How to Log Out of Your CODM Account From All Devices

Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM) allows players to access their account across multiple devices like phones, tablets, and emulators. At some point, you may want to log out from everywhere to secure your CODM profile or troubleshoot issues.

This guide covers how to remotely log out of your Call of Duty: Mobile account on all logged in devices using account management tools. We also look at linking social media accounts, changing passwords, and general tips for safely using CODM on multiple devices.

Benefits of Multi-Device CODM Logins

Linking CODM across devices enables:

  • Play on both mobile and PC via emulators.
  • Sync progress and purchases between devices.
  • Pick up gameplay on a new device after switching.
  • Consistent access to skins, loadouts, stats.
  • Avoid losing progress if switching devices.

But active logins must be actively managed.

Reasons for Remote Logout from All Devices

You may want to remote logout of CODM when:

  • Account is compromised or hacked by someone.
  • Selling or giving away one of your linked devices.
  • Temporary use by friends or family members.
  • Suspending gameplay for increased productivity.
  • Troubleshooting technical issues like crashing.
  • Preventing unauthorized purchases or cheating.

Remote logout lets you instantly disconnect all active sessions in one step.

Using the CODM Account Settings to Log Out

Within CODM app account settings:

  1. Tap your profile picture > Basic.
  2. Choose “Sign Out”.
  3. Confirm again on prompt.

This signs you out on just that mobile device or emulator.

Logging Out via Website Account Management

To log out of ALL linked devices:

  1. Visit and login.
  2. Click your username > Account Linking.
  3. Select “Unlink All Devices” to force remote logout everywhere.

Unlinking Connected Social Media Accounts

If you used Facebook or other social media to register your CODM account:

  • Disconnect the social platform under the Account Linking tab of your profile.
  • This forces logout when no other login method used.
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Changing Your CODM Password Before Logout

To keep others from accessing your account after remote logout:

  1. Change CODM password first if compromised.
  2. Then unlink all devices to force fresh logins.

Don’t save password on shared devices to prevent further access.

Managing Login Sessions in App Settings

In Advanced Settings you can:

This allows selective session revocation.

Limiting Simultaneous Logins Across Devices

Under Connected Devices in Advanced Settings:

  • Set allowed number of concurrent logins.
  • Reduce to 1 if you only play on one device at a time.
  • Get alerts when maximum is reached.

This caps simultaneous gameplay across devices.

Troubleshooting Login and Sync Problems

If having issues logging into CODM or progress not syncing:

  • Log out then reconnect your social media account.
  • Force quit and relaunch the CODM app.
  • Clear app cache and data to refresh sessions.
  • Unlink all devices then relogin fresh.
  • Contact Activision support if issues persist.

Using Private Browsing to Avoid Persistent Sessions

When accessing CODM on public computers:

  • Use private or incognito browsing mode.
  • This prevents login session persisting after closing browser.
  • Also allows managing multiple accounts by staying logged out.

Private browsing protects accounts on shared machines.

Tips for Safely Accessing CODM on Public PCs

For added security, on public computers:

  • Check the “Public Computer” toggle which adds confirmation steps when purchasing.
  • Avoid permanently saving login credentials if offered.
  • Refrain from linking payment methods. Use prepaid cards instead.
  • Don’t enable “Remember me” login persistence.
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Preventing Underage Use of Your CODM Account

If concerned about inappropriate usage by others when logged in:

  • Enable parental controls with mature content filters.
  • Restrict purchases without approval.
  • Set playtime limits daily or weekly.
  • Avoid sharing account on child-accessible devices.

Parental controls allow oversight if lending temporarily.

Appropriate Uses of Remote Multi-Device Logout

Valid reasons to use remote logout include:

  • Account hijacking emergencies.
  • Transferring account usage to a new device.
  • Letting someone briefly use your profile under supervision.
  • Disallowing playtime when responsibility avoidance is an issue.

Use judiciously only for legitimate purposes.

Downsides and Risks of Forced Remote Logouts

Remote logout downsides to consider:

  • Abruptly ends others’ gameplay without warning.
  • Frustration when unexpectedly logged out while playing.
  • Some user privacy sacrifice for greater account control.
  • Account sharing risks if password gets leaked subsequently.

Weight benefits and drawbacks before forcibly logging out all devices.

Securing Your Account After Logout

Once logged out everywhere:

  • Update password and unlink any unfamiliar social media.
  • Require stronger authentication using app passcodes.
  • Monitor account usage for unauthorized logins.

This locks down account access after a purge.

Confirming Successful CODM Logout on All Devices

To confirm remote logout worked:

  • Log into your account management on the website.
  • Check no devices show under “Connected Devices”.
  • Try accessing account on your mobile devices and see login prompts.
  • Look for any login emails or texts to unfamiliar devices.

Closing Thoughts on Multi-Device CODM Logout

Using CODM’s account management tools allows securely logging out all linked devices when necessary. This provides greater account control, but should be used judiciously balancing benefits and drawbacks. Properly logging out everywhere also requires diligently securing your account afterwards. With care, remote logout enables safely switching devices or lending usage temporarily while protecting your Call of Duty: Mobile profile.

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Frequently Asked Questions About CODM Logout

Does CODM automatically log out after inactivity?

No, CODM does not automatically log players out after being idle for a period of time. You must manually log out using in-app settings or the website account management.

If I uninstall CODM does it log me out?

No, uninstalling CODM does not by itself remotely log you out of that device. Make sure to open the app and logout manually before uninstalling.

Can someone else use my CODM account if I’m logged in?

If you remain logged into CODM on a shared device, others may be able to access your account on that device to play, message, and make purchases. Enable account security protections.

Does CODM notify you about logins from new devices?

Yes, CODM can send notifications when your account is accessed from a new unrecognized device to alert you of any suspicious logins.

Can I play CODM simultaneously on multiple devices?

You can set a limit of concurrent devices under Connected Devices settings. Playing concurrently on 2-3 devices is generally fine. But limits prevent abusing the system.


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