On a shared device, you should:

  1. Change your CIMB Clicks app passcode.
  2. Log out of the CIMB Clicks app on the device.
  3. Do not save the new passcode when prompted on next login.

This prevents further access with an old passcode.

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

For enhanced login security:

  1. In Profile, go to Security > Two-factor Authentication.
  2. Select to enable two-factor authentication.
  3. Use an authenticator app or SMS for verification codes.

This adds an extra layer of account protection beyond your password.

Managing Multiple Accounts in CIMB Clicks

The CIMB Clicks app supports:

  • Adding multiple CIMB accounts to the app.
  • Quickly switching between your accounts.
  • Logging out fully before accessing another account.

This keeps separate logins and information properly segmented.

Troubleshooting Login and Logout Issues

If having trouble logging into or logging out of CIMB Clicks:

  • Force quit and relaunch the app.
  • Restart your device then try again.
  • Ensure you have internet connectivity.
  • Update to the latest version of the app.
  • Contact CIMB support if issues persist.

Avoiding Saving Login Details on Shared Devices

On someone else’s phone or public computer:

  • Don’t allow the app to save your username.
  • Avoid allowing Touch ID or Face ID logins.
  • Manually enter your credentials each time for security.

Securely Accessing on Public Computers

When using CIMB Clicks on a public computer:

This prevents subsequent users from accessing your account.

Preventing Unauthorized Access After Logout

To prevent unwanted account access after logging out:

  • Don’t share app passcodes or passwords.
  • Enable two-factor authentication if supported.
  • Monitor account activity for unauthorized transactions.
  • Report suspicious device logins to CIMB.
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Logging Back Into CIMB Clicks After Logging Out

To regain access after logging out:

  • Simply relaunch the app and reenter your credentials when prompted.
  • Use Touch/Face ID if you have it enabled.
  • Tap “Remember Me” to skip entering credentials each time.

Checking Recent Device Login History

Review Profile > Login History to:

  • Check dates, times, locations of recent logins.
  • Ensure all account accesses are by you.
  • Take action if unfamiliar device usage appears.

Contacting CIMB Support About Login Issues

If experiencing account login problems, contact CIMB:

  • Via phone banking at +60 3 6204 7788
  • Through live chat available in the CIMB Clicks app.
  • By visiting any CIMB Bank branch location in person.

CIMB can help investigate issues and improve login experience.

Closing Multiple Browser Tabs When Exiting Website

On web browsers, remember to:

  • Close all open tabs logged into
  • Don’t just close the window or it may keep session alive.
  • This logs you out fully from the web access portal.

Best Practices for Account Security with CIMB Clicks

To keep your CIMB Clicks access secure:

  • Avoid using public WiFi for sensitive transactions in the app.
  • Don’t save usernames or passwords in apps on shared devices.
  • Use strong unique passwords and change periodically.
  • Review all account options under Profile > Security.

The Benefits of Periodically Logging Out

Reasons it’s good practice to periodically log out include:

  • Securing information if you misplace devices.
  • Preventing unauthorized transactions on stolen devices.
  • Suspending notifications during focus intensive work.
  • Avoiding accidental content visibility if lending devices temporarily.
  • Disconnecting from unattended public computers.
  • Encouraging mindful digital habits by adding friction.

Logging out appropriately safeguards your financial information and account security.

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In summary, logging out of the CIMB Clicks app takes just a few taps but provides important security when accessing your accounts from shared mobile devices or public computers. Enabling two-factor login, biometrics, and remote transaction notifications further boosts account safety after properly logging out each session. Keep these tips in mind to securely manage your CIMB Bank profile and protect your financial assets when on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions About Logging Out of CIMB Clicks App

Does CIMB Clicks app automatically log out after being idle?

No, the CIMB Clicks app does not automatically log you out after inactivity. You have to manually log out using the on-screen menu options.

If I uninstall the app does it log me out?

No, uninstalling the CIMB Clicks app alone does not log you out. Make sure to open the app and sign out fully before uninstalling.

How do I logout if I used fingerprint login?

If you login with fingerprint, go to the profile menu and select Log Out. Disable fingerprint login when accessing on shared devices.

Can someone else access my account if still logged in?

If you remain logged into a shared device, others may be able to access your CIMB Clicks account on that device to view information and make transactions.

What should I do if I forgot to log out on a public computer?

If you forgot to properly log out, change your CIMB Clicks password to invalidate that login session and prevent further access by subsequent users.


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