How to Log Out of the Zenith Mobile App

Zenith Bank has a mobile banking app that lets people manage their accounts while they are out and about. 

If you use the Zenith app on a device that other people can use or if you want to close your account, you need to log out. 

In this guide, we will show you step-by-step how to log out of the iPhone and Android versions of the Zenith mobile app. 

At the end, you will know how to safely disconnect your Zenith Bank account from the mobile app when you need to.

Understanding Login Credentials 

To use the Zenith mobile banking app, you need to log in with your Zenith online banking credentials. This typically includes:

– Your Zenith Bank account number 

– Your online banking password or PIN

These details authenticate you and provide access to your accounts and financial information within the app. 

You may also set up biometric login with your fingerprint or face recognition as an alternative to typing your password each time. 

But your account remains connected to the app unless you manually log out.

Now let’s look at the steps to log out properly.

Logging Out on an Android Device

If you use the Zenith Banking app on an Android phone or tablet, follow these instructions to log out:

  1. Launch the Zenith app and tap on the profile icon in the top right corner.
  2. Tap on the “Logout” button at the bottom of the profile screen.
  3. Enter your Zenith Banking password when prompted to confirm it’s you.
  4. Tap “Yes” to confirm and complete the logout process.
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After you have terminated your session in the Zenith Bank app on that Android device, your Zenith Bank account will no longer be accessible through the app. 

You’ll have to log back in with your full credentials next time.

Logging Out on an iPhone

To log out of the Zenith Banking app on an iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open the Zenith app and tap on the profile icon on the bottom right.
  2. Tap on “Settings” towards the top.
  3. Tap on “Log Out” and confirm when prompted. 
  4. Enter your Zenith Banking password or use Touch ID/Face ID. 
  5. Tap “Log Out” again to fully disconnect your account.

This will revoke access to your Zenith accounts through the app on that particular iOS device. 

You will have to log in again the next time you need to use the mobile banking app.

Logging Back Into the Zenith Mobile App

When you open the Zenith mobile app after logging out, you’ll have to enter your credentials again:

– Input your Zenith Bank account number

– Type your online banking password or PIN

– Use your fingerprint or face recognition if you have biometric login enabled

This will reauthenticate your account, allowing you to once again gain access through the mobile app. Just remember to log out again later for security.

Additional Ways to Enhance Mobile Security

When using the mobile banking app, here are some additional safety precautions you can take to protect your Zenith account:

  • Use a strong password that would be difficult for others to guess.
  • Avoid “jailbreaking” your mobile device as it removes security layers.
  • Install antivirus software to detect potential mobile malware.
  • Frequently update your Zenith online banking password for greater safety.
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Risks of Remaining Logged Into the App

Leaving your Zenith account perpetually logged into the mobile app poses some key risks:

– Allowing account access if your phone is lost, stolen, or accessed by others. 

– Enabling fraudulent transfers or payments from your account.

– Viewing of your financial information, statements, and transaction history.

– Potential identity theft by having your personal details accessed.

Always log out of the Zenith mobile banking app the right way when you are done using it. 

This preserves the safety of your account details and money.


Logging out of the Zenith mobile app does not take long but is very important for keeping your account safe. Sign out of any device you share or no longer use to keep other people from getting in. 

Getting out of your account will not happen just because you delete the app. Follow these steps to log out of the Zenith mobile banking app safely when you need to.


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