I Can’t Change My Opay Account Name [Quick Fix]

Have you been trying to change your Opay account name but can’t seem to find the option? Many Opay users face this issue as the ability to edit your account name is not straightforward within the app.

The good news is, with a few simple steps, you can change your Opay account name easily. This guide will walk you through the quick process and troubleshooting tips if you encounter any problems.

Understanding Opay Account Names

When you first sign up for Opay, your account name defaults to your phone number. So for many users, their account name is likely their mobile number.

This phone number account name is tied to your Opay profile and wallet for identification. However, having your phone number as your account name is not mandatory. You can modify it to another name of your preference.

Opay allows you to change your account name up to two times. So if your current name is not ideal, you have an opportunity to update it.

Why You May Want to Change Your Opay Account Name

Here are some common reasons Opay users may wish to edit their account name:

  • Privacy concerns – Having your phone number as your account name exposes it publicly. Changing to a username or alias protects privacy.
  • Branding – Updating to a business name or brand handle projects a more professional image.
  • Fixing errors – Correcting typos or errors in an existing account name.
  • Lost phone number – If you lost access to your phone number, you can no longer use it as your account name.
  • Stolen account – If your account is compromised, changing the name helps resecure it.
  • Personalization – Choosing a customized name instead of a phone number adds personality.
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No matter your specific reasons, the option to modify your Opay account name is handy for many users.

How to Change Your Opay Account Name

Changing your Opay account name to something new is easy and only takes a few steps:

  1. Open the Opay app and tap your profile photo in the top left corner.
  2. Tap the pencil icon to edit your profile.
  3. Tap on your current account name.
  4. Type your new desired account name.
  5. Tap “Save Changes” to confirm.

That’s all there is to it! Your account name should now be updated to the new name you entered. Feel free to toggle between your profile and wallet views to verify the change.

Note that Opay does enforce certain rules around account names, similar to most platforms:

  • The name must be between 3-15 characters.
  • It can only contain letters and numbers – no symbols or emojis.
  • Once changed, you cannot revert back to a previous name.

As long as your new account name meets the requirements, you can change it up to twice under the current Opay policies.

Troubleshooting if You Can’t Change Opay Account Name

In some cases, you may run into trouble while trying to modify your Opay account name. Here are solutions for some common issues:

Can’t find account name edit option – Make sure to tap your profile photo first, then tap the pencil icon. This opens profile editing.

Name change option is greyed out – This likely means you already changed your name twice, which is the limit. You cannot make further changes.

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Error shows when saving changes – Your new name may violate the character limits or contain invalid symbols. Double check the requirements.

Original name remains unchanged – Close and relaunch the Opay app if issues with the change sticking. Also ensure you have a stable internet connection.

Account shows old name – It may take some time for the new account name to reflect across Opay. Give it a few hours if needed.

If you continue having trouble changing your account name after troubleshooting, you may need to reach out to Opay support for additional assistance.

Opay Account Name Change Frequently Asked Questions

Does changing my Opay account name affect my wallet?

No, changing your account name does not impact your Opay wallet balance or transaction history. Your wallet remains intact.

Can I change my Opay account name back to the original?

Unfortunately, no. Once you change your Opay account name, you cannot revert back to a previous name.

Is there a limit to how many times I can change my account name?

Yes, Opay currently only allows account name changes twice in total. After two changes, the option will become permanently unavailable.

Does my phone number stop working if I change my account name?

No, your mobile number remains tied to your account in Opay’s system. Changing the account name does not affect your registered phone number.

Can I use emojis/symbols in my Opay account name?

No, Opay account names can only contain letters and numbers. Special characters including emojis are not allowed.

Closing Thoughts on Changing Your Opay Account Name

Having the wrong or outdated account name in Opay can create privacy, branding, and usability issues. Thankfully, modifying your account name is straightforward within the Opay app profile settings.

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Just tap your profile, edit profile, change the name field, and save changes. Keep Opay’s rules and limits in mind, and troubleshoot issues like greyed out options.

With an updated account name more aligned with your preferences, you can customize your Opay presence and protect sensitive personal details.

We hope this guide gave you the steps and tips needed to successfully change your Opay account name. Enjoy your improved profile


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