Why is my PalmPay Showing Processing? [Quick Fix]

Seeing a “processing” status on your PalmPay app can be confusing and concerning when you’re expecting funds to be transferred. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the different reasons your PalmPay payment may still show as processing even after some time has passed.

Whether you’re sending or receiving money, transactions stuck in processing limbo are annoying. Read on for troubleshooting tips and explanations to understand the most common processing delays and how to resolve them.s

PalmPay and Processing Delays

When you initiate a payment or money transfer using the PalmPay app, the transaction goes through several steps before funds are deposited into the recipient’s account.

First your PalmPay balance is checked to ensure sufficient funds. The transfer details are then communicated to the recipient’s financial provider. This financial provider could be another bank, mobile money service, or PalmPay user account.

Once the recipient provider confirms receipt, the funds are deducted from your PalmPay balance and reflected as “processing” until fully completed.

Delays usually only happen during the processing phase, especially if recipient confirmation takes longer than expected for any reason. The payment status gets stuck in limbo, leaving you confused about what is happening behind the scenes.

While processing delays are usually resolved given some time, let’s explore some potential reasons for a PalmPay transfer to show as still processing.

Technical Issues Causing Processing Delays

Like any technology platform, PalmPay may experience intermittent technical issues that slow down their transfer system. Some examples include:

  • System outages preventing transfers from going through quickly.
  • Bugs or glitches in new app updates affecting processing.
  • Server maintenance downtime leading to processing lags.
  • High transaction volumes overloading their processing capabilities.

If PalmPay is experiencing an internal technical problem on their end, it’s usually fixed relatively quickly. But it can still delay a payment status from updating as expected.

Checking PalmPay’s social media accounts can give you an idea if they are reporting any known technical issues. If so, you simply have to wait it out until their systems are running smoothly again.

Recipient Account Problems

Even if the send side works fine, recipient account issues can also stall a PalmPay transfer in processing status.

Some examples of recipient-side problems include:

  • Incorrect account details provided, so the transfer fails.
  • Their account lacks sufficient balance to accept the funds.
  • Bank/provider account frozen temporarily.
  • Errors or issues with the recipient’s PalmPay account or linked bank.
  • Slow confirmation back to PalmPay from the receiving institution.
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To eliminate recipient issues, you should:

  • Double check all account details entered for the recipient are 100% accurate.
  • Ensure the recipient account is active and in good standing.
  • Ask the recipient to confirm when they see the payment reach their end successfully.

Fraud Protection Measures

PalmPay has fraud monitoring systems in place to protect against suspicious transactions, which can sometimes delay processing. Signs that may trigger a pending transfer for further fraud review include:

  • Large transfer amount exceeding your normal activity.
  • Sending to an unusual or never used recipient account.
  • Sudden activity after a long period of account inactivity.
  • Logins from an unfamiliar location or device.

After automated scanning flags a transaction as potentially high risk, a PalmPay agent then steps in to manually verify it is legitimate. This involves contacting the sender for confirmation, which further lengthens the processing time.

If fraud protection is adding a processing delay, you may need to provide ID verification or answer security questions before the transfer restarts. PalmPay aims to limit delays from fraud checks, but some may be unavoidable.

Verification Requirements

PalmPay may also pause certain transfers in processing until user identity or account ownership is confirmed. Situations where you may need to complete identity verification include:

  • Sending over daily/weekly/monthly transfer limits.
  • Withdrawing to an unfamiliar third-party account.
  • Activity following suspicious login attempts.
  • High-value payments exceeding a threshold.

Required verifications act as an extra shield against unauthorized account access or transfers. But they add time between a transfer starting and processing completing.

Uploading or confirming ID details gets the transfer moving again once you prove legitimate ownership. PalmPay attempts to keep unnecessary verifications to a minimum while still protecting against fraud.

PalmPay Transfer Limits and Amounts

Transferring amounts that exceed your account’s sending capabilities can also lead to a processing state. PalmPay enforces defined limits on how much a user can send or withdraw within a certain timeframe.

