I Can’t Change My Avatar in ML [Quick Fix]

Your avatar in Mobile Legends allows you to personalize your in-game presence and stand out from other players. But sometimes users run into issues changing their avatar, with the option greyed out or unavailable.

If you can’t seem to modify your Mobile Legends avatar, don’t panic. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the main reasons why you may be unable to change your avatar and offer fixes to resolve the problem quickly.

Understanding Mobile Legends Avatars

In Mobile Legends, your avatar appears beside your username across your profile, chat messages, and during matches.

The default avatar at the start is a plain shadow portrait. As you level up and progress in the game, more avatar options unlock through achievements, events, lucky spins, and purchases.

Changing your basic avatar lets you personalize your identity and style in Mobile Legends with a unique image to represent you.

Common Reasons Why You Can’t Change Avatar

If the option to change your Mobile Legends avatar is locked or unavailable, here are some potential reasons:

Not meeting the level requirement or having fully updated game resources are the most common factors for inability to change avatars. But other issues can block access too. Let’s look at fixes for each situation.

Fix 1: Check Account Level Requirement

In order to edit your avatar, you need to reach account level 8 first. Lower level accounts do not have avatar customization unlocked yet.

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To check your current account level:

  1. Tap your profile picture in the top left corner
  2. Your account level is shown near your name

If your level is below 8, you simply need to gain more XP through matches to hit level 8 and unlock avatar changes. The option should appear after meeting the level criteria.

Fix 2: Verify Game Resources are Downloaded

Another reason you may be blocked from changing your avatar is if Mobile Legends has not fully downloaded all assets.

To check resource status:

  1. Tap the Settings gear icon
  2. Select Resource Check
  3. Let any pending resources download fully to completion

Once all resources are updated, you should gain access to customize your avatar.

Fix 3: Restart the Mobile Legends App

Like most apps, Mobile Legends can develop minor glitches that disrupt functions. Avatars failing to update often stem from app issues.

Before anything else, try force closing and restarting the Mobile Legends app on your device. This clears any caching errors and resets the app.

After restarting Mobile Legends, attempt to change your avatar again. In many cases, a fresh app restart is all that’s needed.

Fix 4: Change Avatar on Mobile Legends Website

If you still can’t change your avatar in the Mobile Legends app, an alternative is to update it via the ML website:

  1. Go to the Mobile Legends Bang Bang website
  2. Click Log In and enter your account credentials
  3. Click your current avatar and select a new image
  4. Click Confirm to save changes

Using the website interface provides another avenue to change your avatar if the in-app option is unresponsive.

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How to Reset Mobile Legends Advertising ID

Resetting your advertising ID essentially refreshes your Mobile Legends app data and can fix avatar issues stemming from corrupted files.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Mobile Legends app settings
  2. Tap “Reset Advertising ID”
  3. Confirm resetting the ID when prompted

Resetting this ID clears away old data and starts you fresh. Test changing your avatar again afterwards.

Mobile Legends Avatar Size and Dimension Requirements

When selecting a new Mobile Legends avatar, make sure it meets the correct file specifications:

  • Image format must be PNG, JPG/JPEG
  • Maximum file size of 300 KB
  • Dimensions should be 256×256 pixels

If your avatar image does not satisfy the size, file type, or dimension criteria, Mobile Legends will block you from saving changes.

Double check that your new avatar matches all the requirements. Compress oversized files and adjust dimensions as needed.

FAQs About Changing ML Avatar

Does changing avatar reset Mobile Legends stats?

No, simply changing your avatar does not reset or delete any of your current in-game stats and progress. It is only a cosmetic change.

Can I revert back to my old ML avatar?

Yes, you can switch between any unlocked avatars at any time. So feel free to revert to old avatars when desired.

Do I need to re-login if I can’t change avatar?

No need to re-login. Just restarting the app, updating resources, or changing avatar through the website typically resolves any issues.

What happens if I change Mobile Legends avatar on website?

Your new avatar from the website will be synced and updated in the Mobile Legends app as well after connecting accounts.

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How often can you change your avatar in ML?

There is no limit, so you can change your Mobile Legends avatar as frequently as you want.


With the right troubleshooting steps, you can overcome most hurdles when trying to change your Mobile Legends avatar. The problem usually boils down to account level, outdated resources, app issues, or incorrect avatar files.

By verifying your level meets the requirements, downloading all resources, restarting the app, using the website, and resetting your advertising ID, you can debug whatever is preventing your avatar change.

Customizing your Mobile Legends avatar allows you to express your unique style. We hope our tips eliminate any frustrating access issues so you can easily modify it anytime. Game on with your new look!


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