“This Phone Number Cannot Be Used for Verification” Gmail Error – How To Fix

Seeing the message “This phone number cannot be used for verification” when trying to sign up for a new Gmail account can be confusing and concerning. This error indicates Google has flagged the phone number you provided as unusable for account verification.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll uncover the main reasons for this error, troubleshoot solutions, and give tips on choosing a number that Google will accept for Gmail verification.

What Triggers “Number Cannot Be Used” Error

When trying to register a new Gmail account, Google requires you enter a phone number to send a verification code for account creation.

You may encounter the “number cannot be used” error for the following reasons:

Using VoIP or Virtual Numbers

Google restricts using VoIP, virtual or internet-based phone numbers that aren’t associated with a mobile carrier due to higher fraud risk. Stick to real mobile numbers.

Number Already Associated with Account

If the number you entered is already registered with an existing Google account, it cannot be reused to open another account. Use a unique number or recover access to the registered account.

Google Restrictions on Number

In some cases, Google may block a number considered high risk if it has been linked to violations of Google’s terms of service in the past.

Understanding the triggers helps resolve the issue quicker.

Troubleshooting Methods

Here are troubleshooting steps to take in order to fix the “number cannot be used for verification” error:

Request a Voice Call Verification

If you have a phone number that you would like to use for verification but keep receiving the error message, you can try requesting a voice call verification.

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This option is available on the “Verify your phone number” screen where you are prompted to enter your phone number. Choose the “Call Me” option and wait for the automated call from Google.

You will receive a verification code that you can enter to complete the verification process.

Verify Correct Number Entered

Double check that you entered the phone number correctly without any typos or transposed digits. This simple mistake can lead to the error.

Use Different Network Connection

Try using a different internet connection on mobile data or WiFi instead of the one you initially attempted. This eliminates any network-based issues.

Try Registration on Desktop

Sometimes mobile browsers cause problems in registering accounts. Attempt the Gmail sign up process on a desktop computer to see if it works there.

Contact Google Support

If other troubleshooting tips do not resolve, reach out to Google Support to inquiry about restrictions on your specific number for account verification.

Remove Restriction on Number

You can request Google review the number and remove any restrictions if the number legitimate. Submit identifications to prove ownership of the blocked number.

Following these steps should help narrow down the cause and fix the pesky “number cannot be used” verification error.

Choosing a Reliable Phone Number

To avoid this issue when registering your Gmail account:

  • Use a non-VoIP, regular mobile number associated with a postpaid carrier plan, not VoIP services.
  • Make sure the number you enter isn’t already tied to another existing Google account.
  • Don’t use landline phone numbers for account verification.
  • If using a shared family phone plan, register accounts using the main account holder number.
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Choosing an eligible number minimizes the risk of facing “number cannot be used” errors.

Tips for Opening New Gmail Account

Here are some additional tips to ensure a smooth Gmail registration process:

  • Make sure to enter your details accurately during sign up. Check for typos.
  • Use a strong password and enable 2-Step Verification for account security.
  • Add a backup email and recovery phone number in case you get locked out in future.
  • Use current browser versions and clear cookies/caches if facing issues.
  • Turn off VPNs, ad blockers, firewalls temporarily if causing registration problems.

Google Account Verification FAQs

Here are some common questions about Google’s account verification process:

Does Google allow VoIP numbers for account verification?

No, Google restricts using VoIP, virtual numbers for account sign up due to higher fraud risk.

Why does Google require phone number verification?

It’s an extra security measure to confirm real users creating accounts and prevent automated bot abuse.

Can I appeal if my number is restricted by Google?

Yes, you can contact Google Support and submit ID proof to request lifting restrictions on your number if legitimate.

What if I don’t have a phone number for Gmail verification?

You can request an SMS verification code sent to a trusted friend/family member’s number temporarily.

How many times can a number be used for Google verification?

A phone number can only be associated with one Google account. It can’t be reused across multiple accounts.

Can I use the same recovery email for multiple accounts?

No, Google requires a unique recovery email for every new Google account registered.

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Facing the “this phone number cannot be used for verification” error when registering your Google account can be annoying. However, carefully checking for typos, trying different networks, and choosing a valid mobile number not tied to another account should help overcome the problem.

Verify your details meticulously during sign up to avoid hiccups. I hope these troubleshooting tips help you successfully create your new Gmail account and get over phone number verification errors!


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