What is a 2.1 Degree in GPA in Nigeria? [Explained]

In Nigeria’s education system, your grade point average (GPA) is a critical metric that determines your academic success and future prospects. Specifically, graduating with a 2.1 degree GPA has major implications that all students should understand.

In this article, we will explain exactly what it means to earn a 2.1 in university in Nigeria and how it impacts everything from job opportunities to further education.

Overview of the GPA System in Nigeria

To understand a 2.1 GPA, you first need to know how the grading system works at Nigerian universities. Most institutions follow a similar 5-point letter grade scale:

  • A = 5 grade points
  • B = 4 grade points
  • C = 3 grade points
  • D = 2 grade points
  • E = 1 grade point

To calculate your GPA, you add up all the grade points you earned and divide it by the total number of credit units taken. A perfect 5.0 GPA means you scored all As. A 4.0 GPA indicates straight Bs. And so on down the scale.

A 2.1 GPA in Nigeria falls between 3.50 and 3.99 on this 5-point scale. It is towards the upper end of the spectrum but slightly below a perfect First Class score.

The Significance of a 2.1 Degree

A 2.1 degree GPA in Nigeria is a major achievement that puts you ahead of the majority of graduates. Here is why it matters so much:

  • Shows Strong Academic Performance – Scoring a 2.1 proves you performed excellently in your program with marks predominantly in the B range and higher. It signals your intellectual capabilities.
  • Boosts Job Prospects – Many top employers in Nigeria specifically seek out graduates with a minimum 2.1 degree. It can give you an advantage competing for top jobs and placements.
  • Opens Up Further Education – A 2.1 meets the GPA requirement for many graduate programs. It keeps the door open to continue into a Masters degree or PhD if desired.
  • Earns Respect – A 2.1 degree confers a certain level of prestige and respect for your intellectual abilities in Nigerian society. It’s an impressive benchmark of achievement.
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Overall, a 2.1 degree shows you worked hard and proved yourself amongst the academic top tier of your university class. It pays dividends as you enter your career.

What Percentage is a 2.1 Degree in Nigeria?

Given the grade point conversions, what kind of percentage scores does it take to achieve a 2.1 GPA at Nigerian universities?

You generally need aggregated percentage scores on assignments and exams between 60-69% to maintain a 2.1 average. So delivering marks consistently in the mid to high 60s will keep your GPA within the 2.1 range over your entire program.

Here is a rough guideline for the percentage equivalents of common degree classifications in Nigeria:

  • First Class (5.0 GPA) = 70% and above
  • 2.1 (3.50 – 3.99 GPA) = 60% – 69%
  • 2.2 (3.00 – 3.49 GPA) = 55% – 59%
  • Third Class (2.49 – 2.99 GPA) = 50% – 54%
  • Pass (2.0 – 2.49 GPA) = 40% – 49%

As you can see, a 2.1 sits in the sweet spot right below the elite First Class category. It signals excellent mid-range marks rather than straight perfection.

Why is a 2.1 GPA Good in Nigeria?

There are plenty of benefits to graduating with a 2.1 degree in the Nigerian education system:

  • Shows you performed well above average as a student in your university program.
  • Gives you a competitive edge for skilled jobs, corporate placements, and further education programs.
  • Opens up opportunities abroad – many international graduate schools and employers recognize a 2.1.
  • Represents your hard work and dedication paying off with marks to be proud of.
  • Builds your confidence by placing you amongst the top academic achievers in your graduating class.
  • Earns you increased respect and prestige compared to lower degree classifications.
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While a First Class is ideal, a 2.1 still represents a major achievement. It is absolutely worth celebrating on your graduation day!

Is a 2.1 Considered a Good Degree in Nigeria?

Yes, a 2.1 is widely considered a very good degree result in Nigeria. Here’s a more detailed look at how different degree classifications are perceived:

  • First Class – Excellent; opens any door; only ~10% of students
  • 2.1 – Very good; gives you advantage; top 25% of graduates
  • 2.2 – Good; decent results; middle of the pack
  • Third Class – Fair; lagging behind peers; bottom 45%
  • Pass – Mediocre; may struggle to find jobs; bottom 10%

So you can see that a 2.1 puts you in elite company at the top with around one quarter of university graduates in Nigeria. It’s a GPA to be proud of that will reward you in your future endeavors.

What Can You Do with a 2.1 Degree in Nigeria?

A 2.1 degree opens up many promising career paths and opportunities. Here are some of the top options to consider with a 2.1 GPA in Nigeria:

  • Apply for competitive corporate graduate trainee programs at major companies in fields like banking, oil and gas, telecoms, consulting, and more.
  • Recruiters will see your 2.1 as an indicator you were a high-achieving student.
  • Further education remains a possibility – apply for Masters and PhD programs locally and abroad.
  • Look for management trainee roles, NGO/non-profit roles, and civil service placements.
  • Consider entrepreneurship and start-up opportunities – your 2.1 proves you have strong skills.
  • Emigrate and work or study overseas in countries that recognize the 2.1 achievement benchmark.
  • Teaching is an option if you have a B.Ed – schools value 2.1 graduates.
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Overall, don’t underestimate the doors your 2.1 degree can open up with enough drive and preparation.

How Hard is it to Get a 2.1 in Nigeria?

Obtaining a 2.1 degree in Nigeria requires a good deal of consistent hard work and focus throughout your university program:

  • You need strong study skills and time management to excel across multiple courses in your curriculum.
  • Putting in extra hours outside class time is a must for high marks on assignments and exams.
  • You can’t afford to slack off or let grades slip in any given semester – a 2.1 requires sustained effort.
  • Seeking help from professors and being organized is key.
  • Natural academic strengths and intellectual aptitudes make it easier.
  • Expect to make some personal sacrifices – a social life may take a hit.

Given the effort involved, graduating with a 2.1 puts you in about the top 25% of students, making it a commendable achievement.


A 2.1 degree GPA is a significant accomplishment for university students in Nigeria that can reward you with exciting job prospects and further education options.

While it demands hard work and discipline to achieve mid-range B marks consistently, a 2.1 degree proves your skills and work ethic to future employers. It unlocks doors and elevates you above the average graduate.

So celebrate and take pride in earning this prestigious classification!


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