Why Can’t I Share a TikTok to Snapchat? [How To Fix]

TikTok and Snapchat are two of the most popular social media apps globally. Naturally, users often want to cross-post fun TikTok videos to Snapchat with friends.

However, you may encounter issues trying to share TikToks directly to Snapchat stories or chats. The share function may be greyed out, inaccessible, or simply not working as expected.

If you’re wondering “why can’t I share TikToks to Snapchat?”, this comprehensive guide covers the main reasons and fixes to resolve the problem.

Benefits of Sharing TikToks on Snapchat

First, let’s look at why you may want to post TikToks on Snapchat:

  • Entertain friends and build Snapchat streaks
  • No character limits like Twitter or Instagram
  • Show off cool videos you find to your Snapchat circle
  • Cross-promote your TikTok account to Snapchat network
  • Tap into wider audiences across multiple platforms
  • Spark conversation and reactions from Snapchat friends

Seamlessly sharing viral and entertaining TikTok moments to Snapchat makes the experience more fun.

Understanding the TikTok-Snapchat Integration

By default, TikTok has integrated Snapchat sharing capabilities allowing one-tap crossposting. You should see a Snapchat icon on the share menu.

However, tech issues can disrupt this built-in integration leading to problems sending TikToks to Snapchat.

Technical Issues Preventing Share

Here are some of the common technical reasons you may be unable to share TikTok to Snapchat:

  • Outdated app version without latest sharing integration
  • Glitches or bugs affecting integrated sharing
  • Changes to Snapchat or TikTok API communication
  • Restrictions from device, router, or firewall settings
  • Exceeding size limit for video on Snapchat

Understanding the source of the problem enables fixing it.

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Fixes and Solutions

Here are potential solutions to troubleshoot sharing TikToks to Snapchat:

Update Both Apps

Make sure TikTok and Snapchat are updated to the latest version on your device. Older app versions may not support integrated sharing.

Check App Permissions

Enable camera, microphone, contacts, and storage permissions in device settings for both TikTok and Snapchat. Disabled permissions can block sharing functions.

Enable Link Sharing Setting

If direct sharing fails, enable the setting to share TikToks to Snapchat as links. This workaround posts the video link rather than natively embedding the content.

Use Third-Party Sharing Apps

Apps like ShareBot or Regrammer allow cross-posting between apps if direct integration fails. Review privacy policies before usage.

Re-install the Apps

As a last resort, uninstall and reinstall fresh copies of both the TikTok and Snapchat apps from the app store. This resets any corrupt files or cache causing glitches.

Report Bugs to Developers

Notify TikTok and Snapchat support teams about sharing issues so they can troubleshoot API or compatibility problems.

Following these tips should help you fix the “Can’t share to Snapchat” problem in most cases.

Mirroring Content Across Accounts

If technical issues persist with direct sharing from TikTok, you can manually mirror your content instead:

  • Save or screen record popular TikToks you want to share
  • Upload the locally saved TikTok videos to your Snapchat
  • Manually post Snapchat-optimized versions of viral TikToks

Though more work, this lets you showcase TikTok videos within Snapchat as a workaround.

FAQs about Sharing TikTok to Snapchat

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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Why did TikTok remove Snapchat sharing?

TikTok has not removed the feature. Technical issues likely cause problems interfacing between the two apps.

Does Snapchat not allow TikTok links?

Currently, you cannot directly share TikTok links on Snapchat. But you can upload locally saved versions of TikTok videos.

Why does sharing to Snapchat reduce TikTok video quality?

Snapchat compresses videos uploaded to maintain quick performance, which can reduce quality. Save an HD copy before uploading to avoid this.

Can I auto-share my TikTok posts to Snapchat?

Unfortunately, there is no option to auto-crosspost your content from TikTok to Snapchat at the moment. You have to manually share each video.

Is there a third-party app for auto-sharing?

Yes, tools like IFTTT have recipes to automatically repost content between sites like TikTok and Snapchat.


While integrated TikTok-Snapchat sharing hits occasional technical snags, various troubleshooting techniques exist to resolve issues. Confirming app versions are updated, checking permissions, reporting bugs, and reinstalling the apps typically gets direct sharing functional again. With the right fix, seamlessly posting viral TikTok moments to Snapchat is easy.


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