Why Does Facebook Make Me Log Out Twice?

It can be irritating when Facebook forces you to log out and log back in repeatedly in the same browser session. There are a few potential reasons why you may be required to enter your Facebook login credentials multiple times when trying to access your account.

In this guide, we’ll explore the common causes of double logouts on Facebook and troubleshooting tips to resolve any issues.

Understanding Facebook Logouts

  • Facebook logouts occur when you hit the logout button in your account settings or navigate away from the site. This ends your active session.
  • You then need to enter your login email and password again upon return to Facebook.
  • A double logout makes you log in a second redundant time when trying to regain access right after logging out.

Active Sessions on Other Devices

Often a double logout happens because you have:

  • An active Facebook session still open on another device like a mobile phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Active use of Facebook Messenger which keeps an open session.
  • Recently used Facebook Login to access a third-party app or website.

Facebook detects these other open sessions and requires reconfirmation. Close all sessions before logging in again.

Problems With Account Verification

If Facebook notices suspicious behavior, it may:

  • Initiate a second login for additional identity verification.
  • Require submitting a code or special confirmation steps.
  • This safeguards against account misuse but causes repeated logouts.

Verify it’s you to remove limitations requiring double login.

Using Facebook in Multiple Tabs and Windows

When using Facebook in multiple tabs or browser windows:

  • Actions like logouts affect sessions across all open tabs.
  • Logging out in one tab logs you out overall, requiring relogin when switching.
  • Best practice is to use Facebook in a single tab to avoid conflicts.

Consolidating Facebook usage to one window prevents redundant logouts.

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Conflicts With Ad Blockers or Extensions

Some browser tools like:

  • Ad blockers that hide Facebook elements.
  • VPNs that mask location.
  • Privacy extensions that disrupt tracking.

Can confuse Facebook’s login system and require extra reauthentication.

Security Precautions for Suspicious Activity

If Facebook detects odd account activity like:

  • Sudden login from an unusual location or device.
  • Attempts to access from multiple regions close together.
  • Actions that don’t match a user’s typical behavior.

It institutes double login to protect accounts from misuse.

Cookie and Cache Issues in Your Browser

Corrupted or outdated:

  • Cookies storing login session information.
  • Cached files related to Facebook site resources.
  • Stale browser temporary data.

Can create conflicts requiring repeated Facebook logins.

Bugs and Glitches Within Facebook

As with any software, Facebook apps and sites have occasional technical bugs that cause inconsistencies like double logouts. These are usually temporary and resolved in updates. Trying again later fixes most software-related login glitches.

Accessing Facebook on a Public Computer

Using Facebook on public computers like at a library risks:

  • Saved login credentials from past users.
  • Overly aggressive security measures by public networks.
  • Activity not originating from your own networks and devices.

For greatest security, avoid using Facebook on public computers.

Differences Between Mobile and Desktop Sites

shifts between:

  • m.facebook.com mobile site.
  • Touch.facebook.com mobile beta site.
  • facebook.com desktop site.

Can trigger re-login prompts as you navigate between versions.

Making Sure Your Password is Correct

Double check you are:

  • Entering the proper email and accurate Facebook password.
  • Not mixing up login credentials with a different account.
  • Not missing caps lock or mistyping your password.

Simply providing the wrong login details creates a loop requiring entering again.

When to Contact Facebook Support About Login Looping

If repeatedly logging into Facebook with no explanation:

  • Open a support ticket describing your inconsistent login issues.
  • Outline steps taken to troubleshoot and any error messages.
  • Provide screenshots of double logout prompts if possible.
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This equips Facebook support to diagnose and fix account problems causing repeated logouts.

Troubleshooting Steps to Stop Double Logout

Try these troubleshooting tips to avoid redundant Facebook logouts:

  • Close all other Facebook sessions on devices when logging back in.
  • Use Facebook in a single browser tab and window.
  • Temporarily disable VPNs, ad blockers, or privacy extensions when logging in.
  • Clear cookies and cache to remove corrupted login data.
  • Update to the latest Facebook app versions.
  • Try alternate login methods like QR code scan on mobile.

Best Practices For Accessing Facebook Securely

Some tips to enhance security when using Facebook:

  • Login directly at facebook.com each session. Avoid public computers.
  • Don’t stay permanently logged into Facebook, especially on shared devices.
  • Create a strong password just for Facebook using a password manager.
  • Use two-factor authentication for enhanced account security.
  • Keep software on all devices updated to current versions.

How to Report Login Issues to Facebook

If problems persist, notify Facebook support:

  • Via the Help Center reporting form: https://facebook.com/help
  • Through live chat with Facebook support agents
  • By reporting suspicious login notifications within the Facebook app

Preventing Unauthorized Account Access

Practice general account security to avoid misuse by others:

  • Don’t click suspicious login links sent via questionable emails or texts.
  • Keep antivirus software on all your devices updated.
  • Avoid accessing Facebook on public WiFi networks.
  • Monitor login notifications for unauthorized access red flags.

Frequently Asked Questions About Facebook Double Logouts

Why does Facebook make me enter my password twice?

Reasons Facebook may require you to enter your login credentials twice include having another active session open, account verification issues, using Facebook in multiple tabs, browser conflicts, bugs, and accessing Facebook from a public computer.

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Does Facebook notify you of logins from new devices?

Yes, Facebook sends notifications when your account is accessed from an unrecognized device to alert you of any suspicious logins. You can check recent logins under Security settings.

How do I prevent unauthorized logins to my Facebook account?

Practices to secure your Facebook account include enabling two-factor authentication, using strong unique passwords, avoiding public WiFi logins, being cautious of login links, keeping software updated, and not saving login credentials on shared devices.

What’s the easiest way to switch between multiple Facebook accounts?

Add your various accounts in the Facebook app and use the shortcut in the main menu to easily swap between different profiles instead of fully logging out each time.

How can I recover my Facebook account if I can’t login?

If you cannot login, options to recover your account include using trusted backup emails and phone numbers, identifying friends to vouch for you, providing government ID, answering security questions, or requesting a review if access is permanently restricted.


While irritating, getting logged out twice when accessing Facebook can be avoided by proper logout procedures and login management across devices.

Troubleshoot any extensions or settings that disrupt Facebook’s identity verification. Enable two-factor authentication as an added security safeguard.

Reporting persistent issues ensures Facebook engineering can diagnose and resolve bugs forcing redundant reauthentication. With some diligence, you can log into Facebook smoothly without the hassle of repetitious logouts.


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