Why Can’t I Play MyCareer in 2k20? [Quick Fix]

MyCareer mode is arguably the most popular game mode in the NBA 2K series. Who wouldn’t want to create their own baller and take them from rookie to superstar while dominating the NBA hardwood?

But nothing is more frustrating than booting up NBA 2K20, trying to launch into your MyCareer journey, and finding the mode missing, inaccessible, or broken altogether.

If you’ve found yourself asking “Why can’t I play MyCareer in 2K20?”, this comprehensive troubleshooting guide is here to help get you back balling in no time.

We’ll outline the most common reasons you can’t access MyCareer in NBA 2K20, along with actionable solutions for each issue. Let’s jump in and diagnose why MyCareer went MIA so you can get back on the virtual court.

Checking Server and Internet Connection

The most obvious culprit for any game mode failing is usually server outages or internet connection problems. Since MyCareer is an online multiplayer mode, you must have stable internet to play.

First, check the official @NBA2K and @2KStatus Twitter accounts which post updates about any server maintenance or downtime. Scheduled maintenance usually happens on Tuesdays.

If servers are up, test your own connection. Reboot your router and console, run an internet speed test, check for outages in your area, and try connecting a device directly to modem to diagnose any issues.

Strong wi-fi or wired speeds above 25Mbps are recommended for optimizing 2K online modes. Connecting directly to your router can minimize interference.

If you have connection problems, you’ll have to wait for them to be fixed before accessing online features like MyCareer in 2K20 unfortunately.

Console or Platform Outages

Along with game servers themselves, the networks like PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, or Steam could be experiencing downtime that prevents accessing any online games or modes.

Again, check the official status pages or Twitter accounts for your platform to see if they are reporting any outages. You may have to wait for them to fully restore services if there is network-level disruption between your console and NBA 2K’s servers.

Having a strong connection helps confirm it is an external outage rather than isolated internet trouble on your end. Be patient and try again later once they complete maintenance.

Corrupt Game Files or Saves

In some cases, glitched or corrupted game files can block access to MyCareer and other modes even when servers and internet appear fine.

If you notice graphical glitches, frequent crashing, or errors about missing data packs, the 2K20 install itself may be damaged and need remedying.

First, fully power down and restart your console to clear any lingering memory issues. Then check for corrupt data by verifying the integrity of game files on your platform:

  • PlayStation: Check for corrupt data in Settings > Storage. Delete anything flagged and redownload.
  • Xbox: Go to Manage Game and check for any missing Ready to Start data or updates. Select “Fix” if found.
  • PC: Validate game files in the Steam interface or Epic Games Launcher. It will redownload anything missing.
  • Switch: Select Verify Software in System Settings to check for corrupt data. Delete and redownload if found.
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Repairing damaged or missing game files often resolves instability like MyCareer failing to load. Just be aware it may delete custom settings and some save data in the process.

Missing Required Game Updates

Along with file corruption, ensure you have fully updated NBA 2K20 with the latest patches. Major updates fix bugs and are required for accessing online modes.

Check your platform store or game management interface for available 2K20 updates. On console, enable automatic updating if possible to always stay on latest version.

If an update is stuck in queue or fails to download properly, pause and retry a few times. Fully powering down systems can reset stuck updates.

Once your NBA 2K20 is updated to most recent patch, try loading MyCareer again. Having outdated game version is a common yet easily resolved cause of online mode errors.

DLC and Add-On Issues

If you purchased additional DLC like the MyCareer Kickstart bundle, any issues with that add-on content could also restrict accessing MyCareer or associated features.

Check that all your owned 2K20 DLC is properly installed and appearing in your platform library. Reinstall anything missing or corrupted.

Review your NBA 2K account purchase history to confirm you actually own the DLC. Contact platform support if you’re missing owned content to get it restored to your account.

Also ensure you are signed in to the correct account that purchased the DLC. Add-on content is only accessible on the account that bought it.

Profile and Save Data Problems

MyCareer progress is tied to your unique game save files and profile, so issues here can also block you from playing.

If you get errors about being signed out or missing profiles, restart your console and sign back in to force any stuck accounts to sync up correctly.

Check that your platform profile is linked properly to your 2K account and hasn’t unlinked accidentally. Relink if needed.

