Will Logging Out of Instagram Delete Drafts?

Instagram is used by millions to share photos, videos, and stories with followers. While composing posts, you may save drafts to finish later before publishing. A common question when logging out of Instagram is what happens to any unpublished draft content you have saved in the app.

Read on to find out if logging out deletes Instagram drafts, how to protect drafts across sessions, and steps to recover drafts if accidentally lost.

Understanding Instagram Drafts

Instagram’s draft feature allows you to:

  • Compose new posts, stories, or reels.
  • Save as draft without immediately publishing.
  • Revisit drafts later to finish and post.

Drafts enable creating content over multiple sessions before completing.

Why People Log Out of Instagram

Reasons people log out of Instagram include:

  • Closing the app between browsing sessions.
  • Preventing unauthorized access on a shared device.
  • Switching between multiple accounts.
  • Temporarily disabling notifications and distractions.
  • Troubleshooting technical issues.
  • Protecting privacy when letting someone borrow your phone.

Since logging out is common, users want to know draft impact.

Do Drafts Delete When Logging Out?

The good news is logging out of Instagram does not delete drafts saved in the app. All draft content remains available after logging back in.

However, closing the app before it autosaves new drafts can result in draft loss.

As long as you properly save drafts before logging out, they will persist across sessions.

Where Drafts Are Stored on Instagram

In-progress drafts are retained locally on your mobile device or computer. Once the post content is fully saved as a draft, it also syncs to Instagram’s servers.

This mirrored storage allows draft auto-recovery and access when switching devices, as long as you use the same Instagram account.

Recovering Deleted Drafts on Instagram

If a draft inadvertently disappeared:

  • Check the drafts folder again later – sometimes lag causes temporary disappearance.
  • Force close and reopen the Instagram app.
  • Log out and log back in to refresh content.
  • Restore from a device where the draft was previously autosaved.
  • Try draft recovery apps and services if still unavailable.
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Auto-Saving of Instagram Drafts

To ensure drafts persist, allow sufficient time for auto-save:

  • Instagram automatically saves drafts about every 30 seconds.
  • If forced closed before auto-save, a draft may be lost.
  • A progress bar indicates when saving.

Giving auto-save time to complete helps prevent draft loss between sessions.

Exiting Draft Mode Without Publishing

When composing a new draft:

  • Use the X button to exit drafting without saving.
  • Discard option allows deletion if draft not wanted.
  • Tap checkmark to save draft without immediately posting.

These avoid accidentally publishing unfinished drafts before intended.

Securing Drafts on Logout Using Content Blockers

On public devices, enable content blockers:

  • Prevent draft previews from displaying in the app when logged out.
  • Enable passcode to return to draft editing mode.
  • Block screen recording and screenshots to protect works-in-progress.

Content blockers help secure drafts from prying eyes when using shared devices.

Sharing Drafts Between Connected Accounts

Instagram allows multiple accounts connected in one app instance. This enables seamless draft sharing between your accounts.

To manage drafts across accounts:

  • Tap your profile to switch active account in app.
  • Choose draft in desired account profile to continue working.
  • When ready, publish draft from intended account.

Backing Up Drafts Outside of Instagram

To protect valuable drafts:

  • Screenshot draft content frequently as backup.
  • Save draft text into notes app regularly.
  • Download draft photos/videos to camera roll or computer.
  • Utilize third-party Instagram draft backup services.

External backups help recover drafts in a disastrous worst-case scenario.

Creating Multiple User Accounts on Instagram

Using separate user accounts on the app allows compartmentalizing drafts:

  • Dedicate accounts for personal, school, business, etc.
  • Switch accounts instantly to manage drafts by purpose.
  • No need to log out, just tap user icon to swap accounts.
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Separate logins organize drafting without losing content between accounts.

Logging Out Securely from Public Computers

When accessing Instagram from a public computer:

  • Remember to clear cookies and browsing history after logging out.
  • Don’t select “Remember Me” for automatic login next session.
  • Check that you fully logged out and app isn’t just minimized.

Carefully logging out protects account security and any saved drafts.

Remembering to Publish Saved Drafts

It’s easy to let drafts build up then forget to go back and publish them. Strategies to remember include:

  • Set reminders to periodically review and post drafts.
  • Note draft topics on a calendar to revisit.
  • Use draft comment notifications to prompt returning.
  • Review drafts folder when planning weekly content calendar.

Don’t let great draft content go to waste sitting unpublished!

Alternatives to Instagram Drafts

Third-party apps also enable Instagram draft management:

  • Later – Visual scheduler for Instagram posts
  • Preview – Draft and collaborate on post content
  • Planoly – Post drafting and analytics

External tools provide options to create, store, and schedule Instagram drafts.

Closing Instagram Without Logging Out

Closing the Instagram app does not log you out. To fully log out:

Logging Back Into Instagram After Logging Out

When ready to resume drafting after logging out:

  • Launch the Instagram app and enter your username and password.
  • Previously saved drafts will be waiting in your drafts folder.
  • New drafts autosave as you create additional content.

Your stored drafts seamlessly pick up right where you left off.

Frequently Asked Questions About Instagram Drafts

How many drafts can you save on Instagram?

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There is no limit on the number of drafts you can save. You can store as many drafted posts, stories, and reels as you wish to work on later before publishing.

Can you schedule an Instagram post to publish from a draft?

Yes, once you save a post as a draft you can access scheduling options to have it post immediately, at a specific upcoming time/date, or use a third-party scheduling tool like Later to queue it up.

How do I recover a deleted Instagram draft?

If a draft was accidentally deleted first check the trash folder. If not there, log out and back in which may restore missing drafts. Third party recovery services or requesting Instagram support assistance are last resorts.

Why did my Instagram draft disappear?

Drafts may briefly disappear if the app is force closed before it finishes the 30 second autosave. Give the autosave time to complete before switching apps or powering down your device to prevent draft loss.

Can I collaborate with others on an Instagram draft?

Yes, you can invite collaborators during the drafting process to work together on a post. They can provide feedback before you publish the final draft.


In summary, logging out of Instagram does not affect drafts saved in the app. Just be sure to allow drafts sufficient time to autosave prior to exiting the app to prevent data loss. Keeping backups externally provides extra reassurance. With some basic precautions, you can log in and out of Instagram while keeping all your drafts and creative work-in-progress intact.


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