Why is My TikTok Account Logged Out?

It can be frustrating launching TikTok and finding your account suddenly logged out for seemingly no reason. There are several potential causes of mysterious TikTok logouts to be aware of.

In this guide, we’ll explore the common reasons your TikTok account may get logged out without you explicitly doing so. We’ll also provide tips to troubleshoot unexpected logouts and prevent recurring logout issues.

How TikTok Logouts Typically Occur

Intended logouts on TikTok happen when you:

  • Manually log out via Settings.
  • Uninstall the TikTok app from your device.
  • Clear cached app data which logs out account.

Unexpected logouts originate from other causes.

Automatic Logouts After Inactivity

Like many apps, TikTok may automatically log out your account after an extended inactive period. This timeframe varies but is usually over 12 hours of inactivity.

This logout is intended to increase security when you are not actively using TikTok for a prolonged time. Simply logging back in resets the usage timer.

Multiple Devices Using The Account

Sudden logouts often occur when your TikTok account is accessed on another device, which boots all other locations:

  • If you log in on a new phone, it logs out your old device.
  • Other users may login on their device, logging you out.
  • Staying permanently logged in risks sudden logouts.

This allows only one concurrent login location. Manage devices to avoid this.

Problems With iOS or Android Logins

Technical issues with TikTok’s iOS or Android apps can cause glitches that force logouts:

  • Buggy app updates that disrupt login token validity.
  • Changes to device settings like date/time that confuse the app.
  • Performance issues crashing the app and resetting sessions.
  • Exceeding mobile device login limits imposed by TikTok.

App crashes and account limitations can mistakenly logout accounts until resolved.

Account Security Actions By TikTok

Actions by TikTok related to suspicious account activity may log you out:

  • Password change requests falsely flagged as unauthorized.
  • Forced resets due to detected server security risks.
  • Moderation issues incorrectly perceived as terms violations.
  • Overzealous bot-related protections mistakenly blocking you.
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TikTok attempts to combat risks at the cost of some false positives.

Getting Logged Out When Switching Accounts

Switching between TikTok accounts can lead to unintended logouts:

  • Incorrectly logging out of one account before switching to another.
  • Other household members switching accounts on shared devices.
  • Trying to access multiple accounts simultaneously in the app.

Use proper account switching steps to avoid getting logged out accidentally.

Conflict With Parental Controls

Overly restrictive parental control settings can interfere with staying logged in:

  • Time limits automatically closing TikTok and resetting login.
  • Forced logouts when hitting content filters or age restrictions.
  • Device-level restrictions blocking TikTok services in background.

Adjust parental control configs if causing problems staying logged in.

Third-Party Apps Linked to Your Account

Third-party apps connected to your account can force security logouts:

  • Revoked app permissions causing a logout.
  • API changes disrupting authorized third-party integrations.
  • Banned apps linked to accounts lead to logouts.

Audit approved apps linked to your TikTok account.

Troubleshooting Tips for Unexpected Logouts

If TikTok mysteriously logs you out, try:

  • Force closing and relaunching the TikTok app.
  • Double checking your password is entered correctly.
  • Logging in on TikTok’s website to isolate app issues.
  • Clearing TikTok’s app cache and data to refresh sessions.
  • Reinstalling the TikTok app if problems persist.
  • Using a secondary linked social media account to login.

Logging Back Into Your TikTok Account

When ready to reconnect your account:

  • Relaunch TikTok and reenter your credentials at the login screen.
  • Use your email, phone number, or linked social media to login.
  • Request a password reset if you cannot recall your login details.
  • Contact TikTok support if still unable to login after resets.
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Enabling Account Security Features

Once back in your account, enable security features like:

  • Two-factor authentication using text or authentication apps.
  • Login approvals requiring verifying new devices.
  • Strong auto-generated passwords only known by TikTok.

These help protect against malicious logouts and account theft.

Managing Logins Across Multiple Devices

When accessing TikTok on multiple devices:

  • Log out fully before switching devices to avoid conflicts.
  • Remove old devices you no longer use from your TikTok account page.
  • Only stay logged in on personal devices, logging out on shared devices.

Carefully coordinating logins prevents unwanted logouts when switching locations.

Reporting Sudden Logout Issues to TikTok

If random logouts continue happening:

  • Open a support ticket with TikTok detailing your issues.
  • Explain when the logout issues started happening.
  • Note any account changes preceding the problems.

This provides TikTok with information to diagnose and correct bugs causing logout issues.

Securing Your Account When Logged Out

Practicing general account security is important when logged out:

  • Don’t use the same password across multiple sites and apps.
  • Add a secondary email and phone number to enable account recovery.
  • Avoid clicking sketchy login links sent via email or text.

Keeping your account locked down tight prevents malicious actors from hacking your account and forcibly logging you out.

Confirming Successful TikTok Log Back In

Double check full login restoration by:

  • Trying to post content to your TikTok feed after logging back in.
  • Looking for any unfamiliar devices now on your account.
  • Testing access to account features like messages and effects.
  • Ensuring you stay logged in after app restarts.

Frequently Asked Questions About TikTok Logout Issues

Does TikTok notify you when it logs you out?

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No, TikTok does not proactively send notifications when it logs you out of your account unexpectedly or due to inactivity. The only indication is suddenly being asked to log back in upon app launch.

Why am I automatically logged out of TikTok?

If TikTok automatically logs you out without you initiating a logout, common causes are extended idle periods, simultaneous logins on other devices, security-related account flags, switching accounts improperly, and technical bugs.

Does deleting TikTok app log you out?

No, deleting the TikTok app from your device does not automatically log you out of your account. Make sure to open TikTok and fully log out manually before uninstalling the app.

How do I know if someone else is logged into my TikTok account?

Check your recent login history in TikTok’s security settings. Unfamiliar device logins could indicate someone else accessing your account and inadvertently logging you out.

Can two people use the same TikTok account simultaneously?

No, only one device can be actively logged into a TikTok account at the same time. If the same login credentials are entered on a second device, it logs out the first location.


While frustrating, unexpected TikTok logouts most often stem from stay logged in conflicts, technical errors, or overzealous security precautions. Implementing proper login management across devices, utilizing account security protections, and reporting persistent issues to TikTok can help minimize inconvenient involuntary logouts. With a few best practices, you can stay reliably logged into your TikTok account.


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