I Can’t Change My Date of Birth on Twitter [Here’s What To Do]

Have you realized your Twitter account shows the wrong birth date? Many users run into this issue after accidentally inputting an incorrect date of birth when first creating their account.

Unfortunately, Twitter doesn’t allow users to change their birthday after account creation. This can be annoying if you want your correct age or birth date reflected on your profile.

In this post, I’ll explain why Twitter locks in your DOB, and what you can do if you need to display a different or more accurate date of birth on your Twitter profile.

Why You Can’t Change Your Birth Date on Twitter

There are a couple key reasons why Twitter doesn’t allow users to change their birthday after setting up an account:

  • To prevent fraud and fake accounts – Allowing date of birth changes makes it easier for users to falsify their age and identity. Locking it helps Twitter fight spam.
  • To comply with age-related regulations – Twitter requires users to be 13+. Not allowing birthday edits helps enforce this rule.
  • To enable age-based features – Your birth date helps Twitter recommend relevant, age-appropriate content. Easy changes would diminish this accuracy.

While the inability to change your DOB may be inconvenient, Twitter believes it ultimately strengthens platform security and the user experience.

How to Show a Different Birth Date on Twitter

Even though you can’t edit your official date of birth on Twitter, you do have a couple options to display a different or more accurate date if needed:

  • Update your Twitter bio – The 160 character bio field allows you to clarify your real date of birth.
  • List your actual birth date in your pinned Tweet – Pin a Tweet with your true DOB to appear at the top of your profile.
  • Add your accurate birth year in your name – Such as “John Smith (1990)” to reflect the correct year.
  • Contact Twitter support – In limited cases like being under 13, you may be able to appeal directly to Twitter.
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While not perfect solutions, these tips can help you display a more accurate birth date on your Twitter profile after account creation.

Common Questions about Twitter Birthdays

Here are some additional details around changing and displaying your birthday on Twitter:

  • Can I edit my birth year if I’m under 13? Yes, in this specific case Twitter may allow you to update your birth date to show you are actually 13 or older.
  • Can someone else change my birthday without me knowing? No, only you as the account holder have access to change your DOB at account creation.
  • Can I hide my birth date completely? No, you cannot fully hide or remove your DOB from your Twitter account details.
  • What if my account gets suspended? You would need to verify your real age by providing ID to reactivate a suspended account with an incorrect DOB.
  • Will Twitter delete my account if I’m under 13? They may lock the account until age verification. But providing valid ID normally reactivates access.

Key Takeaways

While you can’t directly edit your date of birth on your Twitter profile, adding details in your bio, name, pinned Tweet or reaching out to Twitter support can help display a more accurate birth date. Just keep in mind that Twitter will always have your original sign up details on file, even if your public profile shows something different.

Let us know if you have any other Twitter account questions!


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