How to Log Out of Your Huawei ID Without a Password

Have you ever wanted to log out of your Huawei ID but realized you couldn’t remember your password? Don’t worry, you can still log out of your Huawei account without entering your password. In this post, we’ll walk through the simple steps to log out of your Huawei ID without a password.


  • What a Huawei ID is and why you may want to log out
  • How to log out of your Huawei ID in just a few easy steps
  • No password required – using your fingerprint or face recognition instead
  • Additional tips for managing your Huawei ID

What is a Huawei ID and Why Log Out?

A Huawei ID is an account used to access Huawei services like AppGallery, Huawei Cloud, Themes, Mobile Services and more across Huawei devices. It allows you to backup settings, download apps, store files on the cloud and sync data across your devices.

You may want to log out of your Huawei ID for security purposes if you are lending your device to someone else temporarily. Logging out prevents others from accessing your personal information and Huawei account services.

Step-by-Step Guide to Log Out Without a Password

Logging out of your Huawei ID without a password is easy thanks to the fingerprint sensor or face recognition built into Huawei devices. Follow these simple steps:

1. Go to Settings

On your Huawei device, open the Settings app.

2. Tap Accounts

In Settings, tap “Accounts”. This will show you a list of accounts logged in on your device.

3. Select Your Huawei ID

Tap on your Huawei ID to open the account details.

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4. Tap Log Out

You will see a “Log out” button. Tap on it.

5. Confirm using Fingerprint or Face Recognition

A prompt will appear asking you to confirm logging out using your fingerprint or face recognition. Place your registered finger on the sensor or hold your device in front of your face to confirm your identity.

And that’s it! You have successfully logged out of your Huawei ID without requiring your password. This makes the log out process quick and simple if you don’t have your password handy.

Additional Tips for Managing Your Huawei ID

Here are some additional tips for managing your Huawei ID:

  • Set up fingerprint unlock or facial recognition to allow quick log outs in the future without your password.
  • Use a secure password and change it periodically for account security.
  • Enable two-factor authentication for extra protection on your account.
  • Check the devices linked to your Huawei ID occasionally and remove any unknown or unused devices.
  • Use Huawei ID to backup your data to Huawei Cloud to avoid losing your photos, contacts, and other information.

Logging out of your Huawei account when lending your device to others is a smart privacy and security measure. With the simple steps outlined above, you can log out quickly without even needing your password. Just use the fingerprint sensor or facial recognition on your Huawei device to confirm your identity and securely log out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I log out of Huawei ID without password on other brands?

No, the fingerprint/face recognition log out method only works on Huawei devices. On other brands, you would need to enter your Huawei ID password to log out.

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Will my Huawei ID data be deleted if I log out?

No, logging out does not delete or remove any of your Huawei ID data. It simply signs your account out of that device. Your data like contacts, photos, settings etc. stay save in your Huawei ID and the cloud.

Is it safe to log out Huawei ID using just fingerprint/face recognition?

Yes, it is completely safe. The fingerprint sensor and face recognition use your unique biometric data to verify your identity, keeping the log out process secure.

What happens if I log out of my Huawei ID?

Logging out removes access to your Huawei ID services like cloud storage, apps, themes and account information on that device. You can simply log back in with your credentials to restore access.

Can someone else log in to my Huawei ID if I log out?

No, once you log out no one else will be able to access your Huawei ID or data on that device. They would need to know your Huawei ID password to log back in.


Logging out of your Huawei ID without a password is quick and simple thanks to built-in fingerprint sensors or face recognition. Just access your Huawei account settings, tap log out, and confirm your identity biometrically. This allows you to securely log out in seconds, without needing to remember or enter your password. Be sure to log out of your Huawei ID before lending devices to friends or family.


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