How to Log Out of Zomato from All Devices

Zomato makes discovering restaurants and ordering food delivery seamless via its website and mobile apps. To protect your account when using Zomato across various devices, it’s important to know how to fully log out from everywhere.

This guide covers how to log out of Zomato on all platforms and browsers for complete account sign off. We’ll also look at managing multiple accounts, profile security, and tips for safely accessing Zomato from shared devices.

Benefits of Using Zomato

Key features of Zomato include:

  • Search restaurants by dish, cuisine, rating, etc.
  • Read menus, customer reviews, and see photos.
  • Make table reservations through the app.
  • Order delivery from thousands of restaurants.
  • Pay conveniently via various payment methods.
  • Earn rewards points and use promo codes.
  • Save your favorite restaurants and create custom collections.

Logging out helps you securely manage your Zomato account across devices.

Reasons to Log Out of Zomato Accounts

You may want to log out of Zomato when:

  • Using the app or website on a shared or public device.
  • Lending your phone or tablet temporarily to someone else.
  • Switching between Zomato user profiles or accounts.
  • Taking a break from using the app for privacy or productivity.
  • Troubleshooting technical problems with your account.
  • Preventing unauthorized access if your credentials were compromised.

Logging out fully secures your account when not actively using Zomato.

Logging Out on the Zomato Mobile App

To log out of the Zomato app on your iPhone or Android:

  1. Launch the Zomato app and tap your profile icon.
  2. Select “Settings” in your profile menu.
  3. Choose “Log out”.
  4. Confirm logging out when prompted.

This will log you out and return you to the Zomato home screen.

Logging Out on the Zomato Website

If logged into Zomato on your browser:

  1. Click your profile picture at the top right.
  2. Select “Log out”.
  3. You will be signed out of the Zomato website.
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Follow these steps to ensure you log out of both the mobile apps and website.

Signing Out on Connected Social Media

If you used social login via Facebook or Google:

  • Disconnect the social media linkage in your Zomato account settings.
  • Don’t just log out of the social media app – unlink the accounts.

This fully logs you out by deauthorizing the social login.

Logging Out on Tablets and Smart TVs

On smart TVs and tablets, access account settings to sign out:

  1. Go into the Zomato app profile and account management.
  2. Select the “Sign out” or “Logout” option.
  3. Confirm logging out of Zomato when prompted.

Refer to your device guide for precise steps to find the sign out selection.

Troubleshooting Problems Logging Out of Zomato

If having trouble signing out of Zomato normally:

  • Force quit and relaunch the Zomato app.
  • Restart your device then attempt sign out again.
  • Clear app cache and data to refresh login status.
  • Try logging out via the website if app issues.
  • Contact Zomato support if logout failures persist.

Using Multiple Zomato Accounts

The Zomato app makes managing multiple accounts easy:

  • Add user profiles for family under account settings.
  • Easily switch profiles from the accounts tab.
  • Always fully log out before swapping accounts.

This keeps food preferences, orders, and rewards separate for each family member.

Securing Your Account When Logged Out

Whenever logging out of Zomato, enable key security features:

  • Use a strong unique password just for your Zomato account.
  • Enable two-factor authentication for extra login protection.
  • Monitor devices connected to your account and remove old ones.

This prevents unauthorized account access when logging out on shared devices.

Preventing Automatic Login on Shared Devices

On public, borrowed, or shared devices:

  • Don’t enable automatic login or “Remember Me” features.
  • Re-enter your credentials each time to prevent access by others.
  • Manually log out completely after each use on a device.
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Changing Your Zomato Password Before Logging Out

When using Zomato on a shared device, first:

  1. Change your Zomato password.
  2. Log out of Zomato on the device.
  3. Do not save the new password if prompted on next login.

This stops others from accessing your account with a reused password.

Tracking Devices Used to Access Your Account

Under account settings you can:

  • Review devices used to login to your Zomato account.
  • Remove access permission for devices you no longer own.
  • Monitor login activity for unauthorized access.

Routinely check devices for any unexpected logins from unknown locations.

Contacting Zomato Support for Login Issues

If encountering problems logging out of your Zomato account:

  • Use Zomato Help Center to submit a support request.
  • Send a direct message on Twitter to @zomatocare describing the issue.
  • Call Zomato support using the number listed on their website.

Zomato can provide specialized assistance resolving difficult logout problems.

Logging Back Into Zomato After Logging Out

Once logged out of your Zomato account:

  • Simply login again with your mobile number, email or social media account.
  • If prompted, enter your password or verification code.
  • Your Zomato profile and account access is restored.

You can quickly regain access to Zomato’s services after secure logout.

Using Parental Controls to Restrict Access

Zomato allows setting parental controls to limit account usage:

  • Password protect profiles with PIN to restrict purchases.
  • Disable ability to reorder from saved restaurants.
  • Limit visibility of transaction history.
  • Hide adult only restaurant content.

Parental controls provide oversight for child accounts.

Closing Thoughts on Logging Out of Zomato

Signing out of your Zomato account on all platforms is easy once you know the steps. Properly logging out secures your account when accessing Zomato from public computers or borrowing someone else’s device temporarily. Using unique passwords and enabling two factor authentication provides additional protection. With this guide, you can confidently use Zomato across devices while keeping your account and data secure.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Logging Out of Zomato

Does Zomato logout automatically after inactivity?

No, Zomato does not automatically log you out after a period of inactivity. You need to manually log out using the steps provided in this guide for each device.

If I uninstall Zomato, does that log me out?

No, uninstalling the Zomato app does not log you out. Make sure to open the app and sign out properly before uninstalling to ensure you are logged out.

Can I use my Zomato account on multiple devices?

Yes, you can remain logged into your Zomato account on multiple devices like phones, tablets, and computers. Just log out fully when switching devices or lending to someone temporarily.

Does Zomato notify you about new device logins?

No, Zomato does not currently notify you about logins from new devices. However, you can view devices used recently and remove any unrecognized ones.

Where can I get help with Zomato login issues?

If you have trouble logging out or other Zomato login issues, you can get specialized assistance by contacting Zomato support via help center requests, Twitter DMs, or calling support.


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