How to Remove Your BVN from PalmPay

PalmPay is a popular mobile payments app in Nigeria. Linking your BVN provides services like easy bank transfers. However, you may want to remove your BVN from PalmPay at times.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll outline the steps to delete your BVN from PalmPay securely. We’ll cover why you may want to remove it, the PalmPay removal process, alternatives, and common questions.

Whether for privacy, account security or other reasons, learning how to properly remove your BVN from PalmPay only takes a few minutes. Let’s get started!

Introduction to PalmPay and BVN

For context, PalmPay is a fintech platform launched in 2019 that offers mobile banking, payments, transfers, airtime purchases, and other financial services through partnerships with banks and merchants.

BVN stands for Bank Verification Number. Introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria, it is a unique 11-digit number assigned to each banking customer for identity verification across Nigeria’s financial system.

Linking your BVN to PalmPay connects your bank accounts, enabling services like easy bank transfers on the app. However, you may want to delete this linkage at times.

Next, let’s look at reasons you may want to remove your BVN from PalmPay.

Reasons to Remove Your BVN from PalmPay

Here are some common reasons you may wish to delete your BVN from PalmPay:

  • Privacy – To protect your banking information and increase privacy.
  • Security – If your phone is stolen, removing your BVN protects your bank accounts.
  • Control – Preventing unwanted transfers or payments from linked bank accounts.
  • Reset – To delete your PalmPay account and start fresh by re-adding your BVN.
  • Errors – If errors occur due to an incorrect BVN, deleting it and re-adding can help.
  • Inactive use – If you no longer actively use PalmPay, deleting your BVN removes the connection.

The ability to easily remove your BVN from PalmPay gives you greater control over account privacy, security, and activity.

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How to Remove BVN on Android

On an Android device, here are the steps to remove your BVN from PalmPay:

  1. Open the PalmPay app and log into your account.
  2. Go to your profile page.
  3. Tap “My Bank Accounts”.
  4. Tap the trash can icon next to the bank account with your linked BVN.
  5. Enter your PalmPay PIN to confirm.
  6. Your BVN is now removed from PalmPay on that device.

Be sure to fully close the PalmPay app when finished for added security. Also removing your PalmPay account from the device provides extra assurance.

Some key tips for Android users:

  • If bank transfers fail, removing your BVN and re-adding can help resolve issues.
  • Note you are only removing the PalmPay connection, not your actual BVN or bank account.
  • Avoid keeping your BVN in PalmPay on untrusted public devices.

With these simple steps, Android users can easily delete their BVN from PalmPay at any time.

How to Remove BVN on iOS

For iPhone and iPad users, here is how to remove your BVN from the PalmPay app:

  1. Open PalmPay and log into your account.
  2. Go to your profile and select “Linked Accounts”.
  3. Tap the red “Unlink Account” option beside the connected bank account.
  4. Enter your PalmPay login PIN to confirm removal.
  5. Your BVN is now successfully unlinked from PalmPay on that iOS device.

Be sure to fully close out of the PalmPay app when finished removing your BVN. Also deleting the app from your device adds extra security.

Some helpful tips for iOS users:

  • If you need to re-add your BVN later, simply link a bank account again in your PalmPay profile.
  • You may need to contact your bank if an incorrect BVN is linked that you cannot remove.
  • Avoid accessing PalmPay with your BVN on public or borrowed iPhones.
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With that quick 4-step process, iPhone and iPad users can easily unlink their BVN from PalmPay at any time.

Confirming BVN Removal

To confirm you successfully removed your BVN from PalmPay, open your PalmPay profile and check under “Linked Accounts” – your bank account should no longer be there if removed properly.

You can also attempt a bank transfer from PalmPay, which will fail without a linked BVN.

If your bank account still appears linked, try the removal steps again. If it persists, contact PalmPay support for assistance unlinking your BVN fully.

Re-adding BVN to PalmPay

If you need to re-link your BVN to PalmPay in the future after removing it, simply:

  1. Go to your PalmPay profile.
  2. Select “Link Account”.
  3. Enter your BVN when prompted.
  4. Confirm the request through your bank.

Your BVN will be successfully re-added to your PalmPay account. You can toggle it on and off anytime needed.

PalmPay Account Security Tips

When using a payment app like PalmPay, it’s also good to enable extra account security steps like:

  • Set an account PIN or password – don’t use obvious digits.
  • Enable two-factor authentication for enhanced account protection.
  • Link only your personal bank accounts – avoid shared or business accounts.
  • Routinely check your PalmPay account and transaction history for suspicious activity.
  • Contact PalmPay support right away if your account appears compromised.
  • Frequently update your PalmPay password and security questions.

Combining vigilant account security habits with steps like removing your BVN when not actively using PalmPay adds vital protection for your banking information and money.


PalmPay makes mobile payments, transfers, and other financial transactions convenient across Nigeria. But ease of use should never compromise your data privacy or account security.

This is why it’s important to know how to properly remove your BVN from PalmPay when desired. With just a few quick taps in your PalmPay profile, you can unlink your BVN on both Android and iOS devices.

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Whether for privacy reasons, account security, resolving issues, taking a break from the app, or other needs, the ability to delete your BVN gives you greater control over financial data sharing with mobile apps.

So be sure to use the steps outlined here to remove your BVN from PalmPay anytime needed. Keeping financial information private and secure takes just seconds.

FAQs About Removing BVN from PalmPay

Q: Does removing BVN delete my PalmPay account?

A: No, only the linkage between your BVN and PalmPay account is removed. Your PalmPay account remains intact.

Q: Can I re-add my BVN to PalmPay later?

A: Yes, you can re-link the same BVN again down the line through your PalmPay profile if desired.

Q: Does removing BVN also unlink my bank accounts?

A: Yes, removing your BVN deletes the connection to any bank accounts linked to that BVN for PalmPay services.

Q: Is my money or bank account at risk if I remove BVN?

A: No, your actual bank accounts or money remain unaffected and secure when you unlink your BVN from PalmPay.

Q: Will my transaction history be deleted if I remove my BVN?

A: No, your PalmPay transaction history will remain intact. Only the linkage to your bank accounts via BVN is removed.

In summary, removing your BVN from PalmPay is an easy process that allows greater control over account privacy and security. Just tap a few buttons to manage your BVN linkage anytime.


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