On Xbox, ensure your live profile is tied to the gamertag that originally created the save. On PS4, the save data should match your current signed-in PSN.

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If save data is corrupted, you may need to delete it and restart MyCareer. Make sure your progress is cloud-synced online so you don’t fully lose everything if you reset.

Glitches and Bugs Blocking Access

Like any complex online mode, MyCareer can suffer from general glitches and bugs that block access – particularly right after major game updates before hotfixes are deployed.

If MyCareer won’t load despite no other obvious issues, there may simply be a bug introduced in the latest 2K20 patch interfering with mode availability.

Check forums and social media for reports of similar post-update issues from other players. You’ll have to wait for 2K to patch the specific problem – usually within a few days of new updates.

As a workaround, reverting back to the previous 2K20 version can resolve access issues. But you lose any benefits from the new patch until fixed.

Restricted Access or Bans

In rare cases, 2K may intentionally restrict MyCareer access to deal with certain players abusing the mode’s online connectivity for cheating, hacking, toxicity, etc.

You may get error messages about restricted access or bans if your account has been flagged for violations against 2K’s online policies.

If you feel this was imposed unfairly, you can appeal the ban and clarify what happened via 2K Support. Provide as much context and evidence explaining your side.

However restrictions for confirmed cheating, hacking, harassment etc won’t realistically get overturned. Avoid shady exploits that violate terms to prevent restrictions.

Uninstalling and Reinstalling 2K20

If you’ve tried everything else with no luck getting MyCareer working again, your last resort may be fully uninstalling NBA 2K20 then redownloading and reinstalling a fresh copy.

This forces all game files, data, and settings to reset which can resolve stubborn mode availability issues.

Before uninstalling:

  • Backup your MyCareer save files to the cloud or USB storage if possible.
  • Take note of any account, profile, or add-on linking needed to restore the game.

After reinstalling 2K20 and any updates, relink accounts and profiles as before. Then attempt to load MyCareer again from scratch.

This nuclear option has a good chance of resetting any lingering problems blocking access if done correctly. But you may lose some save data in the process.

Contacting 2K Support for Troubleshooting

If all else fails, contact the 2K Support team directly about your MyCareer issues in NBA 2K20.

Explain clearly when the problems started, troubleshooting steps you’ve tried, and any error messages you are seeing.

2K Support can investigate further and may be able to fix or recover access on their end with account tools unavailable to players.

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Bottom line – don’t hesitate to contact them if you are still stuck after exhausting all other suggestions above. 2K Support can manually troubleshoot and restore access in many cases.

FAQs About MyCareer Issues in NBA 2K20

Why does MyCareer say “Loading” forever in 2K20?

Long load times that never finish often indicate connection problems or outdated game versions. Check your network status and 2K20 patch version. Rebooting your console can also help.

Can I get MyCareer save data back after reinstalling 2K20?

If you backed up your MyCareer saves to the cloud or USB beforehand, you can restore them after reinstalling 2K20. Otherwise, the data may be permanently lost when uninstalling.

Why does MyCareer crash when joining a friend’s neighborhood in 2K20?

This is a known issue after certain updates. 2K usually deploys a patch within a few days to fix crashes when joining other players.

Will resetting MyCareer reset my overall and stats in 2K20?

Unfortunately any data reset will wipe all progress and force you to start the mode over from the beginning at 60 overall rating.

Why can I play MyPark but not MyCareer in 2K20?

If MyPark connects but not MyCareer, it’s likely an isolated issue on your save files or account restriction. Resetting save data could help resolve this discrepancy.


Troubleshooting MyCareer failing to load in NBA 2K20 can certainly be tedious. But methodically checking connection, profiles, add-ons, game files, updates, and server status will help narrow down the cause.

In many cases, the problem comes down to unstable internet, corrupted files, or bugs after recent patches – all solvable issues. Taking appropriate steps to refresh your game install and data can get you back balling in no time.

Just be sure to backup saves where possible, and don’t hesitate to leverage 2K Support if needed. With the rightfixes, you’ll be dunking your way back to NBA stardom in your own personalized MyCareer journey once again.

So don’t give up hope if MyCareer mysteriously vanishes in NBA 2K20. This guide will help diagnose and tackle the problem, letting you get back on the virtual court to continue your basketball rise to greatness.


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