How to Log Out of the Ryanair App

The Ryanair app makes booking, checking in, and managing your flights with the airline simple and convenient. But it’s crucial to properly log out of the app to keep your account secure whenever you finish using it.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll outline the quick steps to log out of the Ryanair app correctly on both iPhone and Android. We’ll also look at why logging out is vital for privacy, provide Ryanair account security tips, and answer frequent questions.

Whether accessing your bookings or checking-in for an upcoming Ryanair flight, learning how to log out takes just seconds and protects your personal information. Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

  • Introducing the Ryanair App
  • Why Log Out for Security?
  • How to Log Out on iPhone
  • How to Log Out on Android
  • Extra Tips for Logging Out
  • Enabling Ryanair Account Security
  • General App Security Best Practices
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs About Logging Out of Ryanair

Introducing the Ryanair App

For those new to Ryanair, it’s an Irish low-cost airline operating flights across Europe and to select destinations in North Africa and the Middle East. It’s one of Europe’s largest airlines by number of international routes.

The Ryanair app allows customers to book flights, check-in, access mobile passes, check flight status, manage bookings, reserve optional extras like bags and seats, and more.

Key features of the Ryanair app include:

  • Booking flights at the lowest prices
  • Checking in and downloading mobile boarding passes
  • Receiving real-time travel alerts
  • Selecting specific seats
  • Adding checked bags and other add-ons
  • Managing bookings and reservations
  • Accessing digital receipts and invoices

The app makes traveling on Ryanair easier. But properly logging out is crucial for account security and privacy.

Why Log Out for Security?

Like most apps containing your personal information, it’s vital to log out of your Ryanair account on the app fully each time you finish using it. Here are two key reasons why:

1. Protect Your Private Information

Remaining logged in to the Ryanair app leaves your account information vulnerable. If someone else gains access to your phone with the app open, they could:

  • View your upcoming flight bookings
  • Check-in under your name and steal your ticket
  • Change your seat selections
  • Access your passport, email, and other personal info
  • Purchase items using your payment details
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Logging out properly safeguards your private details, travel plans, and payment information from potential digital theft or misuse.

2. Prevent Unwanted Access

On a shared or public device, failing to log out means the next person could access your Ryanair account and information. They could inadvertently view your bookings, change details, or misuse your payment methods.

Logging out fully prevents any unwanted access by others and keeps your data secure across devices you use the app on. Make it a firm habit with Ryanair.

In just seconds, logging out properly shields your account. Let’s look at how on both iPhone and Android.

How to Log Out on iPhone

Logging out of the Ryanair app on an iPhone takes just a moment:

  1. Launch the Ryanair app and sign-in if not already logged in.
  2. Tap your profile icon in the top left corner.
  3. Select ‘Log Out’ at the very bottom of the menu.
  4. Confirm logging out on the pop-up message.
  5. You will be logged out and returned to the app’s home screen.

Be sure to fully close the Ryanair app after logging out for added security. Also double check that your profile icon switches to the default avatar to confirm you are logged out.

Some additional tips for iPhone users:

  • Using Touch ID or Face ID prevents re-accessing the app when logged out.
  • Enable two-factor authentication if available for extra login security.
  • Avoid saving your Ryanair login details in your phone’s autofill passwords.

With just a few taps, you can securely log out of the Ryanair app on your iPhone or iPad in seconds. Make it a consistent habit each time.

How to Log Out on Android

On an Android device, logging out of the Ryanair app follows nearly identical steps:

  1. Open the Ryanair app on your Android phone and login if needed.
  2. Tap your profile picture in the top left corner.
  3. Select ‘Log Out’ at the very bottom of the menu.
  4. Tap ‘Log Out’ again on the confirmation message.
  5. You will be logged out and returned to the app home screen.

Be sure to fully close the app after logging out. Also confirm your profile icon changes to indicate you are now logged out.

Some extra Android tips:

  • Using a secure pattern or PIN lock prevents reopening the logged-in app.
  • Clearing the Ryanair app cache and data after logging out removes temporary files.
  • Turn off “Auto Sign-In” in the Ryanair app settings for extra protection.
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Safeguarding your private details requires logging out fully every time you finish using the Ryanair app on your Android device.

Extra Tips for Logging Out

Here are some additional pointers for safely logging out of Ryanair:

  • Log out and close the app before putting your phone in a pocket or bag to avoid accidental openings.
  • If using a public computer, don’t forget to also log out of Ryanair on the web after booking.
  • On slower connections, give the app a few seconds to process your log out request fully.
  • Logging out is device-specific – you can stay logged in on your phone and log out on another.
  • If accessing through a web browser, clear cookies and history after logging out.

Taking those few quick extra seconds to properly finish each Ryanair app session keeps your account secure.

Enabling Ryanair Account Security

Along with diligent logging out habits, take advantage of added Ryanair account security features for maximum protection:

  • Use a complex, unique password and change it every few months.
  • Setup two-factor authentication for an extra layer of login verification.
  • Ensure your current email and phone number are associated with your Ryanair profile.
  • Add security questions in case you ever need to recover your account access.
  • Monitor your upcoming trips and flight activity regularly for unauthorized changes.

A combination of proper logging out and robust account security provides the best defense against potential digital threats that may seek to access your Ryanair personal information.

General App Security Best Practices

Here are some other general tips for using the Ryanair app safely:

  • Update to the latest version of the app for important security fixes.
  • Avoid accessing your Ryanair account from public WiFi hotspots which can be insecure.
  • Never share your Ryanair login credentials with anyone, even friends/family.
  • Delete your stored Ryanair login details and app if giving away or recycling an old device.
  • Contact Ryanair customer service if you see suspicious activity related to your account.

Making app security, including always logging out properly, an air travel priority gives you essential peace of mind.


The Ryanair app provides a convenient platform for booking affordable flights, checking-in, and managing your bookings on the go. But convenience should never compromise account security.

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That’s why properly logging out of the Ryanair app after each use is a must on any iPhone, Android phone, tablet or mobile device.

In just seconds, you can log out fully and prevent unwanted account access that could lead to stolen personal information, flight check-ins under your name, and even misuse of your payment details.

Combining diligent Ryanair app logging out habits with other proactive account security provides maximum protection of your private data. You can then use the app to affordably explore Europe without security worries.

So be certain to add logging out properly to your air travel routine whenever you finish a Ryanair app session. Your account privacy and security is worth those few quick extra taps.

FAQs About Logging Out of Ryanair

Q: Does closing the Ryanair app log me out automatically?

A: No, you need to fully select ‘Log Out’ within the app to properly log out each time.

Q: If I stay logged in on my phone can others access my account?

A: No, logging out is device-specific. You can log out on one device while staying logged in on another.

Q: Is my payment information still stored in the app after logging out?

A: Some data may remain temporarily cached after logging out. But logging out fully protects access to your actual account and payment details.

Q: How often should I change my Ryanair password?

A: It’s good practice to change your Ryanair password every 2-3 months, or anytime you feel it may have been compromised.

Q: Does Force Log Out delete my Ryanair account and profile information?

A: No, Force Log Out simply logs you out of all active sessions. Your account details remain intact.

In summary, consistently logging out of the Ryanair app protects your private information from digital theft or misuse. Make it a travel security habit to log out properly every time.


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