How to Remove BVN from Carbon

Have you received an alert that your Bank Verification Number (BVN) has been linked to a carbon account without your consent? You may be wondering how this happened and how to remove your BVN from Carbon. Don’t worry, you can take control of your information and unlink your BVN.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk through everything you need to know to remove your BVN from Carbon.

What’s Carbon

Carbon is a new financial technology company that provides credit and other financial services. To verify identities, Carbon uses an algorithm to link people’s BVNs to their Carbon accounts. However, many people are finding their BVNs linked without their permission.

If this has happened to you, it’s important to take action to remove your BVN. Linking your BVN to a lending platform like Carbon allows access to your banking information and financial records. This violates privacy and exposes you to potential fraud or abuse.

The good news is, with a few simple steps, you can take back control and unlink your BVN from Carbon. This article provides step-by-step instructions tailored for Nigerian, Asian and European audiences on how to remove your BVN from Carbon.

Verify Your BVN is Linked to a Carbon Account

The first step is to verify that your BVN has in fact been linked to a Carbon account without your consent. Here are a few ways to check:

  • Log in to your Carbon account – If you received a message from Carbon with login details, try logging in to see if your information and BVN are linked to an account.
  • Check account activity – Review recent transactions on your bank accounts to look for any lending activity with Carbon you didn’t initiate.
  • Review credit reports – Check your credit report from the CBN’s Credit Risk Management System for any accounts or lending inquiries from Carbon.
  • Ask your bank – Contact your bank to ask if they have any record of your BVN being linked to Carbon.

Once you’ve confirmed the unauthorized linking, you can start the process of unlinking.

Reporting Fraudulent Linking to Your Bank

An important step is to notify your bank that your BVN was linked to Carbon without authorization. Provide details on how you discovered the linking and ask them to revoke any access privileges.

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To report the fraudulent BVN linking:

  • Visit your local bank branch and speak to a representative
  • Call your bank’s customer service line to explain the situation
  • Send a secured message via your bank’s online portal or mobile app

Be sure to document the date/time of your report and follow up if you do not hear back promptly. Your bank may be able to expedite the unlinking process by revoking access on their end. This can help prevent continued abuse of your information.

Submit an Unlinking Request to Carbon

The most direct way to unlink your BVN is to submit a formal request to Carbon directly.

Here are the steps to submit an unlinking request:

  1. Gather relevant information – Have your BVN, bank details, and carbon account numbers ready.
  2. Contact Carbon customer support – Call or email Carbon support to explain unauthorized linking.
  3. Complete unlinking request – Provide necessary personal details to formally request unlinking your BVN.
  4. Follow up regularly – Keep contacting Carbon until you receive confirmation your BVN was removed.
  5. Document everything – Keep records of all correspondence and unlinking request details.

Carbon claims to provide a simple unlinking process. But some individuals report long delays and poor follow through. Be polite but persistent to ensure your request is completed properly.

Submit Complaints to Relevant Authorities

To put additional pressure on Carbon, submit formal complaints detailing the unauthorized BVN linking to relevant authorities. This includes:

  • Your bank’s consumer complaint department – File a formal complaint regarding the BVN breach.
  • Central Bank of Nigeria – Report Carbon to CBN via email or hotline for investigation.
  • Nigerian Identity Management Commission – NIMC oversees BVN policy and violations.
  • Financial regulators in your jurisdiction – Such as the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) or Independent Corrupt Practices Commission.
  • Consumer protection agencies – Report Carbon for unfair consumer practices.

The more complaints submitted, the more motivation these bodies will have to compel Carbon to unlinkBVNs promptly and responsibly.

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Monitor Your Accounts and Credit Reports

Removing your BVN from Carbon takes time. In the interim, be vigilant in monitoring all your financial accounts and credit reports for any signs of fraud or misuse.

  • Check bank account transactions frequently for any unauthorized activity.
  • Enroll in account alerts to receive notifications for purchases, withdrawals, deposits, etc.
  • Obtain your free annual credit report to check for new accounts or loan inquiries.
  • Consider credit monitoring that alerts you to any changes in your credit profile.
  • Report any suspicious activity immediately to your bank and to the appropriate authorities.

Ongoing monitoring protects you while waiting for the Carbon unlinking. If you spot any fraudulent activity, act swiftly to minimize damage.

Avoid Identity Theft in the Future

Once this ordeal is over, there are steps you can take to minimize the chances your BVN and identity could be compromised again:

  • Limit sharing of your BVN – Only provide your BVN when absolutely necessary for legitimate purposes.
  • Use strong password practices – Create complex passwords and use multi-factor authentication when available.
  • Monitor your credit reports – Check reports from CRC regularly and fix errors immediately.
  • Learn to spot scams – Identify telltale signs of phishing attempts, suspicious calls/emails, etc.
  • Shred sensitive documents – Safely dispose of any paperwork containing personal information.
  • Use security software – Install anti-virus software and firewalls to protect your devices.
  • Report security breaches – If your information is compromised by a company, report it to relevant authorities.

Staying vigilant about your personal data and adherence to good security practices can help minimize risks moving forward.

FAQs about Removing Your BVN from Carbon

Q: Can I remove my BVN from Carbon myself?

A: Unfortunately no, only Carbon has the ability to unlink your BVN on their system. You need to contact them directly and submit an official request.

Q: How long does it take to remove my BVN from Carbon after I submit the request?

A: Carbon claims 3-5 business days. However, it often takes 1-2 weeks based on reports from individuals who have gone through the process. Follow up regularly if it’s taking longer.

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Q: What information do I need to submit an unlinking request?

A: Carbon requires your name, BVN, bank account details, carbon account number, and government ID to formally request unlinking your BVN.

Q: Can my bank automatically unlink my BVN from Carbon?

A: No, but reporting it to your bank starts a paper trail and they can revoke access privileges on their end. However, you still need to contact Carbon directly for full removal.

Q: Could unlinking my BVN impact my credit score or outstanding loans?

Table of Contents

A: Simply removing your BVN will not directly affect credit or loans taken legitimately in your name. But be sure to monitor closely for any signs of fraud.

Q: Is there a way to prevent my BVN from being linked without my permission?

A: Unfortunately there is no way to fully prevent it. But limiting sharing of your BVN only when absolutely mandatory helps minimize risks.

Q: What should I do if Carbon is unresponsive to my unlinking requests?

A: Keep escalating to Carbon management and complain to regulators. If needed, consult a lawyer about additional ways to compel action.

Q: How can I recover any monetary losses due to fraud related to the BVN misuse?

A: Work with your bank and file reports with the appropriate authorities. You may be able to recover funds through fraud protection measures or legal action.

Removing your BVN from Carbon swiftly is crucial to protect your finances and identity. This guide provides key steps including formal requests to Carbon, alerts to relevant agencies, vigilant monitoring, and utilizing all consumer protections available. Handled properly, you can regain control of your personal data



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