Why Can’t I Buy FIFA Points? [Quick Fix]

FIFA Points are the premium virtual currency used in FIFA video games to purchase card packs and more content in the hugely popular FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) mode.

However, many gamers have experienced issues and errors when trying to buy FIFA Points to enhance their team.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the various reasons you may be unable to buy FIFA Points and provide troubleshooting tips to resolve the problem.

Overview of FIFA Points

FIFA Points are an in-game currency that allow players to purchase card packs, draft entries, and other FIFA Ultimate Team content without having to grind for earned coins.

Points can be purchased with real money through the in-game store or platform storefront (PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, etc). Prices range from $1.49 for 100 Points up to $99.99 for 12,000 Points.

With FIFA boasting millions of passionate FUT fans who spend hours chasing the top-rated player cards, FIFA Points represent a major revenue stream for publisher EA. However, issues with buying Points can quickly dampen the Ultimate Team experience. Let’s explore the requirements and potential errors.

Requirements to Buy FIFA Points

To avoid hiccups when purchasing FIFA Points, ensure the following requirements are met:

  • Own FIFA 21 or FIFA 22 game on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch or PC
  • Have an active account on the corresponding platform (PSN, Xbox Live, Nintendo, Origin)
  • Updated to latest game patch/title update
  • Have valid payment method associated with platform account
  • Meet minimum age rating for country (ESRB: E for Everyone, PEGI: 3+)
  • No parental control blocks on in-game/platform store purchases

As long as those conditions are satisfied, FIFA gamers should encounter minimal issues buying Points. But what about the various purchase errors that still pop up?

Common Purchase Errors

Despite meeting all requirements, many FIFA players inevitably run into problems purchasing FIFA Points during their Ultimate Team journey. Here are the most common buying errors and restrictions:

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Region Restrictions

One frequent issue is region restrictions when trying to buy Points on PlayStation and Xbox. Certain countries have limits on purchasing in-game currency.

Gamers in those regions will see errors like “This item cannot be purchased at this time” or “Your purchase could not be completed”. To overcome regional blocks, users must change account region or create a new account set to an allowed country.

Platform Store Issues

Problems with the platform store itself can also prevent buying Points. Individuals may encounter messages about an “invalid payment method”, even when their PSN/Xbox billing details are correct.

This can be caused by a pending update to the platform’s store app, requiring users to manually update to access purchases again. Server outages or maintenance can produce temporary errors as well until fully resolved.

Age & Parental Controls

Since FIFA carries an Everyone or 3+ rating, age restrictions typically aren’t an issue. However, parental controls on the platform account could potentially block in-game store purchases.

If a child account attempts buying Points, errors relating to parental consent and account restrictions will appear. The only solutions are turning off parental controls or using an adult account to complete the transaction.

Payment Problems

Finally, rejected payments themselves often obstruct FIFA Points buys. Insufficient funds, expired cards, billing address mismatches, and similar issues with the payment method will all result in failed purchases.

Updating the payment details or adding a new valid method is required in order for Points transactions to process correctly.

Now that we’ve explored the most common FIFA Points purchase errors, let’s move on to troubleshooting tips to fix them.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you’ve encountered errors trying to buy FIFA Points in FIFA 21 or FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, don’t abandon hope yet. Here are some troubleshooting steps to get the purchase working:

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Use Correct FIFA Game Version

It may seem obvious, but ensure you are buying Points within the same FIFA title as your Ultimate Team progress.

Points purchased in FIFA 21 won’t transfer over to FIFA 22 for example. Use the latest game version to avoid any confusion or wasted purchases.

Change Your Region

For region-locked accounts, changing your PlayStation Network/Xbox region to an approved country can allow FIFA Points transactions.

You can change regions directly on the PSN/Xbox website or via account management on the console.

Verify Store Account Details

Double check all the details associated with your platform store account, including the payment method, billing address, etc.

Fixing any outdated or incorrect info should clear up invalid payment and account errors during checkout.

Check Age & Parental Controls

If using a child account, verify no parental control blocks exist on purchasing virtual currency or other restrictions.

Using an adult account is the simplest way to avoid these consent errors when buying Points.

Contact EA Support

If the standard troubleshooting tips don’t resolve the FIFA Points issues, reach out to the EA Help center at http://help.ea.com for further support.

Provide any error codes and specifics about your purchase problem so their advisors can diagnose the exact issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that FIFA players have about purchasing FIFA Points:

Why does it say “Item cannot be purchased at this time” when buying Points?

This is typically caused by regional restrictions on purchasing in-game currency. Check if your PlayStation/Xbox account region is blocked. Changing to an allowed country can fix it.

What should I do if my payment method is invalid despite having funds?

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Double check your payment details are up-to-date on your PSN/Xbox/Origin account. Contact support if it still doesn’t work after verifying billing info is correct.

Why can’t I buy Points with a child account due to parental controls?

Child accounts have restrictions requiring parental consent for purchases. Use an admin adult account or turn off parental controls to buy Points without issues.

My Points purchase won’t complete even with a valid payment method. Why?

Other issues like outdated platform store app, server maintenance, or account mismatches could block purchases. Updating apps, retrying later, and verifying account details can help resolve it.

What if I bought Points in an older FIFA game version by mistake?

Unfortunately, FIFA Points only work in the specific game title they are purchased in. Make sure to only buy Points within your current FIFA version.


Purchasing FIFA Points to acquire new player packs and perks in Ultimate Team is meant to be a seamless process that enhances the overall gaming experience. But platform region locks, account issues, payment problems or age restrictions can quickly derail the buying process.

By checking requirements are met, troubleshooting any errors, changing account settings, verifying details, and contacting EA support, FIFA fans can overcome most FIFA Points buying issues. With the tips above, Ultimate Team enthusiasts can get back to enjoying the latest content and building their dream squads.

Have any other questions related to buying FIFA Points or have a specific error we didn’t cover? Let us know in the comments!


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