I Can’t Change My Avatar on Duolingo [Quick Fix]

Duolingo avatars add a fun way to personalize your profile and represent yourself while learning a language. But sometimes the option to change your avatar image gets blocked or grayed out.

If you can’t figure out how to modify your avatar on Duolingo, this guide will walk through the most common issues and solutions to get your new avatar up and running.

How Duolingo Avatars Work

Avatars on Duolingo allow you to choose a virtual image to represent your profile instead of your real photo.

New Duolingo users start with a default avatar of a green owl icon. As you use the app, more avatar options unlock through achievements and point accumulation.

Duolingo periodically adds new avatar images and items to collect. Changing your avatar is a fun way to evolve your visual profile.

Reasons You May Be Unable to Change Duolingo Avatar

If the option to change or select a new avatar is greyed out or missing on Duolingo, there are a few possible reasons:

  • Using an outdated version of the Duolingo app that lacks avatar features
  • Syncing issues between Duolingo and your Google account
  • Glitches if Duolingo crashed while changing avatars
  • Age restrictions on certain avatars for younger users
  • Trying to use an avatar image that violates file size or dimensions

Thankfully, there are fixes and workarounds for each of these common issues when changing your avatar.

Fix 1: Update the Duolingo App

One of the most common reasons for lack of avatar access is using an outdated version of the Duolingo app.

Duolingo regularly releases new app versions with bug fixes and new features like avatars. To check for updates:

  • On Android: Go to the Play Store, search Duolingo, and install any available update.
  • On iOS: Go to the App Store, tap your profile, select Purchased, find Duolingo and check for any Update button.
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Installing the latest Duolingo version ensures you have all newest avatar functionalities. Try changing your avatar again after updating.

Fix 2: Change Avatar on the Duolingo Website

If you still can’t change your avatar in-app after updating, an alternative is to switch your avatar via duolingo.com:

  1. Go to the Duolingo website and log in.
  2. Click your account icon in the top right.
  3. Select “Settings” from the dropdown menu.
  4. Under the “Profile” tab, click “Change avatar” to pick a new one.

This will sync and update your avatar across the Duolingo mobile apps as well.

Fix 3: Link Avatar to Google Account

Duolingo syncs avatar data between your Google account and app profile. If this sync is disrupted, it can block avatar access.

Try logging out of the Duolingo app, and log back in using your Google account. After reconnecting your Google account, avatar changes should save properly.

Fix 4: Contact Duolingo Support

For any avatar issues that persist, consider reaching out to Duolingo Support through the in-app support page or Twitter account.

Describe your avatar problem and any troubleshooting steps you’ve tried. Duolingo can investigate further and resolve lingering avatar bugs.

Duolingo Avatar Image Requirements

When selecting a new Duolingo avatar image, make sure it meets the proper specifications:

  • Square image at least 512×512 pixels
  • Under 2 MB file size
  • JPG, PNG, or GIF format

Images outside these requirements may fail to upload or save as your avatar. Use an image editor to adjust the dimensions and file size as needed.

Cropping and Editing Duolingo Avatar Pictures

If you want to use a photo as your Duolingo avatar, you’ll likely need to crop and size it properly in an image editor first:

  1. Open the photo and crop it into a square shape.
  2. Adjust the canvas size to 512×512 pixels.
  3. Export the image as a JPG or PNG under 2 MB.
  4. Upload the optimized photo as your new Duolingo avatar!
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Editing the image before upload prevents rejection and ensures high image quality.

FAQs About Changing Your Duolingo Avatar

How often can you change your Duolingo avatar?

There is no limit, so you can swap your Duolingo avatar as frequently as desired.

Does your Duolingo avatar show in lessons?

No, avatars only display on your profile screen and leaderboards, not during actual lessons.

Can I use an avatar without unlocking it first?

No, you must earn an avatar through achievements before equipping it as your profile image.

Does changing avatar reset Duolingo progress?

No, your lessons, XP, and unlocked items remain unchanged when modifying only your avatar image.

Where can I find new Duolingo avatars to unlock?

New avatars are added periodically and are unlocked through point gains and specific achievement completions.


With the right troubleshooting, any issues preventing you from changing your Duolingo avatar can typically be resolved quickly. Updating your app, using the website, reconnecting Google, and contacting support cover the major workarounds.

A personalized Duolingo avatar makes learning a language more fun and social. We hope these tips empower you to easily modify your profile image when needed so you can fully customize your learning experience


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