Why Did My Liked TikTok Videos Disappear?

TikTok has become one of the top apps for entertainment and killing time by scrolling through fun videos. But if you’ve built up a collection of liked videos, you may suddenly find they’ve mysteriously disappeared from your “Liked” tab in the app.

Losing your liked videos on TikTok can be frustrating if you save them to refer back to later or share with friends. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover the common reasons your liked TikTok videos may disappear and practical tips to restore them.

Reasons TikTok Videos May Become Unliked

There are a few common reasons your previously liked videos may suddenly become unliked on TikTok:

Accidental Double-Tap Unlike

It’s easy to unintentionally double-tap and unlike a video while scrolling quickly through your feed or liked list.

TikTok Account Glitches

Bugs in the app related to liked videos, unfollowing creators, or syncing issues across devices could cause likes to drop.

Maximum Liked Video Limit

TikTok limits total liked videos to around 5,000-6,000, after which older likes disappear for some users.

Videos Deleted or Disabled

If the original videos you liked get removed by creators or moderation, they will vanish from your likes.

Restricted by Region or Age

Changes in availability of certain content in your region or age restrictions could remove restricted liked videos.

Knowing the source of the issue makes fixing it easier.

How to Recover and Restore Liked TikToks

If you find your TikTok likes suddenly depleting, here are ways to get them back:

View Liked Videos History

TikTok maintains a limited history of your recently liked videos under Settings & Privacy > Liked videos history. Quickly re-like any videos that show in history before they drop off.

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Search Video Titles

If you remember specific videos, search for them using keywords or sounds and like them again before they are forgotten.

Check Following List Likes

Go through creators you follow and view their media tabs to try finding and re-liking your lost likes that may appear there.

Contact TikTok Support

Reach out to TikTok support through in-app support requests regarding missing likes. Provide details like usernames, video titles, and the issue timeline.

Using TikTok Desktop Website

Try loading TikTok on the desktop website and viewing your liked videos tab. A different platform may show lost likes that you can re-add.

Liking Videos Again

When you come across previously liked videos while browsing, make sure to like them again to keep them in your permanent collection.

With some detective work, you can regain most lost likes.

Avoid Losing Likes in the Future

To avoid this issue in the future:

  • Be careful not to accidentally unlike videos while scrolling rapidly.
  • Enable notifications to be aware if old videos get deleted.
  • Use multiple devices linked to your account as a backup for likes.
  • Download truly special videos so they are not reliant on being liked.
  • Don’t hit the TikTok like limit; periodically clear old likes.
  • If all else fails, jot down titles to easily find videos again.

Developing good habits prevents losing likes.

TikTok Liked Videos FAQs

Here are some common questions about losing liked TikTok videos:

Why did TikTok automatically remove my likes?

Likes are often removed due to arbitrary limits, creator deletions, restrictions, or syncing issues rather than intentional removal by users.

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How many likes can you have on TikTok?

Currently, there is a limit of around 5,000 – 6,000 total liked videos. Older likes disappear as you approach the limit.

How long does TikTok keep your liked videos history?

The liked video viewing history under account settings only persists for around 60-90 days before dropping off. Download or re-like important videos before they expire from history.

Can I recover a liked video if the original was deleted?

Unfortunately, no. If the creator deletes the original video from their account, it’s impossible to recover unless you downloaded it previously.

Why did all my likes disappear suddenly?

Sudden large like disappearance typically indicates a technical issue like apps updates breaking sync across devices linked to an account. Contact TikTok support for help recovering.


Losing your collection of liked TikTok videos can be annoying but is usually recoverable. By understanding why likes may disappear and leveraging tools like watch history, searching, and contacting support, you can restore most of your treasured liked videos. Just be proactive about adding likes back before they are erased forever due to arbitrary limits. With the right approach, you’ll keep access to the funny, interesting and inspiring videos you love re-watching on TikTok.


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