Attempting to oversend your limits triggers an approval requirement before the transfer proceeds, in order to prevent errors and fraud. But this approval process extends the processing duration.

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Some common PalmPay transfer limits include:

  • Daily transfer limit of 100,000 Naira.
  • Maximum weekly transfer of 250,000 Naira.
  • Monthly transfer cap of 1,500,000 Naira.
  • Minimum sending amount of 100 Naira.

Transfer approvals take longer when recipient accounts are unverified. Keep transfer amounts within your account limits to avoid drawn-out processing delays.

How Long Does PalmPay Processing Take?

PalmPay aims to process all transfers within 24 hours under normal conditions. Here are some general PalmPay processing times to expect:

  • To another PalmPay user: Instant or within 5 minutes typically.
  • To a Nigerian bank account: Usually less than 1 hour.
  • To international bank: May take 1 – 3 business days.

Delays can push processing longer, but PalmPay tries to resolve pending transfers within 72 hours. If your transfer exceeds 72 hours with no updates, contacting support is recommended.

During weekends or holidays, slightly longer processing may occur due to less operations staff. But payments should finalize within PalmPay’s standard windows if functioning correctly.

When to Contact PalmPay Support

If your PalmPay transfer remains stuck in processing status for over 72 hours with no explanation, it’s reasonable to reach out to their customer support for assistance.

Some other scenarios where contacting PalmPay may help include:

  • Payment urgent and you want to prioritize resolving the delay.
  • Sender or recipient already confirmed their side is working fine.
  • You’ve already attempted resolving any suspected issues like limits, verification, etc.
  • Error messages indicating a problem processing the transaction.

PalmPay support can further investigate what is causing the specific hold up and provide guidance on next steps. Make sure to have your transaction reference number available.

Reach out to PalmPay customer service by email, in-app chat, phone, or social media. They will need transfer details to look into the delay.

Tips to Avoid PalmPay Processing Issues

While not every processing delay can be avoided, here are some tips to reduce the chances of your PalmPay transfers getting stuck:

  • Confirm you have sufficient balance before initiating transfers.
  • Double and triple check all account/recipient details entered.
  • Start with transferring small amounts to test new recipient accounts.
  • Keep transfer amounts within your account sending limits.
  • Ensure your app and linked bank accounts are operating normally.
  • Avoid suspicious-looking activity that may risk flags.
  • Complete any ID or limit verifications promptly if required.
  • Contact support as soon as an issue arises – don’t wait.
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Carefully following PalmPay’s usage guidelines helps minimize common processing problems. But some delays may still occur despite your best efforts.

FAQs About PalmPay Processing Delays

How can I tell if my transfer is still processing? Your PalmPay activity and transaction history will show an “in progress” or “processing” status. No funds deducted yet.

What is the longest a PalmPay transfer can take? Aim to allow up to 72 hours, but contact support if you exceed this timeframe. Most finalize within 24 hours.

Does PalmPay processing take longer on weekends? Potentially yes, if less staff is available. But weekday delays also occur frequently.

Can I cancel a stuck PalmPay transfer? You can cancel a transfer that still shows processing. But you may have to contact support if it already initiated deductions.

Why do I have a sending limit on my PalmPay account? Limits help prevent errors and fraud by stopping oversending. Verified accounts can request higher limits over time.

How do I increase my account’s sending capabilities? Routinely using PalmPay safely and passing verification checks will steadily raise your transfer limits.

Can I call PalmPay to check why a payment is delayed? Yes. Contacting their support by phone can help investigate and resolve a stuck transfer.


Seeing your PalmPay transfer stuck indefinitely in a processing state can raise concerns that something is wrong. But in most cases, a bit more time or contacting PalmPay support gets the payment back on track. Technical issues, recipient account problems, verification needs, and fraud protection systems are common reasons for payment processing delays. While not always avoidable, carefully entering details, staying under limits, and promptly addressing required actions will help minimize the chances of your PalmPay transfers getting stuck. With a bit of patience and advice from customer support, pending payments can usually resume processing successfully.


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