Why Can’t I Accept Collaboration on Instagram?

Instagram’s collab feature allows two accounts to co-author a post or Reel together in feed and share ownership. However, sometimes when a collaboration request is received, the option to accept doesn’t show up. This leaves users wondering why they can’t accept an Instagram collaboration.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into the common issues that prevent accepting collaborations on Instagram and how to troubleshoot them.

Overview of Instagram Collabs

Instagram rolled out collabs as a native feature in 2022. It lets two accounts co-author a single post or Reel. Both users can share it to feed, Stories and Reels, with the other account tagged as a collaborator.

Collabs aim to make it easier for joint content creation, especially between brands, influencers and creators. To start one, you can send or receive a collaboration request from the tagging screen.

Once your collab partner accepts the request, you’ll be taken to a shared composer screen to create the joint post or Reel. However, sometimes the option to accept a pending request doesn’t even show up. Let’s look at why this happens.

Requirements to Accept Collab Requests

To accept an Instagram collaboration request smoothly, here are the key requirements:

  • Public account or collaboration requests enabled
  • Updated to the latest version of the Instagram app
  • App has necessary permissions enabled
  • Account is in good standing and not restricted
  • Collaboration request has not expired

As long as those conditions are met, you should be able to accept joint content requests hassle-free. But issues can still pop up.

Common Errors and Problems

If you can’t accept an Instagram collaboration, there are a few common culprits to blame. Here are the most likely issues preventing collaborations:

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Privacy Settings Enabled

If your account has collaboration requests turned off in the privacy settings, you won’t see pending requests at all. Double check this setting is enabled first.

Account Restrictions

Instagram imposes restrictions on accounts violating policies. Restricted accounts can’t access certain features, including collabs.

App Permissions Denied

The Instagram app requires access to storage, contacts and other device permissions. If any are denied, collabs may fail to work correctly.

Pending Request Expired

Collaboration requests expire after 14 days if left pending. The acceptance option goes away once the request lapses.

Glitch or Bug

Like any app, Instagram can have random bugs temporarily affecting features like collaborations. Waiting for a fix or reinstalling the app typically resolves app issues.

Now that we know the main culprits, let’s go through ways to troubleshoot and fix Instagram collab problems.

How to Troubleshoot Instagram Collab Issues

If you’ve encountered the annoying problem of not being able to accept a collaboration request, try these troubleshooting tips:

Adjust Account Privacy Settings

Go to your profile, tap Menu > Settings > Privacy > Collaborative Posts and ensure “Allow Collaborative Posts” is enabled. Also check that “Allow Message Requests From Everyone” is on.

Check Account Restrictions

Tap Menu > Settings > Account > Learn More to see if restrictions are placed on your account that could affect collabs. Resolve any policy violations to restore full access.

Revoke and Re-Allow App Permissions

Denying the Instagram app key permissions like contacts and storage access can affect certain features. Go to your phone settings to re-allow denied Instagram permissions.

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Update the Instagram App

An outdated version of the Instagram app can be the source of bugs and issues. Install the latest update from the app/play store to fix any glitches.

Clear App Cache and Data

From your phone settings, clear the Instagram app cache and data to give the app a fresh start. Then reopen Instagram and try collaborations again.

Contact Instagram Support

If all else fails, reach out to @Instagram on Twitter or through the in-app support for additional troubleshooting assistance. They can look into account-specific issues.

Following these tips should get collaborations working again smoothly. But if problems persist, restrictions or device incompatibility may permanently block you from using Instagram’s collab feature.

FAQs About Accepting Collabs on Instagram

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions around troubleshooting Instagram collaborations:

Why can’t I accept a collaboration request on Instagram?

The most common reasons are privacy settings disabled, expired request, app needs updated, or account restrictions blocking access. Run through the troubleshooting steps to fix it.

What should I do if the option to accept a collab never shows up?

Double check your account doesn’t have restrictions applied and that collaboration requests are enabled in privacy settings. If it still doesn’t appear, reach out to Instagram support.

Why does my collab request keep expiring before I can accept?

Collaboration requests expire after 14 days. Make sure to open requests and accept promptly. If they’re expiring too fast, your partner may need to resend a fresh request.

I allowed Instagram app permissions but still can’t collaborate. How come?

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It’s possible another required permission like contacts or storage is still denied. Double check all permissions are enabled for Instagram in your device settings.

How can I collaborate if Instagram says my account is restricted?

Unfortunately, restricted accounts lose access to certain features like collaborations. You’ll need to appeal the restriction with Instagram support and resolve any policy violations first.


Accepting a collaboration request on Instagram to co-author feed posts and Reels with another creator or brand should be a smooth, straightforward process. But issues like privacy settings, expired requests, account restrictions and bugs can derail the experience and block access to this creative feature.

Hopefully by troubleshooting your account’s settings, app permissions, restrictions and more, you can get Instagram collaborations back up and running again. Just be prepared that fixing some account issues may require patience and working directly with Instagram’s support team.

Have any other questions about accepting Instagram collaborations that we didn’t cover here? Let us know in the comments below!


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