I Can’t Change My Playlist Cover on Spotify [How To Fix It]

One of the great things about creating playlists on Spotify is customizing them with a cover image that matches the vibe of the music. But sometimes the option to change your Spotify playlist cover may be greyed out or missing.

Not being able to edit your playlist cover image on Spotify can be frustrating. In this post, we’ll look at some potential reasons why you can’t change it, and troubleshooting steps to fix it.

Why You Might Not Be Able to Change Your Spotify Playlist Cover

There are a few possible reasons why the playlist cover change option could be unavailable on Spotify:

  • You don’t have edit permissions – If it’s a collaborative or public playlist, you need the owner’s permission to change the cover.
  • The playlist is synced from a third party – Playlists synced from elsewhere may not allow cover edits.
  • There’s a temporary glitch – Like any app, Spotify can have occasional bugs affecting certain features.
  • Your app or device is outdated – Make sure both app and OS are up-to-date, as old versions may lack cover edit ability.
  • You’re restricted by family controls – If you’re on a family plan with restrictions, editing covers may be limited.

How to Change Your Spotify Playlist Cover on Mobile and Desktop

When you have proper permissions, here are the steps to change your playlist cover:

On Mobile:

  1. Open the playlist and tap the three dot menu.
  2. Choose “Edit playlist details”.
  3. Tap on the current cover image.
  4. Search and select a new image, then hit “X” to confirm change.
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On Desktop:

  1. Right click on the playlist and choose “Edit details”.
  2. Click the current cover image.
  3. Search and choose a new photo then hit “Save”.

That’s all there is to it! The new image should now appear as your playlist cover.

Troubleshooting Tips to Change Spotify Playlist Covers

If you’re still having trouble editing your playlist cover image on Spotify, try these tips:

  • Double check you have permission to edit the playlist if it’s collaborative or public.
  • Make sure the playlist wasn’t imported from a third party app. Those can’t be edited.
  • Log out of Spotify completely and log back in to refresh anything stuck.
  • Update your Spotify app and operating system to rule out any compatibility issues.
  • Ask the family plan owner to check if profile restrictions are enabled for you.
  • Reach out to Spotify customer support if you still can’t resolve the issue.

Following this troubleshooting guide should help get playlist cover editing working again in most cases.

FAQs About Changing Spotify Playlist Covers

What image sizes can I use for playlist covers?

Minimum size is 300×300 pixels, no maximum size limit. Square images fit best.

How do I create my own cover image?

Use image editing apps to create your own cover art visuals. Add text, colors, and graphics that suit the mood of your playlist.

Can I use copyrighted images?

No, for legal reasons you can only use original images you own or public domain images.

What file types work for playlist covers?

The most common supported types are JPG, PNG, BMP and TIFF. Avoid using GIFs.

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Where are my playlist covers stored?

Covers are stored in Spotify’s cloud system. You can redownload any of your past covers.

Key Takeaways

Customizing your Spotify playlists with cover art makes them feel more personalized. If the option is ever greyed out, double check your permissions, app version, account restrictions, and follow troubleshooting steps. With the right fixes, you should be able to refresh your playlist covers effortlessly.

Have any other questions about editing Spotify playlist covers? Let me know!


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