How to Remove BVN from Palmcredit

Whether you’re looking to open a new bank account or loan, having your BVN linked to Palmcredit can make the process more difficult. Fortunately, with the right steps, you can remove your BVN from Palmcredit completely. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to delete your BVN from Palmcredit once and for all.

What is BVN and Palmcredit?

BVN stands for Bank Verification Number. It is a unique 11-digit number assigned by Nigerian banks to each account holder. BVN links all your bank accounts together and contains your biometric data, such as fingerprints and facial information. It helps banks identify customers and combat fraud.

Palmcredit is a biometric identity management company that works with many Nigerian banks. When you enroll for BVN at a bank, your information is shared with Palmcredit, which creates a profile linking your BVN with your biometrics. This allows banks to authenticate your identity using Palmcredit technology.

Having your BVN linked to Palmcredit makes it easy for banks to identify you. However, it also means your banking information is shared with third parties without your explicit consent. This has raised privacy concerns for some bank customers.

Why Remove BVN from Palmcredit?

Here are some of the main reasons you may want to remove your BVN from Palmcredit:

  • Greater privacy and control over your data – With your BVN on Palmcredit, your personal and banking information is in the hands of a private company. Removing it gives you more control.
  • Prevent unwanted disclosure of information – You may not want banks freely sharing your information with Palmcredit without your permission. Detaching your BVN enhances privacy.
  • Reduce chances of identity theft – The more places your BVN is linked, the more vulnerable it is to potential cybercriminals. Removing it from Palmcredit reduces exposure.
  • Easier to open accounts at new banks – Some banks will reject account opening applications if they see your BVN is already linked to another lender via Palmcredit. Deleting the link gives you a cleaner slate.
  • Peace of mind – For personal reasons, you may simply feel uncomfortable having your biometric and personal data shared with or controlled by a third party like Palmcredit without your consent.
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Whether for privacy, security, or convenience, removing your BVN from Palmcredit gives you greater control over your banking information. The process takes a bit of time and effort, but is absolutely worthwhile for many people.

Step-by-Step Guide to Removing BVN from Palmcredit

If you’ve decided to detach your BVN from Palmcredit, follow these key steps:

Step 1: Contact your bank

The first step is to contact your primary bank where you enrolled for BVN. Tell them you want to dissociate your BVN from Palmcredit. The bank will let Palmcredit know they need to remove the link to your BVN from their database. This initial request sets the wheels in motion.

Step 2: Visit an NIBSS office

NIBSS (Nigeria Interbank Settlement System) oversees the integration of BVN across banks and with third parties like Palmcredit. To fully execute the removal of your BVN from Palmcredit, you’ll need to physically visit an NIBSS office. There are multiple branches located in cities across Nigeria.

Step 3: Submit removal request form

At the NIBSS office, obtain a form to request detaching your BVN from Palmcredit. Fill out the form accurately with your name, BVN number, address, phone number, and signature. Submit the completed request form to NIBSS along with a letter from your bank.

Step 4: Provide valid ID

You’ll also need to supply a valid form of ID when submitting your removal request. This is so NIBSS can verify your identity and ensure you are the genuine owner of the BVN. Make sure your ID matches the personal details provided on the request form. Valid IDs include national ID card, driver’s license, or passport.

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Step 5: Get confirmation

If all the details check out, NIBSS will process your request to remove your BVN from Palmcredit. The process may take a few business days. You’ll get a confirmation letter or email from NIBSS when it is completed, letting you know your BVN is fully detached from Palmcredit.

Step 6: Follow up

As one final step, follow up with your bank to confirm they no longer see your BVN linked to Palmcredit. You can also try to open an account at another bank you’ve never used before. If the new bank can’t find your BVN details, you’ll know the removal was successful.

Following this detailed process from start to finish will allow you to successfully unlink your BVN from Palmcredit. While it takes some time and effort, the enhanced privacy and control over your banking data makes it worthwhile for many people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about removing BVN from Palmcredit:

Does removing BVN from Palmcredit delete it completely?

No, your BVN will still be active with your bank and NIBSS. Only the link to Palmcredit’s database will be removed.

Do I need to visit every bank branch I have an account at?

No, you only need to contact your primary bank. They will inform NIBSS and Palmcredit on your behalf.

Can I do this process online or by phone?

Unfortunately, you have to physically visit an NIBSS office to submit the removal request form and ID in person.

What happens if I don’t remove my BVN from Palmcredit?

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Your BVN will remain in Palmcredit’s system, allowing any bank to identify you through their biometric matching. This gives Palmcredit continued access to your personal data.

How long does the removal process take?

It may take between 3-7 business days from the time you submit your request. You’ll get a confirmation letter from NIBSS when it is completed.

Is there a fee to detach my BVN from Palmcredit?

NIBSS does not currently charge an official fee for this service. However, the bank may charge an administrative fee. Check with them.

Can I reverse the removal if I change my mind later?

Yes, you can re-link your BVN to Palmcredit in the future by going through the same NIBSS process. The choice is yours.

In Conclusion

Having your BVN attached to Palmcredit can be inconvenient or concerning for some bank customers in Nigeria. Thankfully, with the proper steps, you can definitively remove your BVN from Palmcredit’s database and regain more control over your personal and banking data. While it does require some time and effort, the enhanced privacy payoff is worth it for many people.

Follow the six key steps outlined above: Contact your bank, visit NIBSS, submit the removal form, show valid ID, get confirmation, and follow up with your bank. This will ensure your request to detach your BVN from Palmcredit is processed accurately. Take control of your data and know that with the proper protocol, you can remove your BVN from Palmcredit successfully.


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