How to Remove BVN from Opay Account

Opay is a popular payment platform in Nigeria that allows users to conveniently send money, pay bills, and access other financial services.

When you sign up for an Opay account, you input your Bank Verification Number (BVN) for identification purposes. However, you may later decide you want to remove your BVN from Opay to protect your privacy or for other reasons.

Here, we’ll explore step-by-step how to fully delete your BVN from Opay successfully.

Overview of Opay and BVN

First, let’s briefly recap what exactly Opay and BVN are:

  • Opay – A fintech platform launched in Nigeria in 2018 that offers mobile money services through its app. Key features include funds transfer, airtime purchase, bill payments, and more.
  • BVN – Bank Verification Number, a unique 11-digit number assigned by Nigerian banks to each account holder. It links accounts and contains biometric data.

When you create an Opay account, you input your BVN for identification and verification. This links your financial identity across platforms. However, some users may later choose to unlink their BVN from Opay.

Reasons to Remove BVN from Opay

Why would you want to delete your BVN from Opay? Here are some motivations:

  • Enhanced privacy – Removing BVN prevents Opay from accessing your banking details and biometric data. This gives you more control over personal data.
  • Limited exposure – Detaching BVN from Opay tightens security by limiting access to your identity. This reduces risks of fraud or cybercrime.
  • New account flexibility – Taking your BVN off Opay gives you a “clean slate” if you want to open accounts at other fintech platforms.
  • Peace of mind – You may simply feel more comfortable not having your banking identity linked to a third-party platform like Opay without ongoing consent.
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Whatever your specific reasons, the option to delete BVN from Opay is there if you want it. Next we’ll look at how to do it.

Step-by-Step Guide to Removing BVN

Follow these key steps to successfully detach your BVN from Opay:

Contact Opay

First, reach out to Opay’s customer support by email or phone. Explain you want to delete your BVN from their platform. This kicks off the process on their end.

Submit Removal Request

Opay will provide a data removal request form. Fill it out with your registered account details and confirming you want your BVN dissociated from their system. Sign and return the completed form.

Wait for Confirmation

Opay will process your deletion request within 1-3 business days. Wait for confirmation by email that your BVN has been successfully removed from their database.

Check Your Opay Account

Log into your Opay account and try any activity that requires BVN verification, like adding a new bank card. If you get an error, that means the deletion worked.

Contact Banks

Additionally, inform your banks that they should revoke access privileges to your BVN data for Opay. This provides extra assurance.

By following this straightforward process, you can fully unlink your BVN from Opay’s platform. It adds an extra layer of privacy and control over your banking identity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to common questions about removing BVN from Opay:

Does this completely delete my Opay account?

No, only the BVN linkage is removed. You can continue using the Opay app without your banking details.

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How long does BVN removal take?

It should process within 1-3 business days after Opay receives your deletion request.

Can I re-link my BVN to Opay later?

Yes, you can go through their BVN verification process again in the future to relink it if you choose.

Will I lose access to money in my Opay account?

No, your Opay wallet balance remains intact. Only BVN verification features will be disrupted.

Do I need to visit a bank to remove BVN from Opay?

No, you can handle the entire process directly through Opay’s customer support. No bank visit needed.

Is there any fee to delete BVN from Opay?

Opay does not currently charge any fee for processing a BVN removal request.


In summary, removing your BVN from Opay is a relatively quick and straightforward process. Simply contact Opay support, submit a deletion request, confirm the removal, and inform your bank. This allows you to take back control over your banking identity data and how it is handled by third parties. While detaching your BVN takes a small amount of effort, it can provide peace of mind.


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