I Can’t Change My Brightness in Windows 11? [Here are 5 Fixes]

Having the right screen brightness is essential for a comfortable Windows 11 experience. However, some users report issues like not being able to change their brightness at all in Windows 11. Read on as we troubleshoot what to do if you can’t adjust the screen brightness.

Why You Can’t Change Brightness in Windows 11

There are several potential reasons why brightness control may not be working:

  • Outdated display drivers – Old graphics drivers can cause brightness malfunctions. Keeping drivers updated is key.
  • Power settings conflict – Windows power plans may override brightness controls. Customize these appropriately.
  • Third party software clashes – Some third party apps can block the brightness slider and controls. Disable if needed.
  • Hardware and firmware issues – In rarer cases, physical display or motherboard problems may affect brightness.
  • Corrupted power manager – A corrupted power manager in Windows can prevent brightness adjustments.

By understanding the source of the issue, you can better troubleshoot a fix.

How to Normally Change Brightness in Windows 11

When brightness controls are working, you can change screen brightness in Windows 11 by:

  • Using the brightness slider in Quick Settings.
  • Going to Settings > System > Display and adjusting the slider.
  • Using keyboard shortcuts like Fn + F11/F12 or other dedicated keys.
  • Adjusting your monitor’s physical brightness buttons, if available.

5 Solutions to Fix Brightness Issues in Windows 11

If you can’t change screen brightness in Windows 11, try these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Update Your Display Drivers

Check for graphics driver updates from the Device Manager and install the latest versions. This resolves many brightness control problems.

  1. Change Power Plan Settings
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Go to Power Options, edit your current plan, and ensure sleep and brightness settings are configured as desired.

  1. Disable Conflicting Apps

Some third party tools like monitor calibration or accessibility apps can block adjustments. Disable them to test if this fixes your issue.

  1. Run Hardware Diagnostics

Use manufacturer tools to diagnose monitor, video card, motherboard issues which may impact brightness controls.

  1. Reset Power Manager

Run “powercfg -restoredefaultschemes” to reset the power manager. Then restart your PC and check if brightness works again.

Following these tips should resolve most brightness issues in Windows 11. Contact support if problems persist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some additional details around adjusting screen brightness in Windows 11:

How do I enable adaptive brightness?

Go to Settings > System > Display > Change brightness automatically to dynamically adapt screen brightness based on ambient light.

What should I do if function keys don’t work?

Confirm Function lock is disabled and install the latest keyboard drivers if function keys for brightness control are unresponsive.

Can apps override brightness?

Yes, some applications like monitor calibrators take control of brightness which may override system settings temporarily.

Where is the brightness slider in Windows 11?

The quickest brightness slider is in Quick Settings. You can also go to Display settings. Some keyboards also have dedicated brightness keys.

Does HDR affect brightness controls?

Yes, enabling HDR can sometimes override standard brightness settings. You may need to disable HDR to regain control.

Key Takeaways

Don’t settle for a dim screen! If you can’t change brightness in Windows 11, updating drivers, customizing power plans, and disabling apps are a few key troubleshooting steps. Screen brightness is so important for visual comfort, so be sure to resolve any issues preventing adjustments.

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Let us know if you have any other Windows 11 brightness questions!


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