How to Switch Accounts on OPay

Juggling multiple OPay accounts for personal, family, or business needs?Learning how to seamlessly switch between accounts on the OPay app is a must for keeping things organized.

Whether you want to keep finances separate or manage accounts on behalf of others, this guide will walk through the steps to easily swap between accounts on OPay.

We’ll cover creating multiple profiles, setting up fast logins, changing account order, and troubleshooting any switching issues. Read on to become an expert at navigating between accounts on OPay!

Switching OPay Accounts

OPay is a leading mobile payments app in Nigeria that offers services like money transfers, bill payments, airtime purchase, and more. Many users end up needing multiple OPay accounts for reasons like:

  • Personal finances kept separate from business transactions.
  • Managing family members accounts and transfers.
  • Specific accounts for saving, investing, bills, etc.
  • Kids or teens with their own spending account.

Luckily, the OPay app makes it relatively simple to switch between different accounts you have registered under the same login credentials. But it does require learning the ropes of setting up and navigating multiple accounts.

In this guide, we’ll explore how the account switching functionality works on OPay along with tips for smooth sailing. Let’s get started!

Adding Multiple Accounts to Your App

The first step to seamless account switching is understandably adding the accounts you need access to within the OPay mobile app.

On OPay, you can register for multiple accounts using the same email address and phone number as long as each signup has a different bank account linked.

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To add another account:

  • Tap your profile icon in the upper left corner
  • Select “Manage Account”
  • Choose “Add new account”
  • Enter the required personal details
  • Link the additional bank account

Repeat for any other accounts you need to create. Verify the new account per OPay’s instructions. You can have up to 5 total OPay accounts on one phone.

Setting Up Login Shortcuts

Once multiple accounts are created, you’ll need to configure login shortcuts to easily swap accounts upon opening the OPay app.

To setup shortcuts:

  • Go to your profile and tap “Manage Accounts”
  • Tap “Login Settings”
  • Enable “Use Shortcut” for the desired accounts
  • Assign a 4 digit PIN to use for fast login

Now when launching the app, you can enter the PIN to instantly access that assigned account.

Create unique PINs for each account you want a shortcut for. Disable shortcuts not frequently needed.

Changing the Default Account

Each additional account you add will be placed below your original account in the list. The top account is considered the “default”.

To change which account opens automatically:

  • Go to “Manage Accounts” in your profile.
  • Use the menu icon next to the account name.
  • Select “Set as Default Account”.

Confirm to switch the default to another account. This will become the main account that opens when normally launching OPay.

Switching Between Accounts for Transactions

Once your accounts are setup, you’ll need to swap between them when conducting transactions like transfers or payments.

To change accounts temporarily:

  • Tap your profile icon in the upper left.
  • Select the account you want to switch to.
  • Complete your transaction as needed.
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You remain on the visiting account until you actively select a different profile again. Easy!

Troubleshooting Tips for Swapping Accounts

Switching accounts seamlessly takes practice. Here are some tips if you face any issues:

  • Make sure each account is fully registered and verified.
  • Confirm you logged out fully before switching accounts.
  • Use unique PINs that are easy to remember for shortcuts.
  • Check for app updates in case it’s a bug causing switching problems.
  • Contact OPay support if trouble persists for help.

With patience, you’ll get the hang of easily swapping accounts back and forth.

Best Practices for Managing Multiple OPay Accounts

Follow these recommendations to keep things organized when juggling multiple accounts:

  • Name accounts clearly based on their purpose.
  • Adjust transfer limits appropriately for each account’s usage.
  • Double check you are in the correct account before transacting.
  • Frequently change shortcut PINs to keep them secure.
  • Disable login shortcuts not regularly needed.
  • Monitor notification settings on each account.
  • Use separate bank accounts for funding when possible.

FAQs About Switching OPay Accounts

Can I merge multiple OPay accounts into one?

No, merging accounts is not possible currently. You have to manage them separately.

How many accounts can I have on one phone?

OPay allows up to 5 accounts registered per device as of now. Add only what’s needed.

Do I need a separate phone number for each account?

No, you can use the same phone number for multiple accounts on OPay.

Can I switch accounts on OPay web?

Yes, the OPay web dashboard allows account switching using the profile menu just like mobile.

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Can I use the same PIN shortcut code for multiple accounts?

No, you have to setup a unique 4-digit PIN for each account you want a login shortcut for.

What’s the easiest way to switch accounts fast?

Setting up login shortcut PINs for each account allows near instant switching upon opening the OPay app.


Whether managing personal and business funds or handling accounts for family, learning to switch between multiple accounts on OPay is essential. Adding several accounts under your login, configuring easy-access PINs, and designating default profiles allows seamless hopping between accounts for transactions. Keeping things organized across accounts takes vigilance, but shortcuts and practice makes multi-account use on OPay smooth sailing.


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