How to Watch Score808 on TV

Score808 is a popular European football highlights and analysis show that airs across the continent. As the definitive guide to European club football, Score808 offers match highlights, previews, expert opinions, and more in one exciting program.

If you’re a football fan wanting to tune into Score808 from the comfort of your TV, this comprehensive guide will explain the various ways to watch based on your location. We’ll provide details on accessing Score808 through cable/satellite providers, online streaming platforms, mobile apps, and more.

Whether you’re looking to catch Score808 live as it airs or watch episodes on-demand, read on for the best viewing options available. Let’s kick off!

Overview of Score808 Football Show

For the uninitiated, here’s a quick rundown on Score808 and why it’s a must-watch for any football fan:

  • Provides highlights from top leagues like Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and more
  • Includes expert pre and post-match analysis from ex-players and pundits
  • Covers breaking football news and big match previews
  • Broadcasts weekly across Europe in different languages
  • Available in various countries on cable/satellite TV and streaming platforms

With its extensive football coverage delivered in an exciting format, Score808 has become essential weekend viewing for supporters across Europe.

Now let’s explore the ways to watch Score808 based on your location and preferences.

Watching Score808 Via Cable or Satellite

One of the most straightforward ways of tuning into Score808 is through a cable or satellite TV subscription.

Accessing Score808 Through Cable TV

In many European countries, Score808 airs on certain cable sports channels like:

  • Germany – Sport1
  • Italy – Sportitalia
  • Spain – #Vamos
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Check your local cable TV listings to find the channel Score808 airs on in your country and subscribe to the appropriate package.

Watching Score808 on Satellite TV

Satellite providers across Europe also offer Score808 on select sports channels such as:

  • UK – Sky Sports Football
  • France – beIN Sports
  • Turkey – S Sport

Again, consult your satellite TV guide to identify the relevant channel in your market.

With cable or satellite access, you can enjoy Score808 live or using a DVR for later viewing.

Streaming Score808 Online

Don’t have cable? You can also stream Score808 through several online platform options:

Watching Via Official Score808 Site

Many countries offer a live stream of Score808 direct through the show’s official website. Simply visit from a browser to access the live feed during airing times or watch highlights and clips on-demand.

Streaming Score808 Through Sports Platforms

Third-party sports streaming services also provide access to Score808 online, such as:

  • DAZN – Austria, Spain, Italy and other markets
  • Ziggo Sport – Netherlands football channel
  • C More – Popular Scandinavian sports platform

Check which sports streaming services offer Score808 based on your location.

Accessing Score808 Through TV Provider Apps

If you subscribe to a TV package with Score808, the cable/satellite provider’s app may offer live streaming or on-demand access. For example:

  • Sky Go app for Sky subscribers
  • Virgin TV Anywhere app for Virgin Media customers

So check your TV company’s website for additional streaming options to enjoy Score808.

Accessing Score808 Through Mobile Apps

In addition to web streaming, Score808 offers official apps for iOS and Android to view on your smartphone or tablet.

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The Score808 apps provide:

  • Live match highlights from top leagues
  • Latest football news updates
  • Interviews, analysis and previews
  • Personalized notifications for your teams
  • Chromecast support to watch on big screens

Search “Score808” on the App Store or Google Play to download the app and enjoy on-the-go access or streaming to TV.

When Score808 Airs on TV Schedules

Knowing the TV schedules for Score808 is key to catching shows live or setting recordings. Here are the standard Score808 air times:


  • 21:00 CET – Preview of big upcoming matches


  • 17:00 CET – Halftime analysis of afternoon kickoffs
  • 22:00 CET – Highlights of all Saturday games


  • 12:00 CET – Review of biggest Saturday action
  • 17:00 CET – Live post-match reaction
  • 23:00 CET – Sunday highlights and analysis

Times may vary by region – check local TV listings. The best segments are also available on-demand online.

Watching Score808 Outside Europe

For football fans elsewhere in the world, you can still access Score808 through:

  • Official Score808 web live stream – available globally
  • YouTube channel – highlights and clips uploaded
  • Social media – clips and interviews on Twitter, Facebook
  • VPN proxy – to access Europe-only streaming platforms

So while TV access may be limited, online streams enable Score808 viewing from anywhere.

Troubleshooting Score808 Viewing Issues

Problems accessing Score808? Try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Check your internet connection and streaming speed
  • Confirm your TV package includes the Score808 channel
  • Try restarting the device or app
  • Update your apps to the latest version
  • Clear the app cache and data
  • Get in touch with the streaming platform’s customer support
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With a few simple fixes, you’ll be enjoying Score808 again in no time!

Recapping the Best Ways to Watch Score808

To recap, here are the top ways to watch Score808 based on your preferences:

  • Through a cable/satellite TV subscription
  • On the official Score808 website
  • Using a sports streaming platform
  • With a provider’s app if a subscriber
  • Downloading the Score808 mobile apps
  • Via social media and YouTube for highlights

Now you have all the information needed to access Score808 across Europe and beyond. Just decide which method best fits your viewing situation.

With its must-see football coverage, Score808 has become destination viewing for supporters everywhere. Use this guide to ensure you never miss another exciting episode full of highlights, analysis and entertainment.


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