How to Log Out of the Qantas App

The Qantas app makes managing your bookings and Frequent Flyer account easy while on the go. But whenever you finish using the app, it’s important to properly log out to keep your information secure.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll outline the simple steps to log out of the Qantas app on both iPhone and Android devices. We’ll also discuss why logging out is crucial for privacy, review account security tips, and answer common questions.

Whether you use the Qantas app to book flights, check-in to your travels, or manage your Frequent Flyer points, learning how to properly log out only takes a minute. Let’s dive in!

Introduction to the Qantas App

For those unfamiliar, the Qantas app allows customers to book flights, check flight status, access mobile boarding passes, and manage Frequent Flyer accounts. Available on both the App Store and Google Play, it’s the official app from the Australian airline.

With over 13 million members, Qantas Frequent Flyer is the airline’s popular loyalty program. The app enables members to earn and use points, get flight discounts, and access other membership benefits all in one place.

Key features of the Qantas app include:

  • Booking domestic and international flights
  • Checking in to flights and accessing mobile passes
  • Selecting seats and upgrading bookings
  • Managing upcoming trips and flight alerts
  • Viewing and using Frequent Flyer points
  • Receiving special offers and account updates

The app provides important travel and account features for Qantas customers and Frequent Flyers. But safely accessing these functions requires knowing how to properly log out.

Why Logging Out is Important

Like most apps that store sensitive information, from banking to email, fully logging out of the Qantas app when you are finished using it is strongly recommended for two key reasons:

1. Privacy and Security

Remaining logged into your Qantas account on the app leaves your information vulnerable. If someone gets ahold of your phone while the app is open, they could:

  • Access upcoming flight bookings and personal details
  • View and possibly use your Frequent Flyer points
  • Change seat selections or other flight preferences
  • Check-in under your name for an upcoming trip

Logging out fully safeguards your personal information and trip details from potential digital theft or abuse. It adds a layer of security should your phone become lost or stolen.

2. Prevent Unauthorized Access

Whether it’s a shared device or borrowed phone, failing to log out of the Qantas app permits the next user potential access to your account. They could inadvertently view your details, change information, or misuse Frequent Flyer points.

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Properly logging out each time prevents any unwanted access to your Qantas app account by others. It keeps your information safe across all devices you use the app on.

So make certain to fully log out of the Qantas app after each session – it only takes a moment. Your privacy, account security, and points balance will thank you!

Now let’s look at how to log out on both iPhone and Android…

How to Log Out on iPhone

Logging out of the Qantas app on an iPhone only takes a few taps:

  1. Launch the Qantas app on your iPhone. Log in if not already.
  2. Tap your profile icon in the top left corner.
  3. Select ‘Log Out’ at the bottom of the menu.
  4. Confirm logging out on the pop-up message.

You will then be logged out and returned to the Qantas app home screen. Be sure to fully close the app after logging out.

Here are some tips for extra security when logging out on iPhone:

  • Double check that your profile icon switches to the default avatar, indicating you are fully logged out.
  • Clearing cached app data may further protect your information after logging out.
  • Using Touch ID, Face ID, or your phone’s passcode prevents re-access if not logged out.

Take a few seconds after each Qantas app session to properly log out on your iPhone. Keep your account and bookings protected at all times.

How to Log Out on Android

The process is very similar for logging out of the Qantas app on an Android device:

  1. Open the Qantas app on your Android phone and sign in.
  2. Tap your profile picture in the top left.
  3. Select ‘Log Out’ at the bottom of the menu.
  4. Tap ‘Log Out’ again on the confirmation message.
  5. You will be logged out of the app and returned to the home screen.

Double check that your profile icon changes to confirm you are fully logged out. Also be sure to close the app fully once you’ve logged out.

Some extra tips for Android users:

  • Clearing the app cache and data after logging out provides added security.
  • Using a secure screen lock prevents reopening the app while still logged in.
  • Turn off “Auto Sign-In” in the Qantas app settings for extra protection.
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Making it a habit to properly log out of the Qantas app on your Android phone keeps your account information private across all devices.

Logging Out of Your Frequent Flyer Account

If you use the Qantas app to manage your Frequent Flyer account, there is one additional step needed to fully log out:

  1. After tapping ‘Log Out’, you will return to the home screen.
  2. Tap your profile icon again and select ‘Log Out’ once more from the menu.

This ensures you log out of both your Qantas app account and connected Frequent Flyer account for full security.

You can also log into on a desktop computer and select “Log Out” at the top right of the screen to sign out of your Frequent Flyer account there.

Logging out fully prevents others from accessing or changing your important Frequent Flyer details, points balance, or flight benefits. Don’t skip this key extra step!

Setting Up Account Security Features

In addition to consistently logging out, enabling added security features helps safeguard your Qantas app account:

  • Strong password: Use a complex, unique password that would be difficult for others to guess. Update it periodically.
  • Two-factor authentication: Add an extra layer of verification by enabling two-step login.
  • Contact info: Ensure your current email and phone number are on your Qantas profile for account notifications.
  • Alerts: Turn on flight and account alerts to monitor any unrecognized activity.
  • Device security: Use a secure screen lock and don’t save Qantas login details on shared devices.

Combining proper logging out habits with robust account security provides the best protection for your private information and Frequent Flyer points when using the Qantas app.

General Qantas App Security Tips

Here are some final best practices for using the Qantas app safely:

  • Update your Qantas app regularly to ensure you have the latest security fixes.
  • Avoid accessing your account from public WiFi networks that could be unsafe.
  • Monitor your upcoming trips and points balance often for any unauthorized changes.
  • Never share your Qantas login details with anyone, including family/friends.
  • Contact Qantas immediately if you notice suspicious app activity on your account.
  • Delete the Qantas app from devices you no longer use to ensure no lingering access.

Making Qantas app security, including proper logging out, a travel habit will give you essential peace of mind as you use and enjoy the app’s key features and convenience.


The Qantas app delivers an easy, efficient experience for managing bookings, flights, and Frequent Flyer accounts on the go. But this convenience should not come at the cost of account security.

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That’s why properly logging out of the Qantas app after each use is a must on any iPhone, Android, tablet or mobile device.

With just a few quick taps, you can log out fully, prevent unwanted access by others, and safeguard your personal details and travel plans from potential digital risks or harassment.

By combining diligent app logging out habits with proactive account security steps, Qantas customers can benefit from the app’s flight and frequent flyer features, while keeping their information protected at all times.

So be sure to make logging out a standard part of your travel routine whenever you finish using this top airline app. Your Qantas account privacy and security is worth those few extra seconds of effort.

FAQs About Logging Out of the Qantas App

Q: Does closing the app automatically log me out?

A: No, you need to fully select ‘Log Out’ each time for complete security. Simply closing the app does not log you out.

Q: If I’m logged in on my phone, can someone access my account on their device?

A: No, you can remain logged into the Qantas app on your own phone while logging out on other devices. Logging out is device-specific.

Q: How often should I change my Qantas account password?

A: It’s good practice to update your password every 60-90 days, or anytime you feel it may have been compromised. Use a unique, complex password.

Q: Is my Qantas app data still stored on my phone after I log out?

A: Some app data may remain in your cache after logging out. Clearing cache/app data provides additional security.

Q: Does Force Log Out remove my Qantas account details permanently?

A: No, Force Log Out simply logs out all active sessions. Your account information remains intact to log back in later.

In summary, actively logging out of the Qantas app protects your personal information, flight details, and Frequent Flyer points from unauthorized access. Make it a consistent habit for stress-free Qantas app use.


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