Why You Can’t See Who Liked You on Facebook Dating

You’re browsing Facebook Dating and notice you have a notification that someone liked your profile. Intrigued, you go to check who it was, only to find there’s no way to see a list of users who swiped right on you. Confusing, right?

Unfortunately, unlike some other dating apps, Facebook Dating does not allow users to view a list of people who liked their profile. There are valid reasons why Facebook restricts access to your admirers. But it can still be frustrating not knowing who is interested in you.

In this article, we’ll explain the reasons why Facebook Dating hides your likers, and provide tips to still gauge interest and match with mutual admirers even without a likes list.

How Likes Work on Facebook Dating

On Facebook Dating, users can browse profiles in their area and “like” those they are interested in to indicate a crush. A “like” sends a notification to the recipient and opens up the possibility of matching if it’s mutual.

However, only the recipient can see that they got a like. The liker themselves does not get shown a list or feed of users who liked them back.

You are only notified about mutual likes that result in an official match. Read on to understand why Facebook made likes one-sided.

Why You Can’t See Who Liked You

There are a few reasons why Facebook Dating does not show a list of people who liked your profile:

  • Privacy – Keeping likes anonymous allows people to express interest privately without fear of exposure.
  • Safety – Not revealing likes prevents unwanted contact from rejected admirers.
  • Strategy – Bi-directional likes encourage more profile browsing to find matches.
  • Simplicity – Mutual matches are the main event rather than initial likes.
  • Parity – Facebook Dating likes work differently than Facebook’s or Instagram’s like buttons.

Essentially, Facebook wants dating likes to be a casual low-pressure way to put yourself out there, with mutual matches acting as the real connector.

Next, we’ll explore ways you can still pick up on signs of interest from secret likers.

How To Know Who Liked You on Facebook Dating

While Facebook Dating won’t directly display a list of who liked you, there are still subtle ways to gauge interest from others:

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Look for Like Notifications

Carefully watch your Dating notifications. If you get an alert that someone liked you, click on it quickly to go to their profile before the notification expires in 24 hours. You’ll at least know one person who is interested in you.

Repeat for every like notification you receive to identify more admirers over time.

See Mutual Matches

When you match with someone, it means they initially liked you and you liked them back. So your Matches list essentially reveals who liked you reciprocally.

Periodically check who you’ve matched with as mutual admiration is revealed.

Use Special Likes

Send a Super Like or Secret Crush to profiles you’re very interested in. If they send one back, you’ll match immediately, cluing you in that they liked you initially.

Though you can’t see an outright likes list, these tactics help you progressively uncover who thinks you’re crush-worthy on Facebook Dating!

Making Your Profile Discoverable to Potential Likers

Wondering why you aren’t racking up likes? Ensure you have a complete, appealing dating profile so you appear in more user feeds and get shown to those looking for matches like you.

  • Add a variety of recent photos showing your interests and personality.
  • Provide a detailed bio highlighting what makes you unique.
  • Answer all the profile prompts thoroughly.
  • Indicate correct age, location, and gender identity preferences.
  • Stay active in swiping and messaging to boost your visibility.

Putting your best foot forward with a robust dating profile helps get you in front of compatible people who will be more likely to send likes your way.

Should Facebook Dating Show Likes? Pros vs Cons

There are reasonable arguments on both sides of whether Facebook Dating should reveal user likes:

Pros of Showing Likes

  • Satisfies curiosity about who is interested
  • Encourages two-way liking between admirers
  • Mirrors likes on other Facebook properties
  • Allows vetting potential matches before mutual liking
  • Increases likelihood of matches by seeing shared interest
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Cons of Revealing Likes

  • Violates likers privacy and anonymity
  • Creates unbalanced dynamic if liking is one-sided
  • Enables harassment if unwanted likes are identifiable
  • Reduces emphasis on meaningful mutual matches over notifications
  • Leads to over-optimization of profiles to increase likes

There are merits to both approaches. But Facebook decided the safety and privacy of a one-sided system outweighed the benefits of exposing reciprocal admirers outright.

How Other Dating Apps Handle Likes

It’s helpful to understand that other popular dating apps take different approaches to displaying admirers:

  • Tinder shows a list of all users who liked you so you can review and reciprocate.
  • Bumble reveals mutual likes immediately once both users swipe right.
  • Hinge lets you see who liked your profile but you cannot reciprocate without matching first.
  • OkCupid highlights profile visitors but does not confirm if they liked you or not.

So Facebook Dating is by no means the only dating platform to adopt a more restrictive stance on revealing admirers through likes.

Tips for Maximizing Matches Without a Likes List

While you can’t analyze profile likes directly on Facebook Dating, you can still build connections and matches using smart swiping strategies:

  • Like all suitable profiles you come across to increase chances of mutual matches.
  • Prioritize liking profiles of people you know socially on Facebook already.
  • Don’t wait for notifications – be proactive in browsing and showing interest.
  • Use Super Likes and Secret Crushes to flag your interest to specific individuals.
  • Keep swiping daily to stay engaged on the app and on users’ radars.
  • Craft an appealing, authentic dating profile to attract more reciprocal likes organically.
  • Stay patient! Not everyone checks Facebook Dating daily, so matches take time.

Without the ability to see your admirers upfront, you’ll need to be more active, engaged, and strategic to make connections on Facebook Dating. But mutual matches are still entirely possible with the right techniques.

FAQs About Facebook Dating Likes

Do I have to match to see who liked me on Facebook Dating?

Yes, the only guaranteed way to confirm someone liked you on Facebook Dating is if you mutually match with them. Their initial like will remain anonymous unless you both swipe right.

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Why does Facebook Dating notify me of a like if I can’t see who it is?

You get notified of new likes to encourage you to open the app and browse for the potential mutual match. But for privacy reasons, Facebook doesn’t reveal the source unless you mutually match.

Can I see who a friend liked on Facebook Dating?

No, you cannot see any likes or matches your Facebook friends or contacts make on Dating. All like activity is private unless two users match mutually.

Is there a way to see past likes that didn’t become matches?

There is no feature or setting to view previously received likes that didn’t materialize into matches. Those remain permanently anonymous on Facebook Dating.

Will unlinking and relinking Facebook Dating reveal past likes?

No, relinking your Facebook Dating profile does not surface previously received likes. It only resets your current matches and conversations within the app.


It can be confusing and disappointing not to see a list of admirers who liked you within Facebook Dating. But Facebook’s more limited like visibility does offer advantages like privacy and a focus on meaningful matches over notifications.

While you can’t analyze likes directly, looking for mutual matches, using special likes, and being an engaged user will help you connect with interested daters. With the right expectations and strategies, you can still have dating success even without a visible likes feed.

At the end of the day, a shared match represents stronger initial interest and compatibility than a one-sided like. So focus your energy on finding those mutual connections, and the perfect partner for you could be just one swipe away.


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