Is My Hotmail Password the Same as My Outlook Password?

Back in the day, Hotmail was one of the most popular free email services on the web. Microsoft acquired Hotmail in 1997, and eventually rebranded it as Outlook in 2013.

This transition left many longtime Hotmail users wondering – are my Hotmail and Outlook login credentials still the same? Or did my password change with the new Outlook service?

Read on for a straightforward explanation of the relationship between Outlook and Hotmail passwords, how to access your account, and steps to update or reset your credentials.

Hotmail Becomes Outlook

First, a quick history about how Microsoft’s popular Hotmail service evolved into today’s

  • 1996: Hotmail founded as one of the first web-based email providers
  • 1997: Microsoft acquires Hotmail with millions of users
  • 2013: Microsoft officially rebrands Hotmail as Outlook
  • Present: provides free webmail services to hundreds of millions globally

So while the name changed, the service itself continued uninterrupted throughout the transition from Hotmail to Outlook.

Outlook Uses Your Hotmail Password

The key thing to understand is that your existing Hotmail password worked seamlessly to access Outlook.

Users were able to sign into Outlook with the same credentials they previously used for Hotmail. Passwords remained unchanged when the new Outlook branding was launched.

In other words, if your current Outlook password lets you access your account, it’s the same one you originally signed up with under Hotmail years ago.

Rest assured your Hotmail and Outlook credentials are identical unless you manually changed your password along the way.

Signing Into Your Outlook/Hotmail Account

To access your Outlook account, simply:

  • Go to
  • Enter the entire Hotmail email address you originally signed up with as your username
  • Input your existing Hotmail/Outlook password
  • Click Sign In
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This will log you into your familiar Outlook account that has retained your Hotmail email address and password combination.

Your inbox, emails, contacts, and account details remain the same apart from the updated Outlook interface skin.

Changing Your Password

If you want to proactively change or update your Outlook password for security reasons, here’s how to do it:

  • Login to your Outlook account
  • Click your profile picture > View Account
  • Select Security & Privacy > Password
  • Enter your current password when prompted
  • Input a new, strong password
  • Click Save to update your password

Your updated password will now work across Outlook and Hotmail with your same email address username.

Resetting a Forgotten Outlook Password

Don’t panic if you’ve forgotten your Outlook password as it’s quick to reset:

  • On the Outlook sign in page, click Can’t Access Account
  • Select you’ve forgotten your password and enter your Outlook email
  • Choose how to reset – email, text, authenticator app, etc.
  • Follow prompts to reset your password securely
  • A temporary code will allow you to create a new password
  • Sign back in with your email and newly reset password

Resetting lets you seamlessly access your account even without your old Hotmail or Outlook password handy.

Creating a New Outlook Account

If you never had a Hotmail account, signing up for a new Outlook email is fast and straightforward:

  • Go to
  • Click Create Free Account
  • Enter your name, desired email address, and password
  • Confirm whether you want marketing emails
  • Complete simple captcha and click Create Account
  • Start using your new Outlook email and password credentials

This creates a brand new account with a fresh email and password completely separate from any old Hotmail credentials you may have had.

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Setting Up Outlook with Gmail or Other Accounts

If you want to access your Gmail or other existing emails through Outlook, connect your accounts:

  • In Outlook, click Settings > View All Outlook Settings
  • Select Mail > Accounts
  • Choose Add Account and select your provider
  • Enter your email and password credentials to link accounts
  • You can now access Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, etc. emails within Outlook

Never share Outlook/Hotmail passwords when linking accounts for security. Use your separate login credentials for each individual email provider.

Best Practices for Outlook Security

To keep your Outlook account and data safe:

  • Create a strong, unique password using a password manager
  • Enable two-step verification for signing in
  • Avoid accessing Outlook through public WiFi
  • Set up alerts for suspicious activity
  • Frequently update your credentials
  • Use Outlook’s built-in junk mail filters
  • Don’t click suspicious links in emails
  • Keep software patched and updated

Following security best practices ensures your emails and information stay protected.

FAQs About Outlook and Hotmail Passwords

Does changing your Hotmail password change Outlook?

Yes, Outlook and Hotmail passwords are identical, so changing one automatically changes the other when signing in.

Can you merge Hotmail and Outlook accounts?

No, you cannot officially combine Outlook and Hotmail accounts. But you can access both inboxes through the Outlook interface by adding your Hotmail as a connected account.

Is Hotmail safer or less secure than Outlook?

Neither is necessarily safer. Hotmail and Outlook use the same login credentials, so security comes down to your password strength and account settings.

How do I change my password if I forgot my old Hotmail password?

Use Outlook’s password reset option. This will allow you to create a brand new password to access your Hotmail/Outlook account email and data.

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Can someone hack my Hotmail if they know my Outlook password?

Yes, Outlook and Hotmail share the same login credentials. Someone with access to your Outlook password could potentially access your Hotmail account data and emails.

Is Outlook ending or discontinuing Hotmail?

No, Outlook is not discontinuing Hotmail accounts. All Hotmail accounts were rebranded as Outlook using the same email addresses and passwords.

In Summary

While Microsoft rebranded Hotmail as Outlook in 2013, your login credentials remained the same through the transition. Both services continue to use your original Hotmail password when signing in. You can access, update, reset, and manage your Outlook account using your existing credentials. Just be sure to use proper security practices to keep your account and emails safe regardless of whether you call it Hotmail or Outlook!


Your Hotmail password seamlessly carries over to access Outlook thanks to Microsoft’s rebranding initiative. While the name and interface changed, your underlying account details and credentials continue working the same in Outlook as they did for Hotmail. So rest assured your data is secure with your existing password, and you can login to your Outlook account using those familiar Hotmail credentials. With strong security practices in place, you can enjoy reliable web-based email through Outlook for years to come.


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