How to Log Out of UBA Mobile App

Do you need to sign out of your UBA bank account on the mobile app? Perhaps you are using a shared device or sold your phone and want to disconnect your account. Logging out of the UBA app properly is important for security.

In this guide, we’ll explain how to fully log out and disconnect your UBA account from the mobile app. We’ll cover the steps for both iPhone and Android. By the end, you’ll know how to securely log out of the UBA mobile banking app on any device.

 Understanding UBA App Login

First, let’s briefly discuss how logging into the UBA mobile app works. When you first open the UBA app, you’ll be prompted to enter your account credentials. These include:

  • Your 10-digit UBA account number.
  • Your UBA online banking password

Entering this login information will authenticate you and connect your UBA account to the app on that specific mobile device. All your account data will be accessible until you manually log out.

You may also set up biometric login with your fingerprint or face ID as an alternative to typing your password each time. But your account remains persistently logged in unless you explicitly log out.

Now let’s go over the steps to properly disconnect your UBA account by logging out of the app.

How to Log Out of UBA Mobile App on Android

If you use the UBA app on an Android device, follow these instructions to log out:

  1. Open the UBA mobile app and tap the profile icon in the top right corner.
  2. Tap on the “Logout” button on the bottom of the screen.
  3.  Confirm you want to log out on the pop-up message.
  4. Enter your UBA password or biometric login one last time to verify your identity.
  5. Tap “Yes” to confirm and finalize the logout process.
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This will disconnect your UBA account credentials and remove access through the app on that device. You will have to fully login again next time you open the UBA app.

Logging out properly is important for security when using public or shared devices. It also lets you disconnect devices you no longer own or use to access UBA mobile banking.

How to Log Out of UBA Mobile App on iPhone

If you have an iPhone or iPad, here are the steps to log out of UBA:

  1. Open the UBA app and tap on your profile picture icon at the bottom.
  2. Tap “Logout” on the Account screen.
  3. Enter your password or Touch ID/Face ID when prompted to confirm it’s you.
  4. Tap “Logout” again on the confirmation popup to fully disconnect your UBA account.

You will immediately be logged out of the app on that device. Your UBA account session will end and you’ll be required to enter your full login credentials again next time.

Be sure to follow these logout steps whenever you are finished accessing UBA on a borrowed or shared device to maintain security. Also log out before selling or disposing of an old iPhone or iPad to cut ties with your account.

Logging In After Logging Out

The next time you open the UBA app after logging out, you will need to fully login again by:

– Entering your 10-digit UBA customer ID number
– Typing your UBA online banking password
– Or using your fingerprint/face ID if you have biometric login enabled.

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This will reauthenticate your account and reconnect it to the mobile app on that device. Just remember to log out again later for security.

Additional Ways to Enhance Mobile Security

Here are some other tips for keeping your UBA account secure when using the mobile app:

  • Avoid “jailbreaking” or altering your mobile device which could bypass security measures.
  • Install mobile security software that provides malware protection.
  • Delete the UBA app completely before disposing of an old device.
  • Frequently update your UBA password and enable added layers of account security when available.
  • Contact UBA if you notice any suspicious account activity right away.

Risks of Not Logging Out of UBA

It’s risky to remain logged into your UBA account on mobile devices you don’t own or control. Here are some potential security issues:

– Unauthorized access to your account if the device is lost, stolen, or sold.

– Ability to view your financial information and statements.

– Potential for fraudulent transfers or payments from your account.

– Access to your personal information and identity theft risk.

– Login credentials theft through malware or shoulder surfing.

Make sure to always log out of your UBA mobile banking app when finished to avoid these threats. Deleting the app itself also removes access, but logging out is safest.


Logging out of the UBA mobile banking app is simple and critical for security. Just tap “Logout” and confirm your identity to disconnect your account.

Log out before selling a used device or letting someone borrow your phone. Protect your financial information by properly logging out each time.